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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Manga Discoveries: Hell, Flower Necklace, & Dark Side (ft. Bakuman 110)


So these three made it as the most loved characters of the series xD I'm quite surprised that Hiramaru made it there to be honest (I was expecting Shuujin) but I'm happy that such a fun dude like him made his way up here xD I love that guy... he's fully aware that his editor manipulates him and even praises him for it. That cracked me up so much xD Hahahaha!
Nice to see Saiko there, and oh Eiji should remain on top! Battle series mangaka being inspired by a little "RL" romance scene.... he's soooo adorable xD And oh Saiko.... he only had Miho as his other favorite thing.... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw~ He's such a pure pure boy it's pretty unbelievable. Gotta cuddle him, haha!
Latest chapter hadn't been exciting though. It drives me crazy to see my best friend duo acting like they're in bad terms even though they're not really in bad terms (They're that complicated!! Aaaahh!!!)
And oh hang in there Kaya! I would hate to see you and Shuujin separated because of his stupidity ;_;


From Left to Right: Inferno, Hana no Mizo Shiru, Monochrome Myst
Favoritism: Hana no Mizo Shiru > Monochrome Myst > Inferno

I'm not a BL fan but I absolutely adore Takarai Rihito's Seven Days that I've become completely immune to any other BL stories done by that mangaka, hehe~ As expected, I highly adore her new BL series as well xD Kyaaaaa~
Misaki's so girly... I can't help myself from seeing him as female ^^; (And he trips often... that's just sooo.... MOE! shet! Gaaah! Moe hater went "Daaaw" on moe O_O;;;) And oh Arikawa.... you are... in such a hurry but you're so adorable even Misaki has easily fallen for you, teehee~
Oh the main duo's moments are so cute (and some scenes are so awkward it made me laugh so hard xD)~ And a kiss even earlier than the couple from Seven Days did O_O Oh em gee...
No, I wasn't just being biased to this. This series is honestly pretty interesting. Misaki's necklace is already full of mystery: who gave it to him? does it have a supernatural element that made Arikawa dream of Misaki when he got the necklace?
Moreover, this series is also very.... nerdy. Nerdy in a sense that it had a lot of terms that have connections to Botany o_o Misaki's such a plant lover~ Perhaps we'll be getting some law trivia eventually, because our other main character's a Law major~
So for a slice of life type of series, it's pretty educational and hints a possibility that supernatural elements could be involved in it. Drama's to be expected.... the humor's so delightful.... and of course we've got a love story. It's like one of those "I knew I loved you before I met you" love stories.... the romance is kinda fast paced though.... but they're so cute and Arikawa's so straightforward... it works! xD Heeeheehee
But *sigh* I'm sad with the lack of... likable females. And there's another annoying girl who seems obsessed with one of the leading guys like with Seven Days *sigh* Why are BL series like this....
Oh whatever. I'll ignore it. Gimme more of this already xD Teehee~ Kyaaaaa~

The title was really... attractive to me. The cover art seemed really cool~ I was hoping that there'll be a lot of deaths and some demons will appear (the title refers to hell after all) but so far it doesn't seem to be as dark as I have expected it to be, ahahaha.
From browsing the raws I thought I would dislike the leading guy because he seems too... errr... negative. But fortunately he hadn't been as bad as he first seemed to me. He's such a loving brother.... I really can't hate those types, hehe. xD
I'm happy that it looks like his best friend isn't just some extra. It's serious most of the time, but the best friend and the other main character, who's not of this world, make the series fun, hehe.
The first chapter hasn't gotten to the main plot yet, but looking into the future chapters.... it reminded me of other series wherein a normal boy turns out to be... not so normal after a certain non-human individual finds him (like Undertaker Riddle, Monochrome Factor, etc.) Comparing to the others, the only difference that I see on this so far is that it seems to be more serious and the main character has a sibling to care for. It also has less shounen-ai undertones.... works for me.
Hhhmmm.... it's interesting but it hasn't gotten me impressed nor hooked enough. Hopefully the future chapters are better than they seem. I certainly hope that the fact of it ending too soon (It's just one volume) doesn't mean that the story didn't turn out to be good.

The story's a little cliche (leading guy rescues leading girl) but the characters make this quite intriguing *_* Especially the leading guy!
Yeah, yeah, he's one of those "special individuals that even those from the dark side find him strange" (reminds me of Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi's leading guy)... but a pretty unique feature about him is that he has.... another self. He's talks with his shadow (who often mocks him, LOLz). Reminds me of Peter Pan~ Anywayz, I'm interested to figure out the mystery behind his special abilities and also his strange shadow *_* And yes, I'm secretly having delusions that the shadow will turn into like him in some chapter to satisfy my twins fetish *is shot*
The girl may be the type that the leading guy needs to protect, but at least she isn't being a stupid martyr on trying to do things on her own even though she obviously couldn't. She openly admits that she needs the leading guy, but wouldn't want to be completely useless. She's gradually adapting to his world and sooner or later I won't be surprised if she starts taking part of the leading guy's dangerous tasks. In other words, for an "always needs to be rescued" type, she's pretty likeable ^^
The story's doing good so far. It's interesting, intriguing, and fun too! Looking forward to more of it ^^


Kencana said...

I've already read Hana no Mizo Shiru. It's quite cute. Hope there's more chapter.

Minelauva said...

I didn't think Eiji and Hiramaru would come in the top 3. No, after all, it's not that surprising for Eiji but Hiramaru... I definitely wasn't expecting him. :D But I like these results.
I'm looking forward to Hana no Mizo Shiru. I hope a scanlator will pick it up! >.<
Otherwise, I read the first chapter of Inferno some time ago but I didn't like it that much. I found it a bit too complicated. But maybe it will improve in the following chapter, who knows ?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kencana
I hope so as well. I wonder if it's on hiatus or something.... the 5th chapter is taking... a while. But the cliffhanger on the 4th was really evil ;_;

@ Minelauva
If I remember correctly, Eiji was also #1 on the previous poll, so it's certainly not a surprise if he stays there xD
Hana no Mizo Shiru has been picked up already ;D
While for me the story of Inferno's first chapter was pretty vague.... but I do hope it does improve on the later chapters. I saw some action scenes on them xD Hehe.

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