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Monday, November 22, 2010

Manga Discoveries: Young Masamune, Future-Seeing Guy, and Story Collector Dude (ft. Kuroshitsuji 51)

Oh my god.... I've been catching up on series and at the same time checking out new ones as well. I hadn't been doing this for so long so this addiction had been quite... uncontrollable, lately. Ahahaha.
Since they're so many I guess it's better to do them by batches, starting with either a series I'm already following or a oneshot, and then to introduce 3 or more new series I've discovered recently:

Kuroshitsuji - Chapter 51
The official beginning of the new arc! w00t! I was sad that Arthur didn't become part of the main cast but in exchange, it's someone from the circus arc that took that place! Yay! What's better is that Ronald will be playing a big role in this arc too! He's so much fun; I'm very happy that he's in this~
The phenomenon this time involves resurrection of the dead, eh? No wonder the shinigami are involved in this. Oh this is interesting!
It was nice to see Ciel being happy because of Lizzy... Sebby ruined the moment though, bwahahaha!
I love this series but believe it or not, I'm not done marathoning the second season yet (only the last episode's left). I think I still can't accept the fact that it might be the last Kuroshitsuji related media that I'll see with Alois on it ^^; Waaaaaahh!!! Aloissssss!!!

From Left to Right: Neo Dragoon, Enigma, 13 Club
Favoritism Order: Neo Dragoon > Enigma > 13 Club

There are so many manga involving the Sengoku era lately that I'm trying my best to adjust on the different portrayals of those historical figures ^^; I got used too much on the Sengoku Basara versions, but little by little I've been adapting to the different versions of those characters.
I loooooooooooooooooove this version of Date Masamune's story xD This is more shounen than what I'm used to, but well, it's not common for me to see a shounen main character to be married already, hehe. He acts similar to his other versions, but also acts his age. Looking forward to how he becomes a legend while he's still young~
A rare thing for me is that I like the leading lady xD She kicks ass and she protected him (he also did the same of course). Oh her moments with her husband had been cute and sweet, squeee~(too bad Date's naive, guh. And she has become shy when she is finally into him romantically. It's cute, augh they drive me crazy.... aaahhhh!)
His relationships with the other characters had been so fun too~ (especially with his ever-so-loyal servant xD) And his pet is useful in battle! Hahaha xD It looks like certain characters get to become the focus on a particular chapter, while the main character gets some development from each of those.
The story's doing good so far. Action scenes were cool (lotsa blood! w00t!) and oh the comedic parts are just so cute xD
I enjoyed this immensely and highly look to more =3 I see twins (I think) and a hot momma in future chapters *_* Certainly one of my favorite Sengoku related series now ;D

This "group of young individuals getting involved in some supernatural game against their will" idea reminded me of Psyren. There isn't as much action though.... or life threatening situations. I don't find the Shadow in Enigma spooky enough.
Enigma's story isn't as cliche as it seems.... characters haven't been annoying stereotypes either. I still don't get the necessity of having the main character's childhood friend involved though (she's not supposed to be there because she doesn't have special abilities.... or perhaps she actually does but just not yet revealed?)... but at least she hasn't been the type who needs to be rescued all the time, so I shall not complain.
The main character's habit of proposing to every woman he meets reminded me of Claire from Baccano. But ah well, we already know to whom Enigma's main character will certainly end up with.
My favorite character's the stundet council president xD He seemed to be the typical shounen tsundere at first, but he turned out to be far from such! He's soooooooo goodhearted yet strict. Damnit you self sacrificing serious bishies. I love ya, taichou xD
I do like this series but I don't consider it that addicting.... well, except for mr. student council president of course, teehee~

The idea of someone collecting strange stories intrigued me.... much more when it turned out that it actually existed in real life O_O (according to the scanlators).
The stories are okay, but things seem more interesting when the main characters show up ^^; So far it's being episodic, sharing to us one story per chapter/arc. Hopefully a main plot actually exists, and it isn't merely just about collecting stories.


Kencana said...

13 Club seems inetersting. I will read that one.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kencana
It's really interesting ^^ I hope it'll get more interesting as chapters go by. Enjoy~

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