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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: The Movie's Better As Usual

Edmund: I'll be much happier in Narnia than being stuck here in England.
Lucy: Rejoice, Edmund! The two of us are back in Narnia!
Caspian: Happy to see your majesties again. You're now boarding the Dawn Treader and I'm on a quest to find the seven nobles who journeyed to Aslan's country during my father's time. Care to join me on my journey?
Edmund: Absolutely!
Lucy: We have to take care of our extra company as well though.... our cousin was brought along with us.
Eustace: My cousins have kidnapped me!!! Bring me home at once or else I'll be telling the British Council!!!
RATING: A- (OH MY GOD! Amazing, fantastic, oh really wonderful!)

Like The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Prince Caspian, the recent movie adaptation of the next installment of the Chronicles of Narnia series is much better than the source material. Biggest applause to the writers (or any other staff that's involved with the script, storyboard, and the likes) and the CG artists (because the special effects are really fantastic~) of the movie!

(The main characters: Eustace, Edmund, Lucy, Caspian)

Simple and Some Biased Reasons Why The Movie Adaptation's Better Than the Original Books:
  • It's more adventurous.
    There were more threats and danger, and their mission had been more than just finding the friends of Caspian's father. During the slave traders scene, it's much cooler that they've put up a fight first before being imprisoned, unlike in the original where they were just tricked. And thanks to that:
  • There are more action scenes.
    Even though Eustace was epic fail, his movie version was able to swing a sword long enough to be considered a duel. Unlike the book, Lucy was more involved in battles during the movie. And of course, the two kings had more fight scenes in the movie as well.
  • The boring scenes are either removed or shortened.
    That's done mainly because of the movie's time limit, but even though there are more events that happened in the book, those are really better to be omitted. I don't see the point of waiting for such a long time in order for a beast to return to what he was when we're in a show filled with magic. Perhaps the process has some religious symbolism, but as if that matters much to the target audience.
  • The additional characters and scenes had been good.
    Well, if parts of the story are removed, it's unavoidable to add new parts to make them still connected. What I'm happy with the additional parts is that they emphasized the importance of family and also of being satisfied with what you are. I think you can learn more good morals from the move compare to the book.
  • Character development is much better.
    The book focused on Eustace too much, while the movie, though shorter, did not forget about the other main characters. Caspian has his kingdom and father issues, Lucy has selfish desires, and Edmund has problems in being second-in-command all the time.
    Yes, he's my favorite character (I don't care if the Caspian actor seems more handsome; Edmund's still my favorite xD) and I was quite annoyed that the book focused more on Caspian and Eustace, while not much to him. He seems stronger in the book though (mentally and emotionally) and he had a line in the book that wasn't mentioned in the movie (he said his cousin was an "ass"; got me sooo amused) but it's still cooler that he got a bigger role in the movie! Yay!

(Movie!Edmund also got attracted to the star's beauty... LOLz)

If you're not that impatient in knowing what will happen next, forget the books; just watch the movie. Speaking of which, I'm having second thoughts of reading the second-to-the-last book.... because Edmund's not there. T_T

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Hey! Dawn Treader comes out on blu-ray and DVD April 8th...TODAY! Tell your friends!

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