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Friday, December 24, 2010

Tron - Legacy: USERS RULE!!!

1989!Kevin Flynn: Two friends and I created a new world in The Grid. We had been doing a lot of cool stuff. Can't wait to show it to you, son.
1989!Sam Flynn: I'm thrilled, dad, but.... you suddenly disappeared! How could you break your promise T_T
2010!Sam Flynn: My old man's dead... but I have to do something about the injustice that's going on on the company that dad had left.
2010!Alan Bradley: Sam... I have news for you! Your father sent me a message... on my pager! He says you should go to the arcade!
2010!Sam Flynn: Don't wanna. *goes to the arcade and sees secret hideout* Ooooooo.... *does something and his surroundings suddenly changed* Where the hell am I...?
RATING: C+ (NOT BAD! It was pretty cool but...)

Interesting story concept, but I hope the it hadn't been that predictable or cliche. Characters are pretty charming but.... strangely not that memorable. Action scenes are awesome though~

It was only after I've seen this movie have I realized that it's actually a sequel. But fortunately, it's not a type of sequel wherein watching the previous installment would be necessary in order to understand the story. The writers managed to make this friendly even to those who are new to Tron.

The story was an interesting mix of technology and quantum physics. I'm pleased that it's highlighting family love more than romantic love (from what I see, romance in these types of movies are usually rushed or cliche. Totally rather not have that.)

One of its main themes is about making our world a better place... creating a utopia! In the end we learn that the true perfect world is something... hard to determine... and is quite complicated. But... even though knowing what a perfect world should be like could be something subjective or vague for now, the fact remains that despite our world's imperfections, there's still beauty in it. It has treasures that can make us feel that we have witnessed and attained perfection.

Someone from the digital world is a huge fan of... books! Even with high-tech media, it still can't replace the books! w00t! *book lover*

Back to the movie, I am not sure why many are unimpressed with the 3D... since I find them pretty good. I find the battle with those cyber motorcycles (a.k.a. Light Jets) really cool!


Speaking of favorites, among the characters, I find Gem pretty intriguing~ Zuse was so amusing when he was dancing around while watching a chaotic scene~ My top favorite though, is this guy:

Cool fighter and User friendly, teehee~

He didn't get much screentime unfortunately (not even a close-up of him without the stupid helmet!). Sam got most of the glory (well, I don't hate him. I'm impressed that aside from a computer genius, he can do action stunts too. At least his combat abilities aren't from out-of-nowhere power-ups because he's really capable of battle. And I am happy that he was indeed acting as a confused newbie on his first time on the battlefield). I'm quite annoyed that it appears that only the three main characters got the most development.

I would also want to complain about the cliches.... geez, one of the best fighters among the villains suddenly becomes a good guy because of a miracle and it happened at such a wonderful timing. That's definitely not the only part that served as a "plot convenience".

Also... perhaps it's just me... but I think it lacks humor. If it did, they were pretty lame. The only parts that actually got me giggle were when Zuse was playing around and when Kevin hit the head of the program as if it was a broken TV and it did according to his wishes after doing so (haha!).

Overall, it was cool and pretty interesting.... but not that exciting nor memorable. It's still a good sci-fi movie though, so I think this is still recommended ^^ Music's awesome after all (Yay! Daft Punk!)


Ruby said...

I can't wait to watch this movie! xD

Sapphire Pyro said...

I hope that you'll be able to watch it soon ^^

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