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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[ Manga Discovery ] Ouroboros

by Kanzaki Yuuya

[ Demographic: SEINEN ]
Two boys witnessed their guardian's murder... but the cop with a golden watch silences them.They swore revenge against that man, no matter how many years it will take.
Fifteen years later, one of them became a police detective while the other became a mobster leader. But they still haven't forgotten their promise from that time...

(11 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)


Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
Tiger and Bunny main villain! It's a supernatural term. I can't ignore xD
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
I didn't see the point of making Ikuo THAT dorky... it would take a MIRACLE if he does get at the top soon x_x
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
Intriguing story and impressive twists. Our main characters may be the "typical boy wonders", but they're not really stereotypes... and so are the rest of the cast. I'm pleased that even though the 1st division dudes are arrogant bastards, they are not stupid enough to be incapable of suspicion.
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
Ouroboros. Best friends. Crime drama. OMG YES =3
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
TATSUYA!!!!!!! LOVE HIM xD Ikuo's also adorable. They're so bad ass when together. Ikuo x Hibino is a cute pairing too~
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
FAKE (because of the police partners thing, minus the "shounen-ai"), ENMA (the relationship between the hero and the heroine seem similar... the heroine also had relation to a higher-up)
Two friends plan to catch a criminal mastermind, and they work on BOTH sides (the law and the underground). Interestingly, the one who can look more like a criminal is the detective, while the one who looks nicer is the one on the dark side, haha.
What's more intriguing is that the main villain is an executive cop! O_O That's a very tough opponent *_*
It's an incredible crime series. Just add more character development, and it'll be even more terrific xD

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