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Monday, October 24, 2011

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 2

(Ah~ this is just so sweet. Makes me miss Ao no Exorcist.)

This season is evil. There are so many good shows that I would want to keep track on many of them weekly xD I can't shut up about them either, but blogging this many individually would be a problem for me (because of time limit and internet fail =_=) so I've decided to blog indivisually starting this season xD

[ Ben-To - Ep. 2]
I'm not sure why this was considered a harem show... because I don't see it o_O I'm only bothered with the ecchi in this show, and the lesbian girl is becoming more annoying by episode. Putting those aside, this has been fun to watch~ I'm loving it =3

[ Fate/Zero - Ep. 4 ]
It wasa good battle between Saber and Lancer. It was kinda slow though, but fortunately this isn't typical shounen where a single battle will last for EPISODES. Rider joining in would make things more interesting xD
I don't want any of the three defeated yet though ;_;

[ Guilty Crown - Ep. 2 ]
To be honest, I still don't like the show much but... but... THAT BASTARD BLONDE SHOWED UP!!!!! Shet... he's such a BAD boy.... shet.... shet.... freakin' despicable yet I'm find him delightful, hahahaha.
Well, the show had been interesting, and the leader was cool, and the hero being able to get weapons not only from the girl was a neat idea. But.... I dunno... this didn't really grab me yet. Much more when the hero decides to go back to his school life... I'm really REALLY tired of the school setting in anime.
I'll watch this for the amazing animation and the jerkass. Hopefully I'll get more reasons to watch this so that my watching would be more enjoyable. But for now, it's only for that.

[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 15]
NEW OP!!!!!!!! And there were more scenes with the twins, yay =3
The part whom i think are the twins reaching out for each other is still in the OP. But they added a part with Kanba and Himari's hands (I assume) reaching for each other too. O_O... the show ships them, huh? =_=
Oh... I like the cat fight between Masako and Yuri. Yuri is way better than Kanba for being able to counter Masako's night vision attacks though she doesn't have any other weapon other than a pingpong racket. Awesome.
Yuri's scary... but it looks like her father is even freakier. That was a bad daddy.... no wonder why she became so attached to Momoka. The girl literally rescued her.
Speaking of Momoka, the girl's aware that she has a POWER O_O And it came with a price... makes me wonder what fate she changed that caused her her life. Ringo burning hints that she might be doing the same thing too. So much for my Shouma x Ringo shipping.
Err... yeah... as long as Ringo won't be mean to my Shouma anymore, I think I find the pairing pretty romantic ^^ Even Yuri ships them, so please let there be a somewhat normal couple (not incest or homosexual) in this series ^^
But drats... me shipping them might mean that their love story might end as a tragedy. My ships are cruel to me like that. Damnit. (Bye bye to my Kamba x Masako as well)

[ Un-Go - Ep. 2 ]
I didn't expect Inga to be... that... err... passionate? I wonder if she's sorta like Neuro who feeds on mysteries. Poor Yuuki, he's not only sexually harassed, but even physically abused ^^; She just touched him but it looks like it was strong enough to make his face go bloody and him cry from the pain. Poor boy ;_;
I didn't expect the twist on the idol group, but putting that part aside, everything else has been quite predictable. I dunno... the mystery twists in other detective shows I've seen have been more surprising for me... or maybe I watched/read too much Detective Conan? Haha!
Though I'm not that impressed with how the case was solved, I like how differently it had ended. It's not the "justice always wins" type. The murderer in this case was not arrested, for the sake of keeping the war issues from the past under control. The setting is post-war, but the war isn't over.
Okay, I hope it gets to the main plot really soon. I still adore the show, but more cases like this might bore me soon... especially if my favorite character won't have much lines or screentime, haha

I'm doing a five episode impressions per batch, so yeah, I still adore Mirai Nikki and Phi Brain but I'll save them for the next batch ^^
Ben-To is a new favorite xD Well, Guilty Crown too, but 'm just mainly watching it for the blonde jerk, haha xD
For this batch, my top 5 (based on how entertained I was, but not exactly my top 5 favorite shows this season) are: (5) Un-Go (4) Guilty Crown (3) Fate/Zero (2) Ben-To (1) Penguindrum

Now I know why I can't bring myself to enjoy the recent Persona 4 episodes... IT'S THAT THING THAT KEEPS ON SAYING "KUMA"!!! NO, IT'S NOT CUTE!!!! IT'S FREAKIN' ANNOYING I WANNA SLAUGHTER IT, GAAAAH!
And hmmm... I'm thinking of giving Kimi to Boku a chance. My bias to twins happened to be that powerful, ahahaha ^^;
I skipped Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2 because it's not about the main duo, mwahaha.
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