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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 12

What a way to wrap up the first half of the series. This episode is filled with so much shocking revelations yet it keeps on dumping us with more intriguing mysteries. It hasn't run out of symbolisms and refreshing ideas. So many scenes in here made my heart break, that or make me utterly confused or dumbfounded.
As many have already mentioned, this series is seriously afraid of nothing.

This episode just hinted the possibility of Kanba and Shouma not being twins, or not even related, at all.

I was like.... WHAT?!

I had been repeating that part when Kenzan was talking to someone on the phone just to confirm if I got it right. Seeing other people mentioning that what he said really indicated that he's oly referring to one boy made me give up on doubting.


Fine, it's not 100% confirmed yet. It's too early to overreact about it but... since the two are "fraternal twins", and with Shouma not looking similar to either parent, it's pretty convincing.

The question now is which of the two is Kenzan's kid.

Assuming that Kenzan had a twin (it's not certain whether the "other Kenzan" is just him on a different angle or he actually has an identical brother):
Possibility 1: Kanba's his kid; Shouma's his twin's
Possibility 2: Shouma's his kid; Kanba's his twin's
Possibility 3: Neither of the two are his; They are his twin's sons. His own son died.

Assuming that Kenzan doesn't have a twin
Possibility 1: Kanba's his kid; Shouma's adopted
Possibility 2: Shouma's his kid; Kanba's adopted
Possibility 3: Neither of the two are his; They are someone else's sons. His own son died.

Possibility Applicable to Both 1: They might be twins of different mothers or fathers... though am not sure if that's possible
Possibility Applicable to Both 2: Kanba and/or Shouma wasn't/weren't born in a natural way. Could be genetically created (yeah, clone), or magically existed.
Possibility Applicable to Both 3: That one son had two souls, the one of them only got a body by possessing another kid. Okay, that's just too weird.
Possibility Applicable to Both 4: Both of them are his; the hospital call just wants to skrew our minds =_=

Another question that has been raised is who is older.

Seeing Shouma!Sheep being next to "Mary"m then followed by Kanba then Himari just... didn't feel right. In fiction, whenever I see siblings in a line, I usually see them in order of birth. Even if it's not intentional, the eldest usually has this "sense of responsibility" to be the first in line, acting like as a leader/example/guardian to his younger siblings. Moreover, if Mary = Kenzan, I think it's Kanba who is more attached to him.... so seeing Kanba right next to him felt more natural.

Oh well, whatever their relationship is, I prefer their relationship to be the same ;_; Ah well, if they turn out not to be related at all... at least don't separate them ;_; I already love Kanba AND Shouma. Not just Kanba. Not just Shouma. It's KANBA AND SHOUMA.

(No, I do not see Ringo in that scene.)

The part where Kanba might've died almost gave me a heart attack.

My twin detector has noticed that Sanetoshi's little assistants are indetical, cute, and have ribbons similar to the dark bunnies'. Hmmmm~
  • LOLz, so bunnies are sorta like the penguin's enemies now?
  • I kinda doubt that it will be the last time we see Himari in this series. She'll either be back through flashbacks, or through some WTF twist. Sanetoshi showing up is somehow giving hope. And I can't get over the soulmate thing. Oh come on, that part has to be explained. The curiosity of knowing the identity of her soulmate is killing me!!!
  • I am kinda hoping that Sanetoshi is still into Himari....
  • Princess of the Crystal didn't give a direct response whether the Penguindrum is really the diary or not =_= But hhhmm... aside from "obtaining the Penguindrum", she also orders them to "stop them". There are bad guys they have to deal with, oooo~
  • So we finally know what exactly happened at the end of episode 1. Kanba gave part of his life to Himari. Oh my god. I thought Kanba died or something... and well, he sorta did, for having half of his life taken. So he's sorta half dead.
  • Draggle was wondering to whom Kanba's actually in love with: his sister Himari, or the Princess of the Crystal? Ah well, I think he's head over heels on his sister, but I LOVE that idea of him falling in love with the Crystal Princess *_*
  • Himari's actually not as innocent as she appears. Heck, she seems to be way more perverted than Shouma. My Shouma's the pure pure one..... or maybe not? O_O
  • The idea of their parents being involved on the gas attacks didn't cross my mind since they seemed... normal. Ugh, I've learned my lesson. How could I expect "normal" from this kind of series. Haha!
  • I suppose the majority's familiar with the "Marry and the Little Lamb" nursery rhyme reference in Shouma's story. Those familiar with mythology will see the Prometheus reference. And those with religious background will see the Garden of Eve connection. There are so many interesting bits in relation to that, and their possible connections to the characters and events in the story. I recommend Ephemeral Dreamer's post, so insightful =3
  • I love the speculations shared by Kuuki, but my brain's also a mess so I don't know what to say about the deep and thought-provoking events in this episode much, ahahaha.
  • Young Tabuki was adorable by the way. What happened to his fingers was such a mystery. And how come the scene shifted to a caged crow O_O And oh, I just saw an idea that Momoka might still be alive. A twist of her and Yuri being the same person is very WTF... but it would explain things O_O

Ah yes, the goddess was such a b!tch. But that's what evil b!tches are supposed to be. She's so cruel, and she seems hott. Oh I wonder if she'll turn out to be a character in the series (I didn't expect Mario to be one, so maybe she's not someone random too? xD)

Random: Who was the one speaking at the beginning? I thought it was Kanba, but someone mentioned the voice being Sanetoshi's. WHHAAAAAAAAATTT?? I don't get it @_@ I'm not a good voice actor detector to confirm which seiyuu was saying that line. Kanba saying it makes more sense (to follow-up Shouma).
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