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Monday, October 17, 2011

[ Anime Blurbs ] Anime Following This Autumn 2011

Before I start the post, I just want to share this Durarara!! scan by chan-chanz:
DAMNIT IZAYA AND SHIZUO!!! I ALMOST DIED FROM TOO MUCH LAUGHING xD Bwahahahahaha! (It's all Erika's fault. Your crazy fantasies and Walker's wild imagination, wahahahha xD)

Alright, now on about what this post is about: Iinitially I had a top three on the shows I love best this season. But damn, it looks liek it's gonna be FOUR. And that's excluding the show I've been following since the previous season: Mawaru Penguindrum~ ... Of course I haven't forgotten about it! It's just that watching it makes my brain turn off and I lose time to blog about it, ahahaha.

Some quick blabberings on the five shows I'm talking about in alphbetical order:

[ Fate/Zero - Eps. 2 & 3 ]
Ryuunosuke and his Servant are so.... WTF CREEPY!!! They're not exactly my favorite characters, but they're so disturbing that it makes me... thrilled? I'm weird, I know.
Waver and his Servant are beyond adorkable. xD Just the sight of them makes me smile xD YAY TO RIDER AND TV!!!!
I really don't know what to think of Kuritsugu. He seems like a cool and nice fellow, then suddenly I see him kissed by his ever so loyal ally... which is really awkward since he's married. I feel bad for Ilrya.
Archer is so shiny. xD And I love Saber in anything she does, even if she's supposed to be the type that would bore me. Hmmm... might've been because of the King Arthur thing.
This seems way darker compare to the sequel. Better cast and storytelling too. Makes me relunctant to rewatch the sequel (I stopped around episode 2 or 4, I think) because I'm scared of Fate/Zero's image being ruined in my head because of the events that will happen in its future timeline. *sigh*

[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Eps. 13 & 14 ]
Wait... if the little twins represent the rabbits, that makes Sanetoshi the evil goddess? WHUT
There was so much Sanetoshi on episode 13 yet I am still confused about his character. And I totally didn't expect Sanetoshi to agree with the money.... though it was really jerkass of him to say that what Kanba gave him is not enough. My Sanetoshi x Himari ship is gone, Sanetoshi's simply a sadist.
I expected Yuri to not be as nice as she appears.... but I didn't expect her to be THAT twisted. Oh gawd she's so creepy. Every freakin' female in this series is CREEPY. The crown of the Creepiest female character in Penguindrum seems to have been taken. I finally felt bad for Ringo again.
Shouma finally snapped (he's being too pessimistic on what Ringo thinks about him, but he has all the right to be pissed now after all that she's done). It's goodbye Ringo abuse, thank goodness. I wonder if my Shouma won't ever be the same again. Himari's back but... he's emo now compare to last time.
Kanba didn't seem to have gotten back to normal either. I sorta felt sorry for Masako for being in love with him. She can actually pwn him, but since she loves him, she's being reckless and he manages to pwn her.

[ Mirai Nikki - Eps. 1 & 2 ]
The anime adaptation's really fantastic! Yukiteru's still annoying, but I've learned to appreciate him (that's what wimpy characters should be... VERY wimpy and not miraculously heroic). Yuno, on the other hand, is TEN TIMES CREEPIER!!! That was AWESOME!!!!
I look forward to seeing more of Uryuu Minene (my favorite!) in the upcoming episodes. The pigtails really look weird on her; she should go back to her actual self, hehe.
The OP sure got Yuno's disturbing side. I find the OP overall VERY cool. The ED was terrific, and oh god some of the scenes made me cry ;_;
The manga background spared me the suspense, but it enabled me to understand what's going on even while watching it without the subs. I'm thankful for that 'coz... I CAN'T WAIT!!! xD I MISSED THIS A LOT!!! Oh what am I gonna do if my favorite pairing meet again.... AND ALSO MY AKISE ARU!!!! OH PLEASE SHOW UP ALREADY, HONEY!!! xD

[ Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle - Eps. 2 & 3 ]
Yeah, it's typical shounen SO WHAT? The art may not be that pretty BUT AS IF YUGI-OH'S ART IS THAT PRETTY YET IT GOT SUPER POPULAR! I don't want card geeks this time, IT'S TIME FOR GAR PUZZLE NERDS!!! w00t!!!!
It features so many interesting puzzles. There are even encoded messages (the morse code thing was really cool!!!). I don't care if the characters rely on the supernatural at times; it just means that it can cover extraordinary puzzles, those that can't happen in real life. I like that.... GO BEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOND~
Oh wow... they're even called after popular geniuses (Einstein, Galileo, Edison, etc.) and that's historical treat enough for me xD
I don't like the student council guy and the principal though.... Edison's annoying but I think his attachment to Einstein's gonna be cute xD The Galileo dude makes me laugh a lot. I wonder who the white haired dude's gonna be... and also the new girl!!!! She seemed awesome in the preview, I can't wait to see if she's as cool as I think she is xD Ah, speaking of the females, Nonoha doesn't seem to be under the useless damsel-in-distress category. Thankfully she's not even tsundere. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

[ Un-GO - Ep. 1 ]
THIS is what a detective series should be!!! This is why I can't stand the "detective stuff" in the likes of Gosick and Kamisama no Memochou. I'd like to quote what Kuuki said since it's what I want to say anyway: "When compared to other recent detective stuff, Gosick didn't show all the necessary elements to solve the mystery and KamiMemo showed them so much it was pissing me off whenever they couldn't seem to put things together, in that aspect Un-Go did a very good job."
Yeah, the case in Un-Go's first episode is pretty predictable... and it relied on a supernatural element to solve the case (Shinichi Kudo of Detective Conan didn't need it) BUT that's also the strong point of that series, since it can explore cases that can't be solved... realistically xD So yeah, we've got another supernatural detective (this makes me miss Nougami Neuro) but it's his partner is the one who has the powers.
Among the females, I think Inga's hott xD Rie and Izumi are kinda annoying, but they're not so bad. Rie's dad isn't so bad either. I like Yuuki, but my favorite guy in this series is Hayami (the cop with Izumi). He's.... SO CUTE xD

Shet what have I done.... *ehem* I think a post per episode on all five might be... a little difficult to do. I'm not sure if I'll keep this by batch, or separate this into two, or do them individually. I might even fail to follow one or two of them weekly. I dunno @_@
What I'm sure though is that I'll start making my posts as short as possible.... to be able to cover as many as possible... to be able to watch more than usual (sometimes one post takes me... quite a while ^^;)
My current top 5 among the ongoing shows is: (5) Phi Brain (4) Un-Go (3) Fate/Zero (2) Penguindrum (1) Mirai Nikki ... but I think the order's gonna change, ahaha. Man, it was easier last time... with only Penguindrum as the one I'm crazy about (well, I also adore Ikoku and Dantalian but... well, comparing to Un-Go, Fate, and Mirai... those three are hell better ^^; While Phi Brain is just so... enjoyable =3 I should've added geniuses in my bias list.)

I spoiled myself on the second episode of Persona 4 and... it didn't get me that hyped =/ Music and animation's still fantastic though. I fear that I'll only be liking the visuals in Guilty Corown too... I'll see with episode 2. Ben-To, on the other hand, seems fun from the spoilers that I've seen. Surprisingly, I think I'll be favoring that one over Guilty Crown. I've heard that Killua finally showed up in the recent Hunter X Hunter episode but... I dunno, he looks too kiddie compare to the previous adaptation (though he's supposed to look that young). I'm definitely skipping Sekaiichu Hatsukoi 2 now unless I suddenly feel like watching pr0nz. Oh, I've also spoiled myself on Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and I don't think I can last long on such a show =_= The others remain paused, dropped, or dropped from the very beginning.
Ah, Kencana reminded me of Gundam Age, but someone told me that the political stuff is very unlike the recent Gundam shows... is it true? Also, I finally got my hands on Last Exile, so hopefully I can watch the sequel soon ^^
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