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Saturday, October 8, 2011

[ Anime Blurbs ] Nisemonogatari and Some Fall/Autumn Anime First Impressions Batch 1

I love Bakemonogatari, so knowing about this sequel airing next year is good news. But if Koyomi isn't the main character... I don't know. I really prefer more of him. I love the series overall but he's my main source of entertainment in this series xD He's so cute and hilarious, teehee~

Alright, I finally managed to watch the first episode of the new series this season. I have a feeling that my initial list would have major changes, haha.

My jaw dropped. O_O It was so AMAZING!!!!
I didn't have this feeling when I watched Fate/Stay Night. The MC of that one was a headache (I only watched the first episode though... and that was a long time ago). But it looks like the cast this time are waaaay cooler and more decent *_*
But damn, since this is a prequel, then that means I'll get some clues on what happened to them if I watch Fate/Stay Night. Ugh, damnit. MARATHON!!!!
Kimi to Boku
Okay. I admit. IT WAS BORING.
I hope they didn't make it slow pace. The characters hadn't been as wacky as they seemed to be in the manga. The bg music's fine, but the rest sucks. It kinda made me sad that there'll even be a second season for it.
What a strange feeling for someone who absolutely adored the manga ^^; Oh well, I'll stick to the manga version.
Persona 4
Now THIS is more I like it. The manga bored me to hell but the anime adaptation didn't make me sleepy or irritated. It had been cool and fun~
Not sure of what to think of the story and characters though (seriously, they easily believed when the MC said that he almost went through the TV? o_O) but the animation's and music are fantastic~ It has so many interesting reference (tarot cards *_* the self *_* supernatural battle *_* Oh yes~
Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle
So it really was typical shounen... well, almost. The puzzle thing made all the difference (typical shounen MC fights w/ his strength, superpower, ideals, familiars/servants, or gets away with everything using luck. This dude uses HIS BRAIN).
Well, fine, there was also a puzzle thing in Yu-Gi-Oh! but that one is card game type while this one's more adventurey. That's also focused on Egyptian mythology while this one is... various *_* Yay to supernatural references and geeky heroes. I love it xD
Sekaichi Hatsukoi 2
I missed Onodera's inner monologues with him going insane. I never got tired of them.
There was progress... sort of. But everything just returned to the way it was no thanks to memory loss. What a way of the mangaka/creator to tease the audience in the hopes of having the story MOVE ON. And oh, the OP and ED were really lame. Hurt my eyes and ears.
Oh it was freakin' predictable. But I'm watching, damn it. It looks like there's more Onodera next episode.

(5)Kimi to Boku was a disappointment. I love my twins, but dropping it and just focus on the manga.
(4) Sekaichi Hatsukoi 2 is my guilty pleasure, I'll only follow episodes with Onodera.
(3) Persona 4 was really cool and impressive. I'm not that drawn it though, but I'm finally appreciating it (I'll forget about the manga)
(2) Phi Brain I suck in puzzles but people who can solve them never cease to amaze me
(1) Fate/Zero THE BEST

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