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Sunday, November 13, 2011

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 5

Supposedly, for posts like this I put something anime related as the top/into image but... I'm more updated to manga ^^; So perhaps I'll post something manga-related instead.
Well, I've been catching up on Enigma:
And marathon was complete! xD Looking forward to the next chapter~
Kiri's Sasuke look and attitude is bothering me. I hope he stops going tsun tsun already T_T
I'm having difficulty in choosing between Matsurigi and Kurisu as my favorite character in this series.... I wish there'll be more chapters centered on them... I wish to know them better.

Alright, now to the weekly anime post. Only six titles for this batch because I failed to watch one of them (referring to Ben-To). I'll try to catch up on that next week... and maybe I'll be dropping one of them (referring to Guilty Crown). The less series to follow, the more I can keep up. Hehe.

[ Fate/Zero - Ep. 7 ]
But pfft, if Iskandar was able to get a shirt online, getting pants online should be as easy. But it's cute to watch a scenario of a parent promising a kid to buy him stuff if he does some "good deed" through Waver and Iskandar. And oh my god, Iskandar being jealous of Saber getting to wear modern clothes... like a kid jealous of another's toy. Wahahahaha xD THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!
There should be more episodes with these two. They brighten things up. Just the sight of them makes me jolly. Shet.
About other things, I find it cool that Lancer's master didn't die that easily (that would be so lame). And as expected, it's Lancer who comes to Saber's rescue xD "Cooperating because only I should defeat you" my a$$, you're fond of Saber!!! Gah, I really want Lancer x Saber.
I thought Kuritsugu would be the "cool type" protagonist... cool in a sense that he would also pwn everyone else.... but it looks like he's the one being cornered this time... seeing his weaknesses... his despair.... and he doesn't feel ashamed that it's women who are giving him strength. I love seeing character imperfection ^^; ... and I find Kuritsugu pretty manly for that ^^
Caster's so creepy. But where the hell's Ryounosuke?! T_T

[ Guilty Crown - Ep. 5 ]
This episode was.... A WASTE OF TIME.
Yeah, yeah, it's character development for the protagonist. But in the end, we just know that he only gets to be awesome when he's got the Voids. It would've been nice if they managed to make him capable even without his special ability, but meh.
Guh, I was watching it for the romance. They're already so obvious, but the writers prefer not to make them canon this early because they like drama.... so they made the girl lie about doing everything for Gai. So our Shuu goes heartbroken and emo... great... GREAT!!! *smashes things*
Hmph. I think the only interesting thing that happened in the episode was the possibility of Gai dying from that incident........ which I doubt. No way for them to kill main characters that early.

[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 18 ]
THIS EPISODE WAS GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I cried a lot.... damn it.
There hadn't been much progress concerning the Penguindrum, but on everything else (character development, story background, some side/main character spotlight, animation, presentation, music, etc.) were done wonderfully *_* It's mainly an intense and dramatic episode, but there were also some fun parts thanks to the penguins.
I expected Himari to think of sacrificing herself... but I find it surprising that she didn't cry like crazy... desperately making her Kan-chan to let go (Ringo would most likely do that though). In other words, even with all these shocking revelations, she looked pretty... calm. And her calmness in her farewell made the scene even sadder. ;_;
The dudes giving Kamba money havign some connection to his dad didn't cross my mind. Now I wonder how the heck he got connected to them... though he still has no contact with his father.
And it seems that Masako's trying to save him... oh I don't care if it'll stay one-sided... SOMEONE SAVE MY KAMBA!!!!
So Yuri's got a daddy problem; while with Tabuki's it's his mom (intentional?). No wonder Momoka was somewhat godly to him for all the things she did for him. I would've admired her character.... if only I didn't know about the perverted contents of her diary x_x
Ringo has been very likeable in this episode. I completely forgot about her stalker side. Please be there for me Shouma.
Speaking of Shouma, he's my only complaint in this episode. Like Kamba said: HE WAS LATE!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY ONLY KAMBA ONLY GETS TO DO THE BADASS SCENES!!!! T_T
But that scene of him hugging his siblings made my heart melt. (yeah, this is the part where I started crying). Waaaaaah ;_;

[ Mirai Nikki - Ep. 5 ]
This is what I love about Mirai Nikki ALL THAT BLOODSHED, YES xD. It's crazy and freaky, but could also be sweet and hilarious.
Seeing the Twelfth's sentai gig in animation made me laugh so hard xD Poor fellow to be dealt with by Yuno like that ^^;
The part of how he got the diary was really cute xD Interesting that they're going to use different styles in animating such parts (it's clay animation for this one).
It's episodes like this where Yukki x Yuno can be very sweet. As long as Yuno won't go stalker mode, it's not scary. Ahahaha.
And hooray! Minene is out! (And she looks nice on that white dress)

[ Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle - Ep. 6 ]
This is quite an emo episode ^^; But it wasn't emo to the point that it has become unbearably angsty that I'd wish for the characters to die already. Things got resolved on the same episode even. I'm relieved. The scene with Kaito and Gammon being honest to each other, even in just a short while, was sweet. ^^
I really love their new "Bakaito" and "Ahogammon" joke/tease/insult xD Bwahahahaha xD
Gammon and Nonoha act like substitutes for Kaito's parents so much... makes me hope that Nonoha's feelings for Kaito are motherly instead. xD Haha. Kaito's still a baby~ He's moe, damnit. Look how cuddly he is *points the teary Kaito screenshot* He even got a piggy back ride with daddy *points other screenshots* Teehee xD
White haired dude's beginning to creep me out a bit. He compliments the puzzle-solving Kaito. I think he's one of those obsessed rival types o_o;;;;
The Principal's "there's nothing we can do for now but watch" is becoming annoying. At least student council president is showing concern, and has even done something in the previous episode.

[ Un-Go - Ep. 5 ]
The main character skrewed up.... he made a mistake... his deductions weren't perfect....
*tears of joy* I love shows like this. Incredible characters yet not perfect. As early as the fifth episode.
It's also the first episode wherein the case solving part were just flashbacks. Oooooo.
This series seems to be more like a social commentary than a mysteries or supernatural series o_O I see more psychology, sociology, philosophy, morality, and politics in this... rather than crime fighting x_x
The doll robot shaking its a$$ made me giggle xD
I'm starting to like Rie. Or maybe it's because I just can't dislike girls riding horses? Haha!

Why can't Guilty Crown be consistent?! Just when I'm thinking of dropping it; it shows me something interesting. Then when I decide to keep it; it becomes freakin' annoying. Ugh, giving it another episode.
Alright, for my favorite episodes this week:
(6) Guilty Crown (Ugh)
(5) Un-Go (It was cool *_*)
(4) Phi Brain (Bakaito!!! Ahogammon!!! xD)
(3) Miria Nikki (Twelfth!!! Bwahahahah xD)
(2) Fate/Zero (Yay to adorableness~ Everything else is cool too. But the cute parts were the best xD)
(1) Mawaru Penguindrum (It was GLORIOUS!!!! *_* And.... Baaaaaw ;_;) 
I expected Un-Go or Mirai Nikki to be my top favorites this season but.... Un-Go didn't turn out to be as fun as I expected (well, coparing it to Phi Brain, Un-Go is actually better. Phi Brain was just more fun to me)... while Mirai Nikki has the "disadvantage" of me knowing what will happens because of manga background. So Fate/Zero has become my favorite this season (and it has consistently entertained me a lot).

Ben-To is not in this batch because I wasn't able to watch it yet, ahaha. I'll catch up next time ^^;
I managed to watch Sekaiichi Hatsukoi though, which I regret watching because it sucked. Now even the son of the company owner's gay? It's like all of the main characters are gay =_=
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