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Sunday, November 20, 2011

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 6

I love Fate/Zero music and it's cool that theOP single's out:
Saber's so beautiful *_*

[ Ben-To - Ep. 5 & 6 ]
Finally caught up with it! Though I still find it strange to see the main character being a decent fighter right now though he was complete powerless in the earlier episodes ^^; He didn't exactly get a training or anything... he just got stripped most of the time *rolls eyes* If ever he gets a title, maybe it'll be something like "The Pervert"
I was really amused on how frustrated Nikkaido was upon his misunderstanding that the Satou is some pervert. The real pervert is the glasses girl. Her hobbies still disturb me, but her "Good job" line made me go ROFL xD
So there's a married girl among the cast, eh. But she was just in senior highschool a year ago. So she dropped school then? o_O
I don't get why Wizard didn't get involved in this incident though his flight is not until next episode T_T

[ Fate/Zero - Ep. 8 ]
Irisveil was pretty cool in this episode. Even if it was just a short while, I like it that she didn't go down that easily. Healer characters that don't just heal is a plus for me~
Kuritsugu and Kirei seem to be more dangerous than they appear. For a war against magicians, the mage-killers are more superior O_O Looking forward to their duel~
Poor Kirei not having people who understand and love him.
Oh Lancer, quit the honor talk. You want to defeat Saber, but you don't want to harm anybody; much less on her now that she has earned your respect. I fear what his master will make him do now that Kayneth will most likely have taken Kuritsugu as a mortal enemy ^^;
Caster gets frustrated like a girl. It's disgusting yet amusing at the same time. I wonder what would happen if Ryounuske had tagged along. He doesn't seem to be the type who can do magic.... and I fail to imagine Caster protecting anyone.
Hopefully, Waver and his Servant will be around next episode. I feel more awake when going crazy over their adorableness, haha.

[ Guilty Crown - Ep. 6 ]
Oh, so after some emo scenes, Shu and Gai finally become buddy buddy in the end. And Shu doesn't need to take the weapon out from Inori anymore, eh? Perhaps the time when Inori's still conscious while he's fighting will be coming soon. And oh, we get to see more of the mystery girl (who kinda looks like Inori), huh.
Overall it was a boring episode, but the following kept me awake:
- The a$$hole's back. And he's more pathetic in this episode. I love it~
- Creepy scientist happened to be way creepier than he actually is. And he seems kinda ghey for Shu. LOLz.
- Kenji showing off his chest, ready to get his void taken... that scene was really awkward.
- Girl with cat ears was really cute (on how she does her computer stuff). I can't believe it, I liked a character with cat ears (they usually annoy me)

[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 19 ]
Whoa, Kamba actually considered the secret of their parents' whereabouts more important that his ultimate beloved? Seriously? As in ... SERIOUSLY????
Well, at least their parents didn't totally leave them alone. It just annoys me that only Kamba knew. I get the eldest sibling responsibility but.... I just don't like it when Shouma's being set aside too much T_T Or maybe they're saving the best for last (as hinted by the end of the episode.)
The end of the episode made me so speechless. Well, I like it that it wasn't something I expected but... still.... HIM??????????????!!!!!!!!!
Kamba would be expected. Even Sanetoshi. Heck, even Mario. Or a totally new character. BUT HIM?????????!!!!!!!
Well, at least there's no way my Shouma to not have a major role after that. Kamba's been keeping the spotlight to himself. Like in this episode, Shouma just tripped. Argh.
Anyway, this episode seems to be hinting that Himari MIGHT NOT be their real sister O_O
Well, it got my fear of my twins not being twins disappear, but this is seriously......
If that is the case, it explains why Kamba used to hang out wth Masako (if Himari was his sibling, it's sooooooooooooooooo unlikely of him to be close to other girls). That meeting between Masako and Himari... I don't really hate Himari but... Masako's just hotter xD
Waaahhh... I want my Kamba x Masako... even Shouma x Ringo.... Himari's been ruining my ships, aaaaahhh!!!!
Okay, enough with my shipping. I really want an explanation of that soulmate thing. It blew my mind away. Seriously, what the hell was that???!!!!
Oh, whatever, just don't separate my twins. That would be very painful.

[ Mirai Nikki - Ep. 6 ]
It looks like this series will indeed fit in just 20+ episodes at this pace, whee~ (Well, that's excluding Mosaic and Paradox, which hopefully get an OVA *_*)
All the Yuki x Yuno stuff in this episode were really awkward. ^^; Ahaha.
Yuno saying that she didn't need to use the tools still freaked me out... like how she did in the manga. Oh the goosebumps *thrilled*
Though to be honest, I had more fun on the MuruMuru portion ^^ It was really amusing, haha xD

[ Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle - Ep. 7 ]
Oooo... so Nonoha got a title as well... not a genius' though. I think she deserves a genius title for having that insanely incredible memory. She doesn't exactly get t solve puzzles, but her ability is still extraordinary.
Gammon blushing was really cute. And he was soooo under Nonoha's little finger. He's more squishable than a shota boy for that, haha!
To be honest, I kinda forgot about this episode because of the preview... AND EPISODE WITH ANNA!!!!!! YES YES YES YES!!!! (But I want Gammon to be there too. Waaahh... an episode with both of them having big roles please ;_;) But wait... a hot spring... Kaito and Anna... it's going to be VERY awkward. LOLz. This is something I would never have expected on a shounen series.

[ Un-Go - Ep. 6 ]
Kazamori's adorable. So freakin' adorable. In whatever form.
Rie has an obvious crush on Shinjurou. There's no blushing, but still obvious.
Rie's maid is awesome. She might also be some ninja maid like the maid in Code Geass, haha.
That new character. That bishie was suspiscious in the beginning. And whoa, he see,s to have some fixation on Shinjurou... and plans to manipulate things to make his Shinjurou as excellent as he wanted him to be. That's so creepy. But I like creepy. Haha!
No Inga in female mode forcing someone to tell the truth in this episode? Ooooo....
Inga's not going to be on the next episode?! YESSSSSSSS!!!!

Alright, for my favorite episodes this week:
(7) Ben-To (they were okay)
(6) Mirai Nikki (Yuno scared me)
(5) Guilty Crown (keep the cutesy and the psychos, I can toelrate this!)
(4) Phi Brain (*lists Nonoha as a shounen heroine she doesn't hate* What a short list)
(3) Un-Go (I think I enjoy episodes with less Inga more)
(2) Fate/Zero (Lancer, love ya)
(1) Mawaru Penguindrum (blew my mind away, sh#t!)
I'm thinking of dropping Ben-To from the weekly posts because... I dunno, I don't have much to say in it. It's really silly... but I find it fun. However, I don't feel that enthusiastic about it. Guh.
I am tempted to do the same on Mirai Nikki, not that I don't like it, but more of because I already know what's going to happen. But hhmm... I'm not sure if I'll eb able to shut up when my favorite shows up in the anime adaptation... I already keep on talking about him though he hasn't done so yet ^^; Ahahaha....
Guilty Crown though.... I don't know what to think of it. If it continues being up and down (in a sense that the episode was nice, but the next one fails, but the one that follows was okay, then the next after that will suck, and it goes on~), watching this might become unhealthy =_=
As for the rest, I can't imagine them disappointing or bore me, teehee~

I'm no longer following Sekaiichi Hatsukoi weekly because the drama there will just give me headaches. Perhaps I'll marathon it when I feel like watching something stupid.
I'm checking out the Winter 2012 shows *_* Some seem promising~
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