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Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Altima Ace Volume 1 - Fangurling

A new comic magazine published by Kadokawa Shoten made its debut last month. It's called Altima Ace.
I managed to get my hands on the first volume, which comes with a Deadman Wonderland bag (it also had a drama CD but I forgot to take a photo of it ^^;):
As expected, it was awesome xD

I think Altima Ace is somewhat like Young Ace; both are shounen magazines, main genres include action, comedy, and fantasy, and they're also quite mature. So it's like a border between shounen and seinen.

I love many of the goodies featured in the first issue xD But, well, of course there are some that I didn't get that hooked to ^^;

  • Kokorokaruton (left) - I don't think it's bad.... I just don't find it interesting ^^;
  • Izanaeru (right) - a goat-head demon appears before the heroine, and around the end of the oneshot it electrocuted the girl who made the heroine upset. Errr... not to my liking.

  • Trance Knights of the Round (upper left colored spread) - This is supposed to be my type but seeing the heroine already needing rescue after a couple of pages really turned me off T_T And why the hell did it kill off a likeable character (it should be the useless girl! Ugh)?! Well, the bloody stuff and the action scenes are nice but... I think it'll just disappoint me ^^;
  • Maho Shonen no Sodadekata (upper left b/w spread) - Dudes with cat ears... that's just ghey ^^; I see BL undertones on some scenes... *not surprised* And there's too many manga about magical schools already *yawns*
  • Daku Raija (upper right) - The protagonist is... THE HERO OF JUSTICE (reminds me of the oneshot, Seigi no Mikata)... against his will? The heroine with a halo seemed to have forced him into it, haha. Well, it looks shounen fun~
  • Kangaero (lower left) - The protagonists are reeeeeally erotic... in their imaginations at least. No censorship on the breasts... and oh god, it's perverted regardless of sexuality (hentai, yaoi, yuri). I admit that I find it hilarious but... it's still disturbing, ahaha ^^;
  • Danshin (lower right b/w spread) - 4komas usually bore me... and this was no exception
  • Scissor Sisters (lower right colored spread) - THAT TITLE! WHUT?! Wahahahaha xD The cast works on some salon (from that you will be able to understand "WHY SCISSORS?!") and itthey're magical girls who fight... monster stuff toy animals? LOLz And some eye-patched dude seems to be their boss... as in Charlie of Charli's Angels like boss. Wahahahahaha xD
Once these series are available in English, I think the one I might end up following will be Daku Raija. I also think Scissor Sisters will amuse me, though I doubt I'd end up loving it. Lastly, maybe Trance Knights and Mahou Shounen might not be as bad as they appear to me right now but...I dunno. I still think they're gonna disappoint =_=

Now for the ones I liked xD Beginning with the oneshots:

Harapeko Prince-sama by Yamaguchi Kyounosuke
It's quite... an odd one-shot. The girl appears weak and masochistic, but she could actually be pretty strong once you've hurt something/someone valuable to her. The other dude's a demon, particularly Beelzebub.
The humor and wackiness in this reminded me of Blood Lad. It's a little mature... but really bizarre. The dynamics between the main duo seem the same too. The dude's feelings towards the girl seem romantic... but when you see what he does later... it just doesn't feel right. Hahaha!
Anywayz, I'm really enjoying the dark and crazy stuff in this one-shot xD

Oyoure Gojou by Sakamaki Yukisato
To be honest, I would've dismissed this as some "typical supernatural story" if it weren't for the fact that it's by Izayakaku's author ^^; The protagonist looks similar to someone from the Taira, the girl looks exactly like Tengu, and the glasses boy is like a kid version of Kiyotsune. I almost assumed that it might be an Izayakaku spin-off but.... Tengu's kinda out-of-character ^^; Ahaha... and she's kinda annoying. I prefer her counterpart in Izayakaku.
By the way, I hate this image:
The cloak thing gave me the hope of my Gossan showing up ^^; Ahahahaha!

Kokoro Photography by Morishima Peko
This is a short oneshot about three friends. One of the dudes (Sergio) loves photography and seems to even go abroad just to take pictures of various people. The other one (Nadel) is some dark-skinned Muslim (not sure of the nationality.) and has an obvious crush on the girl... and gets annoyed when the other guy flirts around.
Oh well, my descriptions might've made this seem boring, but I think there's more to this one-shot than what it appears (if only I understand it!). It seems to be the heartwarming type (there was a part when Sergio took a picture of Nadel because Nadel smiled... which is rare. And he was smiling when he was thinking about the children from his country).
So.... yeah, it looks nice and I like it very much already. Not to mention that it looks fun too:
Oh the bickering. And I don't hate Hilia Oujo xD

Kuraungya by Satogane Shou
The older one's (Izumo, light hair with headphones)a hikikomori. The younger one's (Shinonome, dark hair with braids) profession... I couldn't figure out ^^; (the only thing I'm sure of that is that... it's something weird. The heroine freaked out on something he did).
The girl requested the duo to hunt down some wanted man... but after meeting them she was no longer sure she can trust such weirdoes... especially after Izumo showed how unreliable he is. But later, when she got kidnapped, the one who rescued her was Izumo. It turns out that Izumo was actually some killer cop in the past. Izumo (on psycho mode) was so ready to kill the wanted dude, but his little bro easily stopped him. Wanted man was arrested and things were back to normal xD
I really can't resist these types of badass bishies =3 Fufu~

Now for the series titles xD

Kamakura Deco and Kofu Life by Tanaka Tomo
Actually, I find it so-so. But seeing a dude carrying a REAL sword and wearing old-fashioned clothing during modern times pretty much intrigued me. This might turn out to be interesting if only I know what's going on, ehehe.

B.A.D. by Sakakibara Sousou
YAY! A horror series *_* I am still not fond of seeing lolis in my horror series but... I like the gory stuff where... she's not around? Not that I hate her or gothic lolitas but.... I dunno, she just ruins the mood. And I don't find her scary.
Bias aside, the scenes with the dude are the really horrific and disturbing ones:

Naked Stupid Man is Coming Here by Iruma Hitoma and Ida Hiroto
This is.... CRAZY!!! But it's so amusing so I enjoyed looking through it xD And it's written by the author of Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan... yessss~
The naked dude himself says that he's stupid. As in, he jumped on the glasses guys' table and told him face to face "HELLO, I'M STUPID!" WTF... bwahahhahhahaa xD And he even cries with that stupid face. Not sure if he's really as stupid as he appears (I saw him on a computer, and almost assumed that he might be some tech expert, but it turned out he was just cleaning it or something o_O)
Anyway, he's soooo naked. As in, you can see his ass xD His penis is censored but... on some parts you can somehow see the... errr.. pubic hair. Hahahaha!
I don't know how a guy like him is still not arrested for being naked in public ^^; And I don't know if he's gonna stay naked until the end (the glasses guy had been thinking of lending him shorts but for some reason he changed his mind). Oh people's reactions when they see him:
What's more surprising is that they quickly return t normal mode after seeing a butt-naked guy. Well, that happens after they see the glasses dude though. I wonder if those people just relaxed after the misconception of the two protagonists being gay O_O
This is crazy.... I like crazy xD

Busta! by Iwamoto Eiri
One of my most anticipated series in this issue xD It seems to be as awesome as I expected it to be xD Teehee~
I think the duo fights against punks.. and they're freakin' badass when doing so. There are some comedy parts in it too, like when the light haired dude got hit because he was distracted (the heroine was making fun of him xD) He got a bloody nose after that part:

Kamisama Permanent by Kataoka Jinsei and Kondou Kazume
I looooooooooove these mangaka. When I found out that they'll be doing a supernatural series, I had hoped that it would be as interesting as Livingstone... And after seeing it, yes, it was *_*
It looks like some surreal/fantasy oneshot set in a dystopian world. There were talks about god, love, eating, and suicide. I'm not certain if the dude really committed suicide (like the cover page) since he denied it.
And oh... it looks like he's no ordinary fellow:
He's... hollow O_O The girl's also not human, and they were riding some flying vehicle with big bunnies on board o_O

Fate/Zero Black by Medori
This is my favorite in the batch xD I suppose my addiction to Fate/Zero is to blame for that ;P This looked like a spin-off of the series... and it looks so hilarious xD
A cat came to the Emiya household and Irisviel soooo wants to adopt it. Saber was panicking because she wasn't sure if her master will treat the kitty kindly.
Hahahahahhaha xD But in actuality, Kuritsugu was pretyt moe towards the kitty xD Wahahaha!
Later, Irisviel had problems and she won't be able to look after the kitty...? Kuritsugu volunteered though... and he placed the little creature IN HIS CLOAK POCKET xD
So when he was on a duel with Kirei... and he was about to take something from his cloak... the kitty ran off... then Kuritsugu's face... LOLz, so cute. (While Kirei still had the poker face, but deep inside he couldn't process what was going on, teehee)

As for this last group, I'm not sure if these are only for this issue or if they're considered as regular titles of this magazine ^^; I'm just happy that of all the titles from other magazines they decide to make special omake of, they picked the ones I liked *_* Namely....

[ EXTRA #1 ]
Blood Lad
It was so hilarious xD There were 4koma bits and a short story where Fuyumi is telling Staz's sister the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The little girl re-imagined the story, but the characters are represented by the people she know: Like her as Little Red Riding Hood, Staz as the wolf, and Fuyumi's the grandma xD
And the hunter who comes to Red Riding Hood's aid (which she didn't really need anymore since she butchered Wolf!Staz) is none other than her beloved brother xD Haha

[ EXTRA #2 ]
Deadman Wonderland
The first part was just Chibi!Shiro getting a tootache after eating sweets given to her by Ganta, Crow, and Humming Bird xD Haha
The next part is a short story... still with Chibi!Shiro... and also younger versions of Ganta and Toto:
Ganta asked Toto to look after her for a while. Chibi!Shiro wakes up, and she just cries no matter what Toto does ^^; Then she quickly calms down after Ganta came back ^^

That's it for some random teasers and my useless comments about Altima Ace! xD I'm very excited for the next volume, which will be out on December 18 xD (This is bi-monthly, I suppose) This has a lot fo fun stuff xD
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