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Saturday, November 19, 2011

[ Manga Discovery ] Juuhime - Sincerely Night

Juuhime - Sincerely Night
by Takadono Madoka and Ichimonji Kei

[ Demographic: SHOUNEN ]
Luca has been sentenced to death, but a sister pleaded for his life. He was imprisoned instead, and the only way to shorten his years in prison is by working for the church... as the Church's Dog!
(7 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)


Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
I can't resist shounen that involve supernatural/religious stuff xD And the author's the same as Makai Ouji's =3
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
I think the story's... badly executed ^^; Fast pace is fine, but the transition's a mess. The story flow was poorly done; it jumps from one scene to another, at times they're not even really connected. So many aprts here lack explanation too. *sigh*
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
The protagonist's attacks are pretty impressive. You see, in this series, each type of magic have a default weakness and advantage (water magic will always win over fire magic but will always lose against earth magic). What magic the protagonist will perform had been pretty unpredictable since you'll need to figure out his riddle before one can determine what type of magic he'll be using. That's cool.
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
The church stuff? And I like nuns who can fight.
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
I think the main duo are cute... when together. Individually they're boring. And the hero can become really annoying at times for being emo... *sigh*
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
Fullmetal Alchemist (blonde in red working for the government/church though he has his own goals, not really loyal to his boss)
I... didn't like this very much. Well, the characters aren't that bad, but I don't find them that appealing.
I don't care if it has the religion and magic stuff (which I'm fond of). The story's too messy, and I don't feel like I see a story anymore. It didn't feel like it's getting anywhere. Even if the recent events seem more interesting than the earlier ones, I got bored while reading this.

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