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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blogging Status and Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 2

(Oh every episode with Natori has sparkles, YAY!)
I still can't start that new (and hopefully way more organized) blog I've been planning... but I'm almost done with what I'm working on recently, then I can finally have more time for my other fandoms *_*
But I still managed to catch up on my top three favorite series this season (I love my new internet provider =3)

Seriously, this scene looks so BL. And to see such a scene during Valentines Day really feels awkward, haha.
Natsume worries a lot... and Tanuma now has a much better idea why Natsume's such a worry freak. Well, Tanuma had opened up to him.... but Natsume is still.... okay, I'll forgive that if there'll be another episode with Tanuma involvement, hehe. It's nice that he gets to meet Natori now; perhaps that's a sign, hehe.
Madora is always so awesome. Oh Tanuma's and Natori's faces when they've realized that the pretty girl is him, LOLz.

This show ships these two. Shrade can't die because it's his mission to provide BL fanservice in this show, while Cayene is being tsun tsun about it. LOLz. 
I didn't dislike Mikono, though she's the type of heroine that would usually annoy me. BUT if she's going to continue getting mad at Amata because of her petty little misunderstandings.... that will certainly get on my nerves. T_T
Zessica, on the other hand, is so cute. Haha!
I like Mix as well... oh totally shipping her with Andy, haha!

These two had been so hilarious in this episode... especially Hidenori! Bwahahahaha xD
And if I understood correctly, Yoshitake was the one Hidenori admired when he was a kid? Hidenori's disappointment... haha!
My favorite part on this is the dubbing part.... that was soooo amusing xD

Whoa! There's already a list of the shows for the upcoming season? Exciting *_* Gonna look 'em up soon~

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