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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogging Status and Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 3

Well, you see, I've heard of Eureka Seven Ao and thought that: "Hey! It's about time I marathon its prequel already!"
Now I can't get this guy off my mind:
Serious yet dorky military boy who is pretty kickass but madly in love with a crazy little b!tch. Okay, my type. Hahaha!

Looks like I still have no time to do my blog renovations/moving this month =/ But hopefully things go according to plan next month~ And I can't wait to check out more of the shows coming next season xD

Now onto my top 3 this season:

To be honest, this episode wasn't that interesting to me. Well, it was nice, just not as.... epic as seeing out-of-character "Natsume" last episode 6, haha! But the next episode looks VERY exciting:
Natsume in a flashy costume (and is that a Kimono? Looks so like a girl's outfit to me. And that's really gotta be Natsume, with Nyaanko at the side and that hair color, haha)
And Natori's gonna be there!!!! HOORAY FOR SPARKLES!!!!!

Oh my god... the recent episode was all about STRIPPING:
It was so ridiculous... I was very amused xD
Even Shrade wanted to join the stripping party. I knew he was fanservice character. Bwahahahaha!
I'm kinda disappointed that Zessica's officially in love with Amata now =/ But to my surprise, the loli's more perverted than her, bwahaha!
And with Mikono.... THAT'S IT!!! HER PETTY LITTLE MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND JEALOUSIES AIN'T GONNA STOP!!!! I HATE HER!!!!! *dumping Mikono on her "tsunDERE-Heroines-I-can't-stand Trash Bin"*
I like Amata though (he's so pure pure)... I'm liking Kagura more too (He was SERIOUSLY in love with her? Pretty uncommon villain dude in a love triangle. Because of the prophecy thing, I thought he only wanted her out of evil desires... but he seems to really treasure her as much as Amata does... what...)
AND WHY IS MIKONO GETTING THESE GUYS????!!! UUUUGGGHHH... she even has Cayene for a brother. 
I'd rather she end up with the white haired dude. His sadism freaks me out; I don't have mercy left for the girl. Hmph.
Oh, whatever. Next episode looks exciting.... MY "MAN-HATER" AND PLAYBOY-WANNABE SHIP! ALRIGHT!!!!

The funniest part of the episode for me was actually the Harry Potter references jokes. Harry Potter as a magical boy... that so cracked me up. Haha!
Oh, I also like the part when Mr. Student Council President tries to flirt....
and it's not working. Haha, go Ringo-chan!

Alright, I shall now go back to my Eureka Seven marathon~
(I don't like Renton much, but it's fun to see him making a fool out of Dominic. Haha!)
I'm at episode 14 now (in three nights! Mwahahaha!) And hopefully I get to see more Dominic (DOMINIC x ANEMONE ME WANT!) and Holland (I liked him before I saw Dominic, haha)

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