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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blogging Status and Winter 2012 Watching

I haven't blogged for more than a month. And I miss making posts and going around in other blogs.

The initial plan is to continue anime blogging at my old blog (Hyper Parfait), then other types of fandom shall resume at my other old blog (Imagination Complex).

But with the way things are right now, I don't think it's gonna work out anymore ^^;

So I'll either continue this blog, or clean it up, or create an entirely new one ^^;

Most likely it'll be a new one (easier and less time consuming to organize). And I don't think I'll be keeping my current cyber name (Sapphire Pyro) in the blogging world anymore (errr... long story).

But before that, the latest episode of my favorite show this season got me hyper xD Haha! So posting here at Daydream Sanctuary again for the meantime, hehe.

The sixth episode of Natsume Yuujinchou 4 was freakin' entertaining xD Watching "Natsume" being out-of-character is just so awesome~ He's adorable as a good boy; but he's also pretty hott as a bad boy, haha!

I can't stop laughing at this part:
"Natsume": *does a "cool" pose* What do you think?
Natsume: I've never made that pose before so I don't really know, but it's kind of creepy.
And oh my god, this one made me go ROFL:
Nyaanko-sensei to Natsume-insid-a-jar: *anger* I'm going to roll you. *rolls jar*
Speaking of amusing lines, my second favorite this season is Aquarion EVOL, had one of its characters say something like this:
Kagura: Mind if I kill you?
He almost butchered the main character in the previous episodes while he's inside a mecha, now he's being polite by asking permission if it's alright for him to kill the dude? That's just... wtflolz

Aquarion EVOL is kinda stupid and awkward (seriously, those nekid scene.... wtf) but the visuals and the soundtrack are just glorious *_* And it got me so freakin' entertained.... so freakin' entertained....

The next one that I follow is The Daily Lives of High School Boys. Oh the characters are so wacky.... I laugh in every single episode xD I love it best when the glasses dude is around.... he's so... out of this world, bwahahaha. Thank goodness they got hilarious voice actors that can make them... sound as hilarious as they should be, haha!

After that is Nisemonogatari. Oh thank goodness my Koyomi is still the main character.
This seems CRAZIER than its prequel, but I'm oh so fine with it xD Teehee~

Next would be Inu x Boku SS. To be honest, I'm kinda disappointed with the anime adaptation. I couldn't explain but... it wasn't as hilarious as the manga (It has nothing to do with manga background. I can laugh at the same joke, in print then in video). And why... WHY AREN'T MY FOX BOY'S SPARKLES NOT SHINY ENOUGH??? T_T
But still, I liked it. I suppose my love for the manga made it unimaginable for me to completely dislike the anime, haha.

I watched an episode of Rinne no Lagrange and it seems cooler than I expected :D Hopefully I can catch up to this soon.

Another had also been a nice surprise. The manga didn't appeal to me much, but the anime adaptation was sooo much better than it. I wish it had been the same with Inu x Boku SS.

I didn't know Thermae Romae would be part of this season last time. It was pretty amusing, hehe.

Ano Natsu de Matteru also looks good but.... alien romance, huh? Hmmm... maybe I'll try another episode.

Moretsu Pirates seemed okay but.... hhhmm... not my type? I got bored after watching the first episode.

I didn't even bother to finish Brave 10's first episode. The opening theme alone looked so.... uncreative.

I really don't get Recorder to Ransell.

I haven't seen the others, but I'll most likely not appreciate them anyway.

Wow.... current list is... really different from what I've been anticipating ^^; Haha

(Having a disgusted face while looking at himself in the mirror. LOLz)

I've been following my top three weekly, while with the next two, I just try to catch up. I think I'll finish Thermae Romae (it's so short anyway) and will try more episodes of Rinne no Lagrange and Ano Natsu de Matteru :D

Alright, I'll re-watch Natsume Yuujinchou 4 episode 6.... it's so amusing xD Hahaha!

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