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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 4

I'm actually kind of pissed off today because of... quite a number of misfortunes that just happened T_T So I'm like Natori in this scene of the latest Natsume Yuujinchou episode:
Only those with powerful senses will be able to see the terror behind my smiles

But I'm fine now, hehe.

Oh, I managed to catch-up on my top 5 favorites in the current season (not just the top 3, w00t!)

The manga readers were so excited that this arc was finally going to get animated. Now I see why:
Ahaha, okay, okay.
Though the spotlight in this episode is seeing Natsume in such a fancy clothing, it seems to be more of a Natori episode. He's becoming nicer towards youkai, even if he's not admitting it. He's like Natsume that way.
I also think he's similar to Madara. They get annoyed when Natsume gets himself into trouble... aka "doing something stupid"... but they worry about the boy a lot, haha!
Looking forward to what happens next episode~

[ #2 AQUARION EVOL - EP. 9 ]
If the previous episode was all about stripping, this one is about HOLES. And when we're talking about holes, Mr. Hole is certainly involved:
And I'm very delighted that this episode focuses on my favorite pairing~ Opposites attract.... and can repel violently, haha!
But geez, this episode is still disturbing. All this "filling one's hole" and "connected through a hole" thing, if you use a pervert's mind... you think about... things.
This show is so perverted.
But I like my Andy x Mix episode, even if that reason behind Mix's hatred is kinda... overboard (hatred to men AND holes in just one trauma? Geez, you didn't really have to include the hole part as well by force. Adding that won't make the "daddy is the cause" thing any less cliche)
The eyesores for me in this episode are the usual: (1) Mikage's just psycho. Ghey psycho. Ugh.
And of course, (2) the other's Mikono. Power to connect people, huh. PFFT! Even Amata can do the little speech she did. You don't need any power to do what she accomplished. Ha, I suppose the creators ran out of ideas on what excuse they could use to make the heroine special. Hmph!
And ugh, why was Amata the only one punished after they got that close (physically)? It's HER fault for tripping! So stupidly even. SHE ALSO NEEDS RESCUING EVEN IF IT'S JUST THE STAIRS??? GAWD, even if she isn't being jealous in this episode, SHE STILL ANNOYS ME!!!!

Majority of the scenes in the latest episode hadn't been that funny.... except for the Hidenori-centric ones, I suppose:
He's so lame and hilarious; he's slowly becoming one of my top favorites xD Hahahahaha!
His birthday wishes made me ROFL
I hope they won't include the girls version of the series anymore. Well, at least, just remove the glasses and pigtail girl. They're just loud psycho b!tches.
Not funny. Just LOUD. Hurts my ears =_=

I really miss my abusable Koyomi and my sadistic Senjougahara:
I stopped at episode 7 because when I peeked (fine, PEEKS) at episode 8, I didn't spot any Senjougahara so... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
So the sequel focuses more on his relationship with his sisters than on his harem, huh. I like the Araragi right now, and his sisters seem fun (they're as crazy as he is), but.... his harem's more fun, haha!
Oh, I just realized that I haven't seen the last two episodes of the previous season yet O_O (I was surprised to see Hanekawa's hair shorter) so I suppose I should finish those first, ahahaha.

[ #5 INU X BOKU SS - EP. 7 ]
I don't find the anime as hilarious as the manga, but the voice actors were really good in portraying them (ZANGE'S WAS SO PERFECT!!!!) I suppose that's what made the anime still worth watching, hehe.
The latest episode is something I don't recall from the manga.... but maybe I'm just being forgetful. So I'm not sure if it was an anime-only episode.
But either way, I still think this episode was being... slow? I mean, if foxy boy considers those little monsters a big threat (because they touch his mistress), he sure had been slow in getting rid of them when they managed to attack her. It's like he watched a bit first before getting into action. You know, that kind of slow =_= Come to think of it, foxy boy is often (a little) late in rescuing her. =/

Alright, I'll catch up on other shows for now. Movies too (Hotarubi no Mori E *_*)

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