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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 5

Since Jin from Aquarion EVOL only shows his right eye, I thought he might've had an abnormal left eye (or none at all).... but it appears that there's nothing wrong with his other eye:
Perhaps he looks so girlie if both eyes are shown? Ahahaha....

Oh yeah, finally got a copy of the prequel (Genesis of Aquarion). Can't wait to marathon it *_* Hopefully it's as entertaining as the sequel (and the heroine's not as annoying as Mikono.... though I kinda doubt that *sigh*)

I... BADLY wish that Natsume and Natori are brothers. Natori's acting so much like a brother figure to him... and they.... somewhat look alike anyway. *sigh* I don't think I'll be getting that twist I want, ahaha.
Of course it was a good episode, but Nyaanko steals the spotlight so much on the little things he does (or complains about).
- He says that he can also get in trouble if he fights a god, so he'd rather not do that..... but for Natsume's sake he'll do it anyway. Daaw
- Madara.... taxi.... LOLz.... LOLz
- Oh what Nyaanko-sensei does to sick people.... make them suffer more with his weight. LOLz
- Nyaanko-sensei is a cushion that is READY everytime you need it:
This is why Natsume never suffers from dangerous fall. He has the softest cushion in the world, no matter how tiny. Haha xD
I'm excited about the episode. Finally, after three seasons, some information on natsume's parents!!!

[ #2 AQUARION EVOL - EP. 10 ]
I thought this was going to be a boring episode (transfer student crap) but it ended up being so cute and adorable xD (LOLz, he's uke?) Jin's reactions on women were amusing.... particularly on when he gets frightened of them. Wahahahaha!
The biggest impact on him were the tears.... daaaaww... that's just.... daaaaaw....
And I think he even considers Yunoha as the most dangerous one, ahahaha:
This show ships Jin x Yunoha..... I approve!!!! xD It's somewhat hinting that Jin might become an enemy-turned-ally in the future..... which I don't mind! He's more adorable right now.... back at his planet he was being a smarta$$, ahaha. Come one, Jin. Change for Yunoha~ (THANK GOODNESS IT'S NOT FOR MIKONO! I'M SO SICK OF MIKONO!!! DON'T GIVE HER A REVERSE HAREM!!! A LOVE TRIANGLE WITH HER AT THE CENTER IS ALREADY SO SICKENING!!! *hates her so much*)
This episode didn't give me much headaches.... ah! It's because there isn't much focus on Mikono!!! (Amata had more screentime compare to her)

~ Ah, I think the episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys that was supposed to be for this batch got included in the previous batch, ahahaha. So skipping my #3 ~

[ #4 NISEMONOGATARI - EP. 8 & 9 ]
Nisemonogatari just made toothbrushing so disturbing, ahaha.
The incest jokes are getting creepier and more disturbing.
Senjougahara may be cruel towards Koyomi, but that guy's really a pervert (and even admitted that he loves another woman... though of course not to her)
He's so confusing. I thought he's serious about Senjougahara but it seems that he's horny enough to flirt with everyone else, even his sister.
BAD BOY. (But I still like him 'coz he's so f*ckin' hilarious xD)
Senjougahara has all the right to torture this psycho idiot, ahahaha ^^;

[ #5 INU x BOKU SS - EP. 8 ]
The fun parts in this episode are actually those on the background rather than the focus on the episode.
Yuki Onna's so mean to her master, but they got along so well when talking about boobs, LOLz.
Zange abuses and ridicules Watanuki a lot, but though his method may be a little mean, he really cares.
But the dog bowl thing is just so cruel and hilarious at the same time, haha.

Oh man, I still haven't look into much of the shows of the upcoming season. I wanna check most of them out soon....
I also need to catch up on Mirai Nikki. (Catching up on Guilty Crown... I'm having second thoughts =/)