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Thursday, March 22, 2012

[Movie] Hunger Games

Hunger Games won as the most anticipated movie of the year. Naturally, people have high expectations of it. Especially that the book is well-received by critics and has won quite a number of awards.

I'm a huge fan of the book myself. Heck, it's my top favorite YA novel right now. So you've got an idea on how excited I was when I found out that it's getting a movie adaptation? xD Yeah, so excited that I went as far as getting advance screenings for it *_* So yeah, I've finally seen it and....

It did not disappoint.

Well, of course, the novel's still better, but the movie still did it justice.

No wonder it's been getting high ratings from critics so far. Before it even premiered worldwide, it's already around 90%, Keep it high xD


  • Thank goodness the movie didn't think of highlighting the romance so much (even if that's what many of the audience, fans of the book or not, would be after).... since the book didn't =P
  • They emphasized how much the sponsors matter, which was good. Makes quite a difference that surviving in a televised survival games is not just on having fighting and surviving skills.... you've got people to please.
  • The part with Katniss wearing the second tribute dress was cool. There flames *_*
  • Gamemaster seemed to have had a bigger role in the movie. We were limited to Katniss' point-of-view of him in the book. The movie showed that he's a much more interesting character than that (his facial hair's really distracting though, LOLz)
  • Special effects were amazing! Fight choreography was good too!


  • I wish there had been more.... terror in this film.
    Well, yes, it had been really brutal (when the games began and ended) but for me it didn't seem terrifying enough for Katniss to have neverending nightmares (like in the book).
    I believe it's the way on how it was presented. There are horrifying scenes, but just didn't appear horrifying enough to make you have trouble sleeping when you get home =/
  • I know it's hard to put all explanations on what's going on in a film adaptation but... it would've been better if some parts were clearer, especially to those not familiar with the book. 
    Well, like with the costumes during the parade. I didn't get them ^^; And I don't remember the book much
  • The part with Katniss wearing the "burning" dress didn't have much impact =/ They should've shown how they made the clothes "burst into flames". That impression was a really big highlight in the book.
  • I'm not that impressed on how the people in the Capitol were presented. They just looked like idiots..... but they're more than just silly-looking rich people.


Clove -> Marvel -> Foxface -> Thresh -> Glimmer -> Cato -> Rue -> Peeta -> Katniss -> Gale

  • All those praises on Jennifer Lawrence were not exaggerated; she really was perfect as Katniss. 
  • Josh Hutcherson was a little different from the Peeta I imaged... just a little (Honestly, it's just because I've imagined Peeta to be much taller than Katniss, haha). He got Peeta spot-on.... the director and Collins herself didn't seem to be kidding when they said Jennifer and him seem so perfect for the characters.
  • I blame Alexander Ludwig for making me more interested on Cato, the character. Damn, why did they pick such a cute one for Cato? LOLz
  • Woody Harrelson was awesome as Haymitch. Haymitch was the most hilarious guy in the movie.
  • Primrose seemed... weaker in the movie compare to the book 
  • Donald Sutherland didn't look that intimidating as President Snow to me.Or maybe it's just me.
  • Gale and Cinna looked a little different from how I imagined them to be, but their actors had managed to portrayed them well.
  • The rest seem to really fit their character. Even with Effie, hehe.

Catching Fire movie, what's taking you so long? xD
And I want DVD copy *_*