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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 6

Since I'm quite hooked to Aquarion EVOL right now, and my officemate happened to have the complete episodes of the prequel (Genesis of the Aquarion), I asked for his copy and started watching xD
I've only seen three episodes so far, then just spoiled myself a bit until episode 10.
How was it?
Well..... It was painful to watch.
I don't know what to say about the story... the characters... I hate MAJORITY of them. A complete opposite of what I think of the characters in EVOL, because in EVOL, I love MAJORITY of them. The only same feeling I have for the two series is that I hate the heroine, ahahaha!

Here's a quick character list:
The hero in Genesis, Apollo, is like a combo of Kagura and Amata. He's the winged dude like Amata, but acts like some wild dog like Kagura. Unlike the two, Apollo's too arrogant and bratty for my liking =_=

Kagura's more amusing... and I like the adorable pure pure Amata.
Sylvia's Mikono's complete opposite.... but I also can't stand her. I already got annoyed at her from the moment she showed up in episode 1. Her brother complex and her reactions during union creeps the hell out of me.

I'll endure Mikono anytime; Sylvia's just unbearable.
Sirius is like a Shrade (pretty powerful blonde) and Cayene (big bro thing) combo, but nowhere near as likeable as those two. She's the brother than Sylvia worships.... but he's not really that great =_=

Thank goodness Shrade's the BL fanservice type.
Reika's like the Cayene ('coz of the vision thing) and Zessica (someone the heroine is jealous of in a way) combo. I believe she's Sirius' love interest. But she's too angsty....sickens me.

Is this the reason why Shrade (Sirius) is into Cayene (Reika)? LOLz Oh thank goodness Cayene isn't as angsty as she is.
Pierre's Andy's counterpart.... but more on flames instead of holes.... not as much of a playboy as Andy either. He's no fun.

Sort of like little Yunoha and Sazanka equivalent..... not as shy as Yunoha of course. And I think she has lesbian fantasies over Reika (Sazanka's a fujoshi, on the other hand). Not that I dislike lesbian characters, but lesbian with glasses on a mecha series remind me of a creepy girl from Code Geass. *got the chills*

Yunoha's adorable~ She and Sazanka seem way more likeable than this girl T_T
Seems to be Jin + Mix equivalent? Since he's pretty knowledgeable to tech and stuff.... but of course, this one looks too dorky compare to Jin, haha.

Jin and Mix don't bore me. Love 'em.
This dude seems to be one of their superiors (but not exactly for just the male division). He's not bad for a comedic relief but.... I prefer Donar.

Donar shoots his subordinates in the a$$!!! YEAH!!!! Go Donar!!!
Female superior and a doctor, eh? She seems okay... perhaps more likeable than the nun in EVOL. She does more things compare to the nun too. 
This Toma guy seems to be the Mikage equivalent, and has some freakin' obsession with Apollonius (Apollo in his past life). I think he's okay.... just not

Mikage... HE'S CREEPY!!! This Toma guy is easier to tolerate.
This girl has the same outfit as the chairwoman....(perhaps they're related?). This one's okay... but I still prefer.....

FUDO is in both series, and he's the only fun character in Genesis (and he's just as fun in EVOL). He gets to show more of his kickass side in Genesis though (because Apollo's so rebellious and can't accept being defeated by Fudo in combat..... while Amata's an obedient little puppy)

He showed up in both series... and if they have a 12,000 year difference... that makes this guy immortal? o_O

So yeah, I really didn't like Genesis. If you want to check out the Aquarion series, I recommend that you start with EVOL. Just check out Genesis if you want to understand the series better (since even if you can start the sequel without seeing the prequel... there are still some things that would make more sense if you've seen the prequel), which is what I'm doing.
From what I've seen in Genesis and EVOL so far, I think Kagura and Mikono of EVOL are the reincarnations of Apollo and Sylvia in Genesis. So I'll have to endure looking at Sylvia for the sake of understanding EVOL better (hopefully).

Now.... back to my weekly anime xD

So we finally get to know about Natsume's parents (Poor Natsume... waaaaah ;_;)
It was a good episode.... a mix of serious and comedic parts.... touching and heartbreaking parts. I still can't believe this is ending soon....
Natsume's other friends should really get more screentime T_T Nishimura has great talent in drawing maps LOLz.... I love Tanuma's reactions. I'm also thankful that Tanuma's around... he forces Natsume to speak up already (Natsume, don't be such a masochist. Why are you only a sadist towards Nyaanko-sensei?! LOLz)

[ #2 - AQUARION EVOL - EP. 11 ]
Then Jin's reaction afterwards.... freakin' adorable!!! And there'll be more blushing from him next episode... WHEEEE!
I think Zessica's power was only shown in this episode for the first time? She can see through mirrors or something? Kagura and Mikono calling each other Apollon and Sylvie respectively.... like the characters in the movie.... perhaps she's destined to end up with Kagura... but she apologizes to Kagura because she fell in love with Amata.
But from watching Genesis, the hero there is like a combo of Kagura and Amata. Maybe those two are actually related. Perhaps.... they're brothers? I WILL WELCOME THAT TWIST NO MATTER HOW CLICHE!!!!
While Mikage's.... creepier than usual in this episode. Eeee....

There had been so many times when I've looked for my eyeglasses though they're just on my head (like in Hidenori's case). Sometimes I've just holding them (while looking for it on my other hand). I even looked for it while wearing it (didn't even realize that my vision's so clear, ahaha)
For the first time, the Highschool Girls section in this episode wasn't bad.... because it's not focusing on the random stuff on they do. The past of one of the girls seemed like an.... epic, LOLz.
The panties thing was wtf..... and Hidenori doing some BL scene at the province... double wtf. Hahahaha!

[ #4 - NISEMONOGATARI - EP. 10 ]
Shinobu's love for donuts is so adoooooooooooorable:
Tsukihi's the one in trouble this time, huh. I'm still shocked on how perverted Koyomi is towards her though. He didn't go that far with Karen (at least, not yet). But come to think of it, he did something almost equally disturbing to Hachiyuki. Perhaps he's into lolis.... Bad boy.

[ #5 - INU X BOKU SS - EP. 9 ]
Ooohh... so they managed to make an episode from those omake/extras parts in the manga. How they've put those bits together wasn't bad.
I really like the "No Talking" parts. The misunderstandings were hilarious, haha! Poor Zange being the primary suspect of everything, haha!