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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer 2010 1st Impressions: Psychopathic Boy + Scopophobic Dude (Extra: Kuroshitsuji 2 Rival Pairs)

This season isn't exactly popular in introducing a lot of cool shows (like Spring and Autumn), however, among the crap, there's usually several rare gems in the Summer season (Heck, Baccano! was a summer series!) so I'm checking them out to find myself some from this year. But before that:

(merge by feminineshinigami)
The hott kickass butler + evil shota master pairs in one image..... damn, don't make me choose! Each pair is awesome in their own way! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

About two of the Summer 2010 series I've checked out so far:
[ Kuroshituji II ] Sebby and Claude FTW! And shet Alois.... he's like the MUCH darker version of Oz from PH
[ Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi ] Fairy Tale Parody FTW! And hello Koyomi look-alike!

[ Kuroshituji II ]

This is the best among the shows of this season that have aired so far. So the studio was just trolling the fans with the new characters and it turns out that the main duo from the previous season actually make a comeback. I'm happy and sad at the same time; happy because Sebby's back, and most likely Grell, etc. will be showing up as well. I'm also lonely because.... I like Claude and Alois! Don't tell me this will be another Ga-Rei.... I loved the first episode of that show and the characters that showed up there had been interesting... they even had profiles on the official site... but.... the succeeding episodes don't feature them anymore.... and emphasized on stuff I'm not find off. The hell... T_T Okay, back to Kuroshitsuji... what I fear is that this new pair only appears on the first episode.... them being featured in the OP doesn't give assurance because they could just change the scenes with Sebby and co. Waaaahhh.... I wish these two are also main characters!
Claude may be similar to Sebby but.... he's still different. Sebby's quite sarcastic compared to him.... and he did something I don't remember Sebby doing: DANCING! Shet... that was awesome. (HEY SEBBY! DO THAT TOO!!! I DON'T COUNT YOUR BALLROOM DANCING WITH FEM!CIEL!!!! I WANT YOU SOLO!!! FACE THE AUDIENCE TOO UNLIKE CLAUDE) The way his butler skills have been presented more extraordinarily compare to Sebby's in the first season.... but this is season 2 so.... awesomeness from everyone should be moved up to the next level. And as if Sebby can't do that anyway.
Alois, on the other hand, is a very very very very mentally/emotionally unstable kid. He's such a sadistic psycho that he finds amusement on doing simple naughtiness, cruel tortures, and tactless insults. He also enjoys it when watching others act pathetically. And even if he acts like a genki genki boy on the surface, all of his smiles and crack action were fake. It's hard to know what he really thinks or how he truly feels.... since he doesn't seem to know either. What's for sure is that this kid's broken. What Ciel had gone through seemed nothing to what Alois had. He may be full of lies, but his story about "his past" seems true..... he was a slave and a boytoy. He had so many injuries in his body... the kid's abused. He slept with older men.... I will not be surprised if he has become a homosexual, and it kinda explains his treatment to the maid and his interest on Sebastian and Ciel. Alois may be so creepy and smart (he was able to see through his uncle after all), but he also has his fragile sides. He's afraid of the dark and of being alone..... quite ironic that it's a demon who saves him from that feeling. But though Claude has been so patient and loyal to him, Alois still goes tsun tsun (even told him to roll in shit o_o) and doesn't believe that Claude would really be able to keep that promise. But damn Alois, Claude is freakin' obvious:

I might be shipping them already if Alois is female. Oh my gosh... I'm a sucker for such loyal butlers. Sebby's no different. He doesn't even want others to touch his young master. Ciel is still more important to him than himself. And look how happy he was when his master has revived. Shet you devoted butlers.... shet. Your speeches of loyalty are soooooooooooooooo sweet =3
Augh, anywayz, what I had feared has happened. Ciel being alive thanks to a stupid miracle. Sebby ain't taking his soul yet to cater fanservice to BL/shotacon fans. *sigh* I don't see Claude or Alois in the next episode's preview. Looks like the only exciting thing next episode is, of course, Sebby. What he said in the preview made me chuckle a lot xD "As the butler of Phantomhive household, what will I do if I'm unable to hook a single tuna?" Bwahahahhahaha xD Claude by the way also had a funny line: "No true butler would touch tablewear with his feet".
Another thing I want to add is that the music here are excellent (like the first season). OP theme, ED theme, and the background music. And the scenes in the ED theme scream to me: "Hey Sapphy! Look at us butterflies! Aren't we pretty? How long have you been staring at us? One of us is even blue! Your favorite! Yay!" AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH............. damnit..... *stll staring*
Back to the series, please be awesome even episode 2 onwards. The first season sucked in the story and character development part, so please make up for that? And make the new pair your main characters? I find Alois veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting and more hott butler battles would be very delightful.
Oh yeah, xtine-chan will be covering this baby, so go fan crazy with her too. Hehe.

[ Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi ]

So the fairy tale parody I've been looking forward to has aired! I enoyed.... and got disappointed with it at the same time. I'll go with the downsides first:
Like a lot of other bloggers, I also find the narrator freakin' annoying! I have been yelling "SHUT UP AND DIE" everytime I hear that voice speak sh#t. Yeah, it's fun that our narrator is mocking our main characters... but oh come on! What's with the overused "no boobs" joke? Why do the boobs matter so much to this idiot! Uuuuggghh.... moreover, it keeps on explaining and inserting quick comments here and there.... as if the audience is stupid enough not to realize those. Oh crap, this kind of narrator is giving a bad image to this series. Ugh....
Another big thing that bothers me is that.... the main female duo are based from Red Riding Hood characters, right? But I don't see the resemblace aside from one of them having Ookami in her name while the other is in red.... and she doesn't even have a hood! Whut....

It did a great job on the Cinderella parody however. I almost lost faith in this series until this part showed up. It was really hilarious! And the "Cinderella" is kickass despite her "weak" look.... and her prince is som masochistic pervert. I was so amused. Bwahahahahahahahahhaha!
The leading guy reminded me of Bakemonogatari's main character.... they look so alike! They're also the "I seem pathetic but I can actually do something awesome if I want to" type. The boy's shy.... but at least the shyness has an explanation.... and it's a phobia! If he's in such extremes, the phobia justifies it no matter to how extent his shynes goes. But for a "shy" dude, at least he had guts to confess this early. I think he could've been my favorite character already.... if only he stops adding the "-su" in his sentences. It's annoying hearing it all the time =_=
Hmmm... I think this episode really has potential to be great and enjoyable as long as it focuses on the fairy tale parodies and just little of the main plot (unless they'll have the relationship of the main couple develop.... not have them stay like that till the end =_=). It would also be very much appreciated if the narrator won't be saying similar things like what she did in this episode. I fear that the good stuff in this episode might not be that enough to make up for it if she continues being that horrible.... or if she becomes worse. The scriptwriter is to blame, not the seiyuu.

~ screencaps mostly snatched form Tenka Seiha because I hate the watermarks and I'm lazy to DL the raws.


xtine06 said...

I am loving the new Kuroshitsuji. I am feeling a catfight between Sebastian and Claude.


*subbed episode, still dL*

Sam said...

I found the narrator funny.
What kind of sick kid gouges a lady's eye out FOR THE LULZ!

Anonymous said...

Alois IS like Oz! XD Aside from the mental state, they are both rich, have the same hairstyle, wear shorts, and have uncles named Oscar!

Anyway, can't wait to see more of Kuroshitsuji II, episode 1 was amazing!

abandonedfactory said...

I liked Ookami-san, including the narrator. I'm not really counting on it be a great series, though. I think the way they handled Cinderella was so unusual that they might have some very inventive ideas up their sleeves (or in their ink pots, or whatever).

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ xtine06
CATFIGHT DO WANT!!! (btw, there's a question at FSpring you might want to answer. I already answered the other xD).

Enjoy the episode~

@ Sam
The narrator's supposed to be funn and it's nice to hear that her jokes were effective for others. BUT I WANT THE NO BOOBS JOKE TO STOP!!!!!!

"What kind of sick kid gouges a lady's eye out FOR THE LULZ!"
=== very very very very very VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY sick. xD

@ Anonymous
I didn't notice the similar "Uncle Oscar" O_O OMG... so they have that many similarities..... EVEN THE EXTREMELY DEVOTED TALLER/OLDER DARK BUTLER!!! I WILL NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY DID NOT USE OZ HAS REFERENCE OR INSPIRATION!!!!

@ abandonedfactory
I was supposed to be able to tolerate the anrrator but she just had to mention the "no boobs" joke more than once... AND IT REACHED STRIKED THREE!!! I'VE HAD IT!!! I WENT ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR! ..... ^^;
The Cinderella part showed that they have the ability.... the potential... to show very inventive and interesting stuff so it'll be quite a disappointment if only the Cinderella thing would be cool about it =_= YOU CAN DO SO MANY WITH FAIRY TALES!!! USE YOUR IMAGINATION, DAMNIT! PLEASE STAFF!!!! THINK OF SOMETHING AND STOP THE NO BOOBS JOKE!!!!

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