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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sengoku Basara - Episode 13 (OVA)

I've decided that I should watch this already because the first episode of the second season premieres today xD Hehe.
I admit that I wasn't that hyped for this OVA because the original main duo doesn't exactly have a role on this scene. Nevertheless, it was still a fun watch!

  • Chosokabe is sooooooooo like Masamune except that he doesn't say Engrish and he doesn't have a super duper loyal right hand man.
  • Mori, on the other hand, is such a cruel bastard for a character who eventually sides with the protagonists. And he still doesn't admit that he had thoguht of doing something decent after Keiji had totally gotten some sense into him during that moment. You tsun tsun.
  • The new main duo had an awesome battle~ So many flashy moves. Yay flame power and sharp hoolahoop. Haha!
  • I knew Keiji won't die even when he got shot thanks to main character immunity.... but at least he got shot with those many arrows. In some series, for some reason main characters don't get hit at all no matter how many long distance weapons (such as guns and arrows) had hit them =_=
  • I salute to Keiji's hardwork in making these two idiots work together.
  • Mori's comment on not wanting a monkey as a witness for Keiji amused me so much xD
  • Keiji's such a darling brother to Matsu.
  • Matsu rocks. She's acknowledged as a female with guts. I love it when women are presented as badass in a series like this. They're not just hostage materials!
  • Her husband is too nice~
  • Was it just me or the food that they were eating had.... faces? WHUT... bwahahhahahaha.....
  • Kasuga was cute~
  • Chosokabe's comment on the main duo being not capable of defeating Nobunaga if they get hit by th canons... LOLz
  • WHY HADN'T THEY APPEARED ON THE MAIN SERIES!!! I at least want Chosokabe to meet Masamune and/or Yukimura xD Hehehehehe (Mori's too evil. Yukimura won't ever understand him)

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