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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer 2010 1st Impressions: Panties Babe + Dango Chick (Extra: About the Threats to BGHK Staff)

This season isn't exactly popular in introducing a lot of cool shows (like Spring and Autumn), however, among the crap, there's usually several rare gems in the Summer season (Heck, Baccano! was a summer series!) so I'm checking them out to find myself some from this year. But before that:

Anyone else heard about the threats to the anime staff of B Gata H Kei? Ha, even if they have a good purpose, a "threat" is never a good thing. And why target the anime only then when it's based on a manga? Didn't bother with the research? Didn't bother reading more than the synopsis? Didn't bother to watch an episode even? Or if they did, did they get it or only processed the you-know-what scenes on their brains and closed their minds to other things that the show has to deliver? I don't understand extremely conservative and closeminded people who just complain on anything that bothers them at first sight.
But speaking of this series.... I need to marathon this soon. Drats... stuck in episode 4 (or was it 5 x_x)

Now, the next two Summer 2010 series that I've checked out so far:
[ Highschool of the Dead ] leading dude.... off to kill zombies
[ Legend of the Legendary Heroes ] leading dude.... off to find legendary thingies

[ Highschool of the Dead ]

(I wish I could see/do an animated GIF of this.... but then again, I don't like seeing her face ever again at all. I hate her so much that I'm happy that her loverboy snapped and slapped her. I wish he did more harsh than that... she deserves it. Just die, damnit. I only care about Takashi and Hisashi; you, go away!!!)
As expected of a high budget series.... it looks awesome. I appreciated the changes from the manga.... the story flow seemed better that way, and the scene arrangements fit. I'm really impressed with the directing. It sure knows how to present horror~ I was so delighted with all those bloody and flesh eating scenes that I saw~ Really freaky~ Zombie awesomeness~ YAY~
However, since I'm not really a pervert to my own kind, I didn't find enjoyment on seeing those numerous pantyshots (that for some reason get featured even when the girls are being devoured,... or.... gah, it's like there's a pantyshot for any screentime for every female that appeared on the screen.) If not legs or panties, we see boobs.... one even has REALLY GIGANTIC BOOBS that she can use them as a pillow. WHUT.
I don't enjoy the perverted fanservice, but for the perverts who also enjoy horror and gore, this might be the perfect series for them. The action parts are very awesme too! I'm relieved that our survivors so far are fighters.... even if I despise that leading girl to the core. I have so many to rant about her but one of my biggest reasons for hating her is that: HISASHI DIED BECAUSE HE SAVED HER DAMNIT!!! I WANT HIM ALIVE RATHER THAN THE ANNOYING B!TCHY SLUT!!!!!! WHY THE LACK OF COOL GUYS FOR AN ACTION HORROR SURVIVAL SERIES????!!! DAMNIT....
*ehem* Anywayz, it's nice that the high budget isn't wasted on this thing. Despite the ecchi that bothers me to hell, it's still epic. One of the cool shows that have aired so far in this season. *thumbs up*

[ Legend of the Legendary Heroes ]

(Best friend promise.... I'm a sucker for best friend bishie pairs... fufufufufuufu~)
The title already screams lame and cliches but.... I expected it to be more of a satirical parody but.... NO, I just got a typical fantasy adventure series that is indeed as lame as stereotypical as its title. I think the story's interesting (especially that the main characters seem to ahve sad and complicated backgrounds), but the storytelling didn't please me =_= It's so-so in action and fantasy stuff..... but extremely sucks on the drama and comedy parts. The characters are okay but they're seriously lame in trying to be as comical as they can. Some of the jokes with them being sarcastic are fine though. But guuhh... is the childhood friend girl there a comic relief or something? Because she doesn't make me laugh. VERY ANNOYED rather. She sucks so much and is obvious to the core that I find it weird that she's a "captain" and she got a bishie "closed-eyes-all-the-time" assistant/partner always there when she needs him. I was relieved that the main duo ignored her. She's totally not worth their attention and I hope she'll stop showing up already because I don't want her getting my attention. The more I see her, the more I forget the few things I liked about this show =_=
Speaking of which, I find it interesting that though we have a guy + girl duo with the guy being abused, at least he's quite straightforward on being annoyed... and even in hating her. Instead of just keeping it all to himself and continue being a loser or worse: actually in love with her. Ah well, they're a possible romantic couple but I don't want to see it too soon.... since it's kinda awkward given how the story's going so far....
The one that appealed to me the most in this series is the royalty dude.... it's so not his image to be seeking for girls when it comes to parties, haha! And he wears a smile infront of bastards to pretend that he's a ruler that could be manipulated. Reminds me of Orcelito from +C; Sword and Cornett....
Overall, it's lame but it has potential. Definitely not in my priority list but I think this could be better than it seemed~ Looking forward to what else it could offer~

Random Rant: WHY MY NURARIHYON AND OCCULT ACADEMY TAKING FOREVER???!!!! Roar... *wants to see them badly*


Kagura89 said...

High School of the Dead is full ride of zombie killing fest & fanservice..nuff said.

No comment about Rei though.Besides, like some zombie shows there is always a whiny bitch so i understand why people hate her.At least Saeko,Takashi&Kouta is okay despite having some flaws.Pity Hisashi have to died like that & i give credit to Miyano Mamoru for Hisashi last moment scene.

Oh,did you lol at the BFF part...people will turned into bitches when stuck into shitty situation.

abandonedfactory said...

Unless I hear Legend of Legend improves, I'm not gonna bother with it. The first episode seemed to be mostly pointless. The male-female duo are searching for stuff. They find it and abandon it (well, run away). If it is so unimportant that they can leave it, why are they searching for it?? I'm not even sure what I was supposed to get hooked on. Whatever it was it didn't hook me. BTW, I agree, the childhood friend doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

I too despise that lead main character girl in high school of the dead. I read the manga and she kind of gets less bithcier? But still not enough. But yay the anime!:P

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kagura89
"Oh,did you lol at the BFF part...people will turned into bitches when stuck into shitty situation."
=== YES xD People could be so fake. It's sad when it happens in real life though, but I love it when anime presents RL sh#t xD

@ abandonedfactory
I haven't seen the second episode yet but it looks like it's more interesting that the first one.

"If it is so unimportant that they can leave it, why are they searching for it??"
=== It didn't make sense to me either x_x unless there are a lot of legendary thingies they can get, they don't necessarily have to collect them all?

@ Anonymous
"I too despise that lead main character girl in high school of the dead. I read the manga and she kind of gets less bithcier? But still not enough. "
=== same here! And for some reason, when she starts to become decent, she'll return to her bitchy self again. It's like she doesn't want to be liked by me =_= guh

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