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Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer 2010 1st Impressions: Sengoku!GAR + Sengoku!Crack (Extra: Alois and Ciel + Other Kuro 2 Stuff)

This season isn't exactly popular in introducing a lot of cool shows (like Spring and Autumn), however, among the crap, there's usually several rare gems in the Summer season (Heck, Baccano! was a summer series!) so I'm checking them out to find myself some from this year. But before that:
The creator of Kuroshitsuji posted an artwork of Alois and Ciel in her blog. I've heard that Alois is wearing the clothes that his voice actress was wearing in one of her videos (which I don't know which):

Whatever the original clothes looks like, it's sexy on Alois xD I don't care if he'll start crossdressing and stuff, because he's sexy xD Hahahahahha! Even if Ciel is in my favorite color (blue), I shall be siding with Alois~ Fufufufufufufufufu~ (xtine06 and I certainly get along. She takes Ciel while Alois is mine xD Mwahahahhaha)
By the way, if you have seen episode 2, there's actually a crack story showing the Trancy household side. I'm referring to this scene (thanks to lijianliang for scanlating) wherein Alois wants to find the white stag too xD I find it amusing that the triplets are as idiotic as the Phantomhive servants xD Haha! And also because of that scene, there's a theory of Claude being a dog lover. I hope that's true because it fits a lot xD And that also makes the Sebastian versus Claude rivalry much cuter xD
Speaking of their rivalry, there's more crack regarding it at the Official Kuroshitsuji 2 Twitter. They're so hilarious xD So far Sebby's "winning" because Claude can't do dolls, ehehe. In the recent tweets, Alois and Claude seem to be talking about food and medicine. I love the random crack xD Hehe.

An oh, of course I've seen some parts of episode 3, and the preview of episode 4, and....
TEASER: I've finally seen how Sebby makes the Undertaker laugh xD AND OMG GRELL!!!! LOVE YA!!! And there's little Claude in the end... but he's also in the preview of episode 4 so I'm wishing that Alois will finally be appearing again as well on that episode. And why are they on a train in the 4th episode?? A train with characters that seem like criminals and some are nobles! SHET! It reminds me of Baccano! I WANT EPISODE 4 NOW xD

Now, the last two Summer 2010 series that I've checked out:
[ Sengoku Basara 2 ] Sengoku action FTW!
[ Tono to Issho ] Sengoku lolz FTW!

[ Sengoku Basara 2 ]

(LOLz POOR SASUKE xD I'll never get tired of the Yukimura and Oyakata-sama exchange xD)
Best way to describe this episode (and I believe also the series overall): EPIC AWESOME!!!!
The music, animation, characters, lolz, fights, drama, conflicts, EVERYTHING IS SO:
Even if the story isn't something to be taken seriously, it's getting much better and more intense in this season! We have an idea who is being forced to become an enemy and some former allies that wilingly sided with the enemy. And speaking of the enemy, it seems that he's not just an evil lord who wants to take over the country, but really aims to make it prosperous that one of the good guys totally sided with him.
We even have a resolution (sort of) on who will win if the main duo fights. Masamune pwns~ And I think it's better that way because... well, he's the one with a higher position among the two.... it looks awkward if a leader loses to a subordinate of a different group... But I'm not sure if we could count that as Masamune's victory because Yukimura was sort of distracted.... EITHER WAY, AT LEAST SOMEONE WON!!!! NOT A FOREVER TIE/DRAW BECAUSE THEY'RE BOTH LEADING CHARACTERS!!!!
Oh I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove this series. Too bad I can't blog it like the previous season because most of what I'll type would either be "BWAHAHAHAHA" or "WOOOOOOOOOW" or "KYAAAAAAAA" so.... haha xD

[ Tono to Issho ]

(LOLz TO EYEPATCHES xD This show's Masamune's so crack~ And its Chosokabe... WHUT!!! xD)
I was looking forward to this because I really enjoy watching historical crack. This series was certainly hilarious, especially the OP. Hehe. It has a lot of crazy, WTF and completely random jokes that made me chuckle a lot xD The shows portrayal on these historical figures have been really amusing xD Especially Masamune's! The eyepatch craze! And OMG... Kenshin and Doraemon... LOLz.
My problem with this, however, is that many of the jokes are.... pretty overused. Something may be really funny when you first show it, but if you repeat the same style on the next joke.... it loses its impact x_x Moreover, most of its jokes are just random whatever..... I was hoping that many of the parodies would be somehow witty but.... unfortunately they aren't ^^;
The biggest disappointment for me was the part with Gackt. I don't care if he's some popular idol, but the last part emphasized so much on how much they rely on this guy in order to gain audience. Yes, having a popular person do some voicing helps in getting more audience, but don't realy on the person too much. Trust your show, not the celebrity.
The jokes are funny but the delivery was quite a problem ^^; Put some creativity on it at least. Stop repeating... it makes the supposedly entertaining show boring ^^;
*sigh* This episode was fun to watch but watching more of it I think would give me headaches.

You want a show based on the Sengoku era? Between those two, don't bother with Tono to Issho anymore. Sengoku BASARA is gazillion times more epic.

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xtine06 said...

I love Yana's new artwork! I gotta to say that Alois looks really good. But Ciel is STILL LOVE ♥

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