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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 16 (Extra: More Dub Announcements)

Himaruya-sensei is satisfying my twin boys fetish with this image xD OMG the North American twins trying to dress alike but they're so epic fail in pretending that Arthur figured them out too easily xD Kyaaaaaaaaaa~

And of course I have another pair of "twins" in this episode:

I don't get why Lovino says that he looks nothing like his grandpa (and I assume that he thinks Feliciano does) when in fact him and Feliciano are freakin' identical (in looks). Feliciano just doesn't open his eyes as often as you do, Lovino dearest!

Ah well, this episode explain some differences between the two Italies. We can summarize it by Feliciano being more.... active.


And you just had to do what chibi Arthur did xD What am I gonna do if chibi Gilbo will be looking at his reflection that way as well in the future.... that'll make my top three favorite Hetalia characters so connected xD Hehe.

Lovino isn't really a bad boy:

He tried to do cleaning but he's just incredibly clumsy. He tried to be busy in other fields but he just got easily intimidated.
Moreover, he doesn't think he could ever be better than his brother in anything; nor will he be favored by his grandfather like his younger brother.

Yet I don't see signs of Lovino loathing Feliciano. I'm pleased that he wasn't immature enough to hate his brother out of jealousy (Feliciano even looks up to him and cares about him sooooooooooooooooooo much)

Gah, here I go again with my siblings love squee-fest.... *ehem*

Lovino just got his grumpy attitude developed no thanks to the negative/unfortunate stuff he has been experiencing. He also became pessimistic enough to think that Antonio only followed him because he's after his grandfather's inheritance, which isn't true as we know (well, except in history or the real thing xD Haha. I don't know much about the historical background behind this, but just when did conquerors have 100% good intentions on the land they invaded? *from a country that became a Spanish colony by the way*):

(Oh misunderstandings)
Please keep Francis away from Lovino, Antonio. The thought of Lovino in his hands really scares me. LOLz

By the way, I totally can't blame Lovino for being annoyed with Pierre because it really sounded VERY annoying.
BUT.... darn this scene:

Francis... LOLz.... Francis.... WTF..... Francis.... *dies laughing*

Oh yeah, it's not all Lovino though. The part of Kiku and Greece has been continued and...

They tried to think of things that make them angry. Kiku wasn't successful but as for Greece.... Turkey's laughs are so hilarious xD Hahahhaha!

Lastly, it's now his turn to get highlighted in the ED theme:



FUNi showed a preview of an episode one clip in an Anime Expo. Then recently, the blog has been revealing the voice actor of the main cast, one for each day. And they're the following:
I am satisfied with all the voices.... but I'm really not sure with Yao's. It's okay but... hhhmmm... I dunno. Maybe I got used to a different Chinese accent? Anywayz, everyone else sounded so perfect xD Feliciano sounds less adorable and more gay though.... haha! Too bad the voice actor for the Italian brothers aren't the same like with the Japanese one (makes Namikawa Daisuke more talented? xD). Well, they managed to make the North American twins have the same voice actors too, so I thought it would also be cool if it's the same for the other brotherly pair, hehe.
So aside from Yao's, I think all the voices of the main cast are perfect for the characters~ I am no expert in accents but about the accents I'm not familiar with, I see confirmations of people from the actual countries confirming that the accents are correct, so I'll trust them.
About the dub (there should have been translations on the Japanese text T_T), they were good.... but for some reason FUNi made them so gay (well, if you see Hetalia as gay, then FUNi made it more gay). Feliciano's line on his clip with Ludwig ("No, unless you want to." in response to the "We don't have to kiss, do we?") is so.... LOLz. I don't care about the changes since those are possible lines of those characters anywayz.... and it's heck more hilarious xD Hahahahha!
My favorites are Francis's and Arthur's because.... OMG those laughs xD So hilarious!!! My stomach hurt on Francis's and I played Arthur's over and over and over. FLYING MINT BUNNY! SHET!!! And of course how could I forget his line with the unicorn~ *unicorn lover* If I heard it correctly: "Hey, no fair chewing on my sleeve, Uni. I'm too ticklish so stop the snuggling."
no murders this go around.... nutburgers... kissy face... sexual tension... alpha dog "woof!".... dark secret no one will guess because of my sweet face... kicked my ass.... ruled by somebody since forever.... that guy is a total *TOOT*
One thing's for sure, THE DUB'S HILARIOUS. Now hopefully they didn't just focus on the humor. There's a lot of historical and cultural trivia in Hetalia that shouldn't be missed. And ah, I better start calling Arthur as Britain instead of England now. Yeah, they're the same. But getting used to "Britain" will make me less confused when watching the dub, hehe. Once it's out. Which is a few months away. Drats, the wait.
(I only found out recenrlt that the Todd guy also voiced Firo from Baccano? OMG, anyone who is connected to Firo will always have my attention. (Firo's my top favorite bishie, that should explains my devotion to the character. Hehe. Kyaaaaa~)


Anonymous said...

And America is just so cute. "Woof", who doesn't like that?

Oh man, I hate Pierre's chirp! At first I just thought it was a random stupid bird, but then I found out it's FRANCE'S stupid bird! What's up with the weird animal noises on this show XD? Poland's pony just sounded crazy and Gilbird sounded irritated.

Ah, Romano's so cute, but I just don't see what he means when he says Feliciano looks like Rome. He's probably just to cranky to see how HE's the one with the same brown hair and darker skin!

Anonymous said...

Lol Sadiq(Turkey)'s laugh.

Phee said...

I LOVE italy's voice with all my heart, I hate China's D: he sounds more like a chick in the dubs then he does in subs! I'm just scared Jonathan might screw up Prussia's voice D: I LOVE his sub voice...he better not ruin the dub.....I still say Johnny Young Basche should have played America...but I'm pleased with his voice X3

Hal said...

This episode teases me so much in that I really want to see Turkey again in his full on costume. XD But I just love how Romano's speed doesn't seem to change with age. XDDD

Augh~ that bird was definitely annoying. Felt like roasting him too. I just hope the next episode concludes this, and that we'll still get to see my favorite region. Go Nordics~!! X3

Oh man, this cast is amazing. I too am on the rafters for China's voice (as well as Spains....dear...lord...X__x)But I figured with time I'd get use to it...hopefully. I mean the VAs still got time to readjust themselves, so maybe they won't be so bad after a while. *trying to be very optimistic*

Italy I absolutely love him~, Todd's practically my dub hero. I think he's both funny and cute in a dorky way, so it works.

England, France, and America were a triple whammy when I heard them. France's laugh is pure epic. {'oh hohohohon']

Russia and Japan are spot on, both are so cute and cool at the same time.

And of course Germany blazes me with his intimidating "Icrushyouifyoustepoutofline" voice. So cool~!

If my budget will allow me, I want to pre-order the series on amazon. I've been lately getting a little too wasteful with my money, which is not like me, so I'm still debating....

But again looking forward to both the dub and original~

Hal said...

...I think Lov is talking about that carefree face that Ven has. It makes him look a lot more like their grandpa. ^^

Anonymous said...

I really don't like Arthur voice, it's really disturbing. but OMG France XD I am french and I have the SAME laugh XD the accent is PERFECT !!
And Russia XD he is soooooooo frightening XD
alpha dog WOOF !!

Anonymous said...

And OMG Turkey XD

Is there anywhere else I can watch all those dub clips (not the Funimation blog)? I don't live in the US so I haven't been able to see/hear anything apart from that dub preview you posted some time ago (and the sound quality was really bad). D: I really wanna hear what their voices sound like TT_TT

[Or am I just an idiot for not having found out anywhere to watch it? -___-]

Sorry for the long comment... I really like your episode reviews by the way :3 I always read them after I've watched the episode!

DayDremaer95 said...

I also loved all of the cast. And those lines.

I was annoyed as well by the bird. Then I found out it was France's bird via epic PIEEEERRRRE! clip. I laughed to hard. (was expecting it to look more...hawky.) All of these animals have such human noises~ x3

Chanler said...

I LOOOOOVE the dub, aside from China as well :3
Now, about this ep...


Francis... he never fails to make me laugh.
I stopped breathing watching "Pierre" go chirping by his head XD

Anonymous said...

Haha. My top 3 favourite characters are Arthur, Gilbo, and Lovi too. (Now I want to see chibi!Gilbo looking in the water...)

And this episode was just amazing. And yay! Someone else who likes the dub! I'm iffy about China too, but...the others make up for it. (And the lines... *snickers*)

And YES to the Firo!! I totally freaked when I heard that. Firo's my top bishie too... (And Romano's voice is done by whoever voiced Dallas; I can't remember off the top of my head)

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