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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 18

Haha, this got kinda delayed because I was introducing Hetalia to my mother by showing her the dubbed version of the first four episodes (Yes, they're out at FUNi's youtube and OMG I love it, especially Feliciano~). Unfortunately, even if she understands English, the accents got her a tough time x_x So I had to explain all events to her. Uuugghh.... but so far she's amused with the two leading characters and likes the historical trivia.

Anywayz, about the recent episode, Su-san's the obvious star in it xD:

I love the "not all scary looking dudes are actually mean" idea.

Tino reunites with his friend Eduard (they're daaaaaaaaaaaaaw). They are so happy to see each other but Eduard instantly freaked out upon seeing Berwald:

LOLz.... that made Tino panic because Eduard just did what he's been trying not to do (at least on the outside).

I'm amused that they really animated this scene. One of the main things why Berwald + Tino fans love this scene so much is that....

It's already one-sided canon. LOLz. And no, not just "lover", already a "wife" and Tino's not even female. LOLz.
Tino is highly disturbed naturally. And denies it.
But I think the fans like that. LOLz

Eduard dearest is now very very very worried about his friend:

No matter how you look at it, it's obvious that Berwald already treats Tino as his property. Haha!

Anywayz, Raivis joins the crowd and they resume the cheery cheery reunion:

Tino and Eduard seem really close. How sweet. Finland's and Estonia's relationship really good back then, eh?

It gave hubby an idea and he wanted more people in his family:

Eduard and Raivis are naturally freaked out on his offer (was this event before Russia invaded the Baltic nations? Hmm... seems like it). There are also... Italian brothers there xD Squee~

They have a big brother they run to if ever they are in trouble. Feliks is like the brave leader in a group of kids.... the one who acts tough and all:

How cool of him to manage to speak up his mind and be brave enough to say straight to Berwald's face that he's not letting his buddies go.

Unfortunately, after that... his weakness shall appear and will depend on his righthand man:

It's so cute and amusing xD Haha, and oh Toris, what would Feliks do without you?

Okay, the last part of the episode has the cafe thing but instead of Antonio, we have Berwald:

Who cares about scary looking people if they serve such delicious food xD

And ah... the ending.... it's not a new group of nation-tans but we're back to the allies... *sigh*

Anywayz, a wonderful news to share:

These are the covers of the first three volumes of the Counting Sheep CD Series. The official site is over here and oh I'm extremely excited to hear 1, 2, and 8 *_*

Alright, now I shall continue reading the second installment of THE SECRET SERIES. I'm pretty hooked to this novel recently. If you haven't read it yet, DO SO NOW! It awesome *_*


Anonymous said...

YAY! More sufin! I'm not sure if I mentioned on this site but I'm half Swedish half Finish so I'm a big fan of the couple! (except my mama's Sweden and my papa is Finland LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, "Here's m'wife". XDD

OH MY GOSH YOU READ THE SECRET SERIES TOO!?!? Awesome =D I have yet to read the third book though. T_T

Anonymous said...

Lol Feliks is so hilarious in this episode. XD

Btw I want to see Norway in the anime...

Anonymous said...

Sufin is so cute I died. And Poland failed so bad. XD

I tried watching the English dub but they don't want us Brits to see it. :c

DayDreamer95 said...

I wonder if every male in this series has that epic high-pitched scream...

I got to see even more shades of blond in this episode, and Poland's clothes distracted me with thier frills! xD

96monochrome said...

usually people with scary looks is kind y'know XDD
and thanks for counting the sheep information!! i can't read kanji, so i dunno about that, hahaha

su-san image so funny XDD

Chanler said...

SuFIn = Beautiful XD
"Here's my wife..." I seriously PAUSED, had a LAUGH ATTACK, and then turned back to watch it again. (Which I never do till the end of the ep!)

And Poland...
I love that man XD When he was all serious I was like: OMG! NEVER SEEN HIM SO SERIOUS! :O

But then came the adorable "EEP!" and it was just too cute XDDD


Anonymous said...

I love Poland even more~ If that's possible? And yes, he chose Liet to hide behind. ^^ <3

I laugh-squee'd when Sweden called Finland his wife. It was hilarious and cute all at once. :D

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
That's so cool =D

@ Anonymous 2
Yepz~ YOU TOO? FANTASTIC xD I haven't read the third one either though... (paperback please come here now *_*)

@ Anonymous 4
Sadly, it's blocked everywhere else aside from North America =(

@ DayDreamer95
I think they do O_O

@ 96monochrome
I don't think so..... well, at least not "usually"

@ Chanler
Haha! Serious Feliks is just so.... SERIOUSLY? xD Haha!

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