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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 14 (News: Extra Episodes, FUNi DVD Extras, & Some Dub Info)

To those who were wondering, no no, I'm not dropping this ^^; Sorry if it made some worry.... Has it become that weird for me not to update this section at least once a week? xD Haha! Ah well, life's getting busier... and I was sick (Yes, even an idiot like me gets sick, LOLz). It sucked. So there x_x

This is mostly an Alfred episode with a little Axis Powers moment. Alfred and the alien stuff stole the episode so much~

Before Alfred, this part aired first:

The anime staff is aware that they're late in featuring this. I'm happy that it got animated, and they sort of apologized for the delay.... BUT STILL! It shows how much the writers of the anime staff hadn't been looking into all the available strips and arranged them accordingly. This scene is totally season one material, and it got delayed for this long? What the heck...
Now about the scene... it's cute to watch two opposites getting along. Feliciano and Kiku had been so cute in their own way~

Now for dear Alfred:

This incident was animated with a different color theme.... I'm not sure if it's presented that way to show that it's a flashback.... or it's adapting to the TV color scheme during that time. Either way, I like it.

So Alfred goes to Roswell about hearing a UFO crash incident. A witness convinced him that its definitely the real thing... since there's no such metal on earth is like the one he found. It would have been really cool if earth had something like that..... no more damaged vehicles? Haha!

Alfred was soooooooooooooo excited upon hearing that. He's always adorable everytime he uses this expression: XD

If you haven't gotten to what historical/phenomenal event it's based on yet, it's none other than the Roswell UFO incident. Some interesting sites to check out to know more about it: Wikipedia, Roswell UFO Crash, and Roswell UFO Museum. And there was even alien autopsy??? Whoa!

And so, Alfred is super excited to report to his boss about it and....

Unfortunately, his boss doesn't believe him:

Alfred: I'm NOT LYING!!!!
Oh the serious Alfred look make me think that I might not be watching Hetalia.....

Ah well, stubbornly strict bosses won't change their minds. Subordinates can't do anything about it.

POOR DARLING!!!!!!!!!!

But he's totally convinced that aliens are real. He wears yet another serious expression once again:


And oh golly, something unexpected happened:


He introduces his new friend to Arthur:

I am pretty sure that I'm not the only one who had noticed that the number one person he goes to when he wants to brag about something is none other than Arthur.

Surprisingly, Arthur tried his best not to insult him on this:

A tsundere being considerate.... perhaps he knew about Alfred's boss forcing to make him accept that aliens aren't real. Hmmm....


So Tony's introduction has been made. Though I think this should have been done before the movie aired. Well, it's true that this isn't Tony's first appearance, but a confirmation that this being is an alien would have been very nice since the movie was about aliens. And I've heard Tony had played quite a role there. *sigh*

Now back to the trio:

I think Tony is Alfred's most important nation buddy..... so Alfred wanting Tony and Arthur get along may mean that Arthur's his most important nation-tan???? =3 Ah well, whether true or not, I love to think it that way. Fufufufufuuf

These two don't get along however:

They exchange glares and Tony even utters bad words to Arthur.

Alfred unfortunately doesn't see the obvious:

Ah well, let's let him think positively on it. Haha!

When Arthur arrives home:

He mocked Alfred's new friend to his own faery friends.

They all agree with him. No matter how nice or goody goody they look, they also insult whatever Arthur insults.


Haha, Alfred may be the star of this episode but Arthur would always be the one who gets my attention the most..... and OMG his scene in the ending theme:


*ehem* Alrighty, some news regarding the next 4 upcoming episodes thanks to laur10s:

(image photograph by zeittari)
Episode 15: Axis Bento (Axis Powers, Finland?)
Episode 16: Boss Spain and His Henchman (Spain, Romano)
Episode 17: Angry Japan (Greece and Japan)
Episode 18: Running away with Su-san (Sweden, Finland, Denmark)

Moreover, (thanks to hollynoelinn and nice_banana for the news) FUNi DVD's will be including commentaries, show comments by the director, director ed sequence comments, and the hidden history within Hetalia. The english version is indeed something to look forward to then *_*
There's also news about a FUNi dub live premiere. Confirmed(?) dubbers are Vic Mignogna as Switzerland and Todd Haberkorn as China. Go to the live feed for more updates. Oh I look forward to how they'll do the accents~

For now.... I can't get devil!Lovino and angel!Feliciano off my head yet.... darn their cuteness in the new comic strip xD


Anonymous said...

Yay~! I loved this episode! Tony's voice is so cute. Lol. x3

Alfred being serious... <333

Anonymous said...

Hey I found a download where it has about the first few min of the first episode with the English cast. It has a lot of echo which makes me believe this was at a conference or convention.

englandfan133 said...

I HAVE LINKS TO THE ENGLISH DUB PREVIEW WITH VIDEO SYNC!!!! (sorry, they are off of my journal)

Anonymous said...

The unicorn's voice.....
Was that Francis' voice?

Btw it looks like Tony hates Arthur so much.....

DayDreamer95 said...

Alfred was awesome in this episode. Serious, then excited, then shocked, then depressed, then KY... all the best America has to offer! :D
I noticed how you spelled it faery instead of fairy~
When Arthur's eyebrows are drawn farther apart, I cannot help but to think of him as a baby; it makes his face look all, well, baby-faced! In this episode, they are closer together, so he looks more manly. xD
The dubbed version sounds...brilliant.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 2
Ah, saw that one. I should've added the link on the dub preview post but... *got lazy*

@ englandfan133
Thanks for sharing ^^

@ Anonymous 2
I don't think the unicorn really spoke....

Yeah, apparently, Tony hates Arthur (even Ivan). There are many theories why, but I don't care. It's cute xD

@ DayDreamer95
"I noticed how you spelled it faery instead of fairy~"
== I thought either that or "faerie" is the British spelling. And since it's Arthur, I figured I should spell like his people do when it comes to talking about him xD But hhhmm... now I'm no longer sure if that's true after doing a little research.... but it seems that "fairy" did root from "faerie/faery" though....

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