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Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer 2010 1st Impressions: Perv Elem Girls + Perv HS Gals (Extra: Jump Super Anime Tour 2010 News)

This season isn't exactly popular in introducing a lot of cool shows (like Spring and Autumn), however, among the crap, there's usually several rare gems in the Summer season (Heck, Baccano! was a summer series!) so I'm checking them out to find myself some from this year. But before that:

There's gonna be an anime adaptation of Toriko and Beelzebub for the Jump Super Anime Tour 2010. I haven't read of Toriko but I LOOOOVE BEELZEBUB so I'm really freakin' excited to see its anime version! Even if it's just one episode! Eventually it will most likely have a series anywayz (like with Letter Bee). Aside from those two new anime shows, Bleach, Nurarihyon, and Letter Bee will be featured too! So... hoooray!!!! (Source ANN)

Now, the next two Summer 2010 series that I've checked out so far:
[ Mitsudomoe ] Even little girls could be such perverts
[ Setokai Yakuindomo] Even highschool gals could be perverted to the core

[ Mitsudomoe ]

I had feared of it being like Hanamaru but with the ages just a bit older.... so it's quite a relief that the most perverted female her is just perverted but doesn't exactly have a desire to become a slut, at least on the first episode.
I know that that age group are already aware of pervertedness (Heck, I saw h*ntai for the first time when I was in fourth grade. And they're 2 grade levels higher ^^;)..... but it's still disturbing to see children of that age group to have such desires.... especially when they're depicted as the more perverted ones that the adults in the show o_O That's just too awkward... moreso that the adults, aside from the leading guy, don't even notice it!
I admit that I find the youngest child cute and the eldest child... so evil~ And there's a cute boy among the students (he even has stalkers, LOLz) But still, I really can't appreciate this type of show. All I notice are the disturbing pervertedness from these young ones (oh please no kids are watching this because the art style screams kiddie even if I believe this is definitely a seinen series) with a little mix of cuteness and sweetness. Ah well, as if I could bear to see more of that megane nurse anywayz =_=

[ Setokai Yakuindomo ]

I'm pleased with how the anime adaptation turned out. Some jokes seem funnier when you see them animated, hehe. I like the ED theme the best *_* It was so cool~
Yeah, it had a lot of sex jokes. Some of them are too disturbing and a number of them are seriously too random; yet majority of them is really hilarious! I knew it that it's possible to make perverted jokes without having the leading guy getting a harem and even have women deliver them! You can already mention a lot of perverted jokes through dialogue, no need to use gigantic boobs fanservice or forced pantyshots. Oh that got me so relieved. I'm really sick of that kind of fanservice =_=
It's not exactly ecchi but it's hell more perverted than your usual ecchi crap. It's not exactly a show filled with lesbians either, but it's fun when they're game to act like being such.
It has been disturbing and WTF.... but in afreakishly cool way. The one who utters the most disturbing lines is even the "pure pure onee-sama" or "moe sexy girl" material, yet she's acting more like a "sarcastic sadist".
This series is totally not for the innocent ones despite how almost "ecchi-free" it seemed. Of course it has its flaws, but it has been a fun watch and I would want to have this honored for being DIFFERENT from your usual perverted series with a bunch of highschool students.


Ayumikat said...

I have yet to see Mitsumodoe & Seitokai. Will probably put them on the back burner & do a marathon later xD

Am waiting for Shiki and SBII to air. Now, these two are more up my alley.

Yay! Is exited bout Beel getting an OVA too. I so love the hilarity in the manga. I just hope it carries off well in the animated version.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Ayumikat
They're not shows to prioritize, so that's a good decision xD

Only SBII to go for me~

"I just hope it carries off well in the animated version. "
=== same here~

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