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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hetalia Fan Disc Episodes

Hiya everyone! Believe it or not, I'm still alive. Hehe. Blame the lack of updates to my fever (which lasted for almost 3 days) and my desire to give more attention to my other fandoms (which are quite a lot ^^;).
Anywayz, I'll start the comeback with the special DVD containing compilations of episode series and also of episodes that are never aired (or not aired yet?).

The special DVD consists of the compiled versions of America's Storage Cleaning and also of the Chibitalia ones. It also includes the animated version of the Cat Festival strip and the continuation of the Young Ore-sama's Diary entries~

I'll start with those that are new:

Roderich was wondering what's with the cat ears mania. Elizaveta explained to him that they're just following the tradition at Belgium's place. Like Chibitalia, Elizaveta wore one and offers Roderich the cat ears headband too. Roderich doesn't like it but.....

I don't think he could let down this beauty, haha! In his vision she was like sparkling but things seemed normal again when he shifted his view to the cat ears. Hehehehe.

Now to chibi!Ore-sama:

Elizaveta was having problems and Gilbo approached her acting all jerky as usual. But for a "bad boy", when he saw Elizaveta looking troubled, he tells her that she could tell him about it..... like a concerned friend. Well, we know that he's upto something naughty, but the worry seems genuine.

Especially that his reaction has changed when Elizaveta said that she might have a very serious illness:

I like worried Gilbo~

Anywayz, Elizaveta tells him that she's having chest problems.... so naughty boy does his thing:

He thinks her chest has become her weakness and he could take advantage of her this way. Haha!

But take note, Gilbo doesn't know that Elizaveta's a girl when he did that. So groping a fellow dude like that would only be comical harassment... or ust tickling him.So after he had done that, he realizes that:

He felt something.... he had made a conclusion but.... it's too astonishing for him to believe it at once.

So he ass her to make sure:

He absolutely wishes that he was wrong.....

Elizaveta tells him to relax:

Confidently, she tells him that she's 100% male. But she adds that her sex organ just hasn't grown yet since she's still young.

But Gilbo knows better:

The shock of his life.

He tries to correct her but:

She's not listening.... and even thought he's the stupid one.
I'm still not used to the idea of him making more sense than the others, haha.

She now gets read to kick ass and....

She admits that she finds the weird side of him funny (in other words, she likes him even if he's a bit weird for her) and thanks him for lending his ear.

I think this boy is not used to being thanked~ Daaw~

Elizaveta's last message to him is that it should be their secret.... between men. Haha! Looks like Gilbo did keep it and....

;He feels so bad for what he did that he prays to his god:

(Am I right that the "god" had only appeared in strips where he's talking to Gilbo and Elizaveta? The part with Elizaveta is when she was told to hit Francis with a frying pan)
For a pervert, Gilbo actually respects the opposite sex. I love it that he isn't that cruel towards women (and can't even overpower one xD) and knows his limits when it comes to sexual harassments.... unlike a certain nation-tan I know ^^;

There's actually a continuation of these strips and Elizaveta was actually still convinced that she's female even when her breasts are already so obvious. Haha! Poor Gilbo having to deal with her ignorance in that matter until she finally realized it and wore dresses (He still couldn't get used to her girliness tranformation at the beginning, ahaha).

Gilbo x Elizaveta is my top favorite couple in the series... these two are so entertaining together. And Gilbo usually shows his weak (he's afraid of her xD) and sweet (he gave her his coat when her cleavage was exposed) sides to her. I don't really care if they'll be canon though, because Roderich x Elizaveta will always be official to me. But the love triangle is lovely, and for some reason it's fun to see Gilbo have this one-sided love. Hehe.

Now, about the episode compilations:

[ America's Storage Cleaning ]

It was wonderful to watch this in HQ.... even the sounds were done wonderfully that you can identify that Alfred was indeed inside a room or an open garden, etc.
As I've mentioned on the episode posts, some parts were done wonderfully in the anime while several of them still look better in the original version. But seeing those scenes with voices, movement, and stuff really give off a different feeling. I've already cried when I read the original strips.... and I did once again when I saw its anime adaptation. Damnit... hetalia drama.... damnit. Their story is soap opera I tell ya xD Haha!
I don't get why this was separated into several episodes when the whole thing just lasted for less than 6 minutes. They could've just done it in two parts, or make 2 episodes of the strip and include the "Lithuania's Outsourcing Series". That would have been better... if those strips were added, those who are not familiar with the webmanga version won't be lost and be able to get what Toris was doing there in the first place. That or they could identify Toris at least, because sadly... many didn't recognize him upon watching the episode ^^;
Also, since it's too late to do what I've thought of, they could've at least added new material in the Fan Disc. It's nice to see all the related scenes in one go, but it feels more worth it if there's something NEW in it. The same applies on the Chibitalia compilation:

[ Chibitalia Series ]

I love Chibitalia but seeing too much of something actually makes me sick. So seeing the Chibitalia stuff all over again made me bored. Ah well, I didn't notice anything new. So... *yawn*
I think it would've been better if this Chibitalia series is only included in this special DVD, not anymore in the actual episodes. It's more fun to watch it as a whole, than see it in every episode when the cast of the recent times could've had more screentime.
I hope this is all the Chibitalia stuff in this time periodI'm glad that the third season is giving some attention to Chibi Gilbo and Chibi Romano this time.

This special DVD had been nice.... I wonder what the next one (if ever there will be.... I'm positive there will) would consit of. Okayz, let's wait~

Oh yeah, an UPDATE:
The Character Songs post has been updated with the ED2 themes of the Italian brothers and Ludwig. I've also added the nonstop version of ED1 and Arthur's Devil summoning song~
I love the second ending theme. Romano's version is the best for me xD He's the funniest and has the catchiest beat~ While Arthur's song makes me chuckle so much xD Hahahahahha!


DayDreamer95 said...

Thank you for this, those two are always fun to watch~♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this review! You're the best!

Poots said...

Woah! Where would I get this CD? And.. Does it come with subtitles?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ DayDreamer95
Indeed, and you're welcome ^^

@ Anonymous
You're welcome and.... *blushes* thanks ^^

@ Poots
Online. There's a version with subtitles and another one that doesn't

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