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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bakemonogatari - Episode 11 & 12 (Tsubasa Cat) [END]

Finally caught up with this! Now only the unaired episodes are left! Perhaps I'll wait for those before making the review post~

This arc is supposed to be centered on Hanekawa (Tsubasa) but she only had screentime on the first part then on the next part just focus on our main couple. I'm not complaining of course, but I think it might've been better if the second part isn't considered under Tsubasa Cat anymore since they don't have any connection anyway.

But well, putting that aside, it was a nice ending of the series~ This arc isn't the usual "Koyomi helps a girl" event, because on the first part it's just a flashback with Hanekawa's case, while on the second part is just about the relationship of the two. A break from all the adventure and some development with the first girl he met in the series is a nice way to end it~ But there's more of course, and I'm hoping it'll be the Koyomi Vamp arc~

Now about this arc, aside from the leading girl, two other girls showed up:

Oh Nadeko's so cute~
She says she just wants to thank Koyomi but i believe it's obvious that she just wants an opportunity to talk with him again. Hehe. The scene when Koyomi got so excited when the bloomers and the swimsuit got handed to him amused me so much! Hahaha!
And whoa to Koyomi's knowledge on fandom references! So cute that there are Doraemon references, not just on the art style. Hehe.

And of course, Hanekawa had showed up as well:

So even though she's such a perfect girl, she actually has family problems. Her father was so cruel to hit her, and she's even justifying him! What a saint . . .
She encountered an oddity that became fond of her, and it had sort of possessed her to relieve her stress, and that is by attacking random people (first victime were her parents though).

I'm not into neko girls, but Black Hanekawa's awesome:

I like this type of kitty character. It's so catlike, but not the annoying type. (She's different on how cat characters from other anime, more particularly the fanservice ones, sound).
Well, after Koyomi witnessed what happened to her, of course he tried to save her. It seems that it was a good thing that he had let Shinobu live for she had been useful in solving this case.

Alright, now to my OTP:

Koyomi x Hitagi aren't exactly the mushy type. It's more of an abusive relationship actually (he is scared of her! Even when she's doing something that's supposed to be sweet! Haha!).
But it's so amusing when Hitagi attempts for them to become such. Haha! Those lunchboxes ("I love Koyomi" + "I love Hitagi") . . . the feeding thing . . . it's supposed to be sweet but Koyomi is scared! Hahaha! She even teases him on the rice thing. She placed them on purpose and was perhaps expecting Koyomi to anticipate her removing it using her mouth (Haha!), which she didn't do and just laughed while looking at his funny expressions. She sure smiles a lot when she's around him . . . especially when she's teasing him! Hahahaha! Koyomi's so fun to abuse~

She orders them to go on a date . . . they've been together for so long but they actually haven't had a date yet?! So those study sessions with just the two of them aren't considered dates, huh. Hehe.

Koyomi was soooo happy about it~ But to his disappointment, they had her father along. He thought they were going to be alone. Haha!
Since the father is around, Koyomi had been quiet. But since Hitagi had ben teasing and provoking him, he couldn't help it anymore. Haha! He felt forced when asked with questions like "What do you love about me?" and he was also forced to call Hitagi by her name. To his disappointment he still wasn't been called by his name. Hehe.
And whoa . . .Hitagi . . . what are your fingers doing!? Haha, you're totally sexually exciting him! Hahaha! She has rape trauma but she's making such advances on him.It's hard to tell whether she's serious or if she's just teasing him again. (molesting is a form of abuse, LOLz)

Hitagi left for a while and Koyomi and Mr. Senjougahara were left alone, and they had a little chat:

The father approves! Since he has realized that it was Koyomi who had changed Hitagi and made her happy, and was able to be by her side when she needed it . . . . all those things that he even failed as a father . . . . he sure is such an understanding father to value her daughter's happiness enough to accept the man who had done many things for her. This isn't exactly a crack romance series (wherein the parents easily approve of their child's boyfriend just because he's handsome, rich, whatever) so a parent approving fast isn't common. I like it the this series isn't one of the common ones~
So Hitagi's family approves of Koyomi! I think Koyomi's family will definitely approve of Hitagi fast . . . they'll even be more surprised on how the hell he got such a hott girlfriend. Haha!

Alright, they finally had some time alone:

Hitagi brough Koyomi to a place where she and her parents used to watch the stars. She considers it her treasure, and it looks like she loves him enough to give him all the things that she values. Oh her lines have been so romantic: "I'm scared of hating you. I'm scared of losing you."
And then he held her hand. First time that Koyomi did a romantic first move!
They ask what they like about each other again, and this time Koyomi's responses had been natural. He says he loves everything about her (though he just said that there are a lot of thing he doesn't like about her! Haha! Then it shows he loves her enough to accept even the bad things about her. Kyaa~) and Hitagi's has been consistent: she finds him cute and he's her prince charming that rescues her when she's in trouble. Aaaaawww . . . . I'm a sucker for prince stuff (prince>knight).

Lastly, she tells him "Let's kiss."

It's usually, if not always, like this with my favorite couples . . . .their kissing scenes aren't shown . . . damnit.

Oh ahoge, cheer me up:

Hahahaha! It had been so amusing to watch~

I love this ending but I really really want more!!! I can't wait for the online-streaming episodes~