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Friday, October 30, 2009

H*P Halloween Special Day 5

Hott vampire boys are hott:

Oh I miss Kyou Kara Maou~

Anyway, this time, H*P offers horror manga oneshots recommendations! Check out the list of titles that you may find interesting to read!

List Notes:
= I'll only be able to include what I know and have read. Some are recommendations from friends, and I love them so~ If you have recommendations that aren't in this list, please do~ I'm sure I missed something.
= I'm only including scanlated ones in the list.
= I'm not including Arcana oneshots in this list. Go here instead.
= I can't include those that are too mature/adult and so much sexually explicit stuff. They're horrifying in a different sense . . .
= I including those that I consider/recognize as horror, no matter if MU or other sites say otherwise.
= I'm giving chapter links + plot for those I highly recommend, then info links for the other ones I also recommend, then I'll just mention those that are also okay to read.
= I am only including oneshots. Oneshot collections would be in a different post (hopefully). Horror series/movies/anime would be for . . .next time.

Oneshots that I loved and enjoyed reading and HIGHLY recommend!

Covered in Cinders - KOTOKAWA Aya
It's the story of Cinderella...but far darker...
( I wish it was more cruel . . . but it's morbid enough! Nice dark adaptation of Cinderella's story~)

Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Sensei no Kaidan - FURUDATE Haruichi
Yotsuya-Sensi likes to tell stories, and his most recent one stems from the mysterious death near the school. Now the question is... was it a suicide or was it something more sinister?
( It had been very enjoyable! I wish it was a series! The story-telling guy was fun! )

L∞P - KANO Yasuhiro
Jean, the sole heir to a fortune and mansion, is stuck in an endless loop, repeating his brutal murder over and over again. As the 100th time comes, he brings forth incredible determination to fight back and save his servants from their needless murder.
( Freakin' bloody awesome! Great story, awesome twists, and so much blood and violence~ And there's some romance too! I love this so much~ )

Obake Life - TAKAHASHI Ichirou
A girl who can see spirits opened up a manga and read "Those who read to this point in my manga will die without fail on the same day". Terrified, she tries to break her curse, with a jumpy spirit who wants to marry her...?
( It's very very very cute and oh I wish the ghost would remain in his dark form~ )

Snow in the Dark - KANO Yasuhiro
A one-shot fairy tale which shares many elements of the traditional story of Snow White but is certainly unique and complex enough that it is more than just a reinterpretation.
( a great dark adaptation of Snow White! It's also very romantic but tragic . . made me teary . . . *sniff* )

Oneshots that have freaked me out or disturbed me in one way or another~ Read them at night! (Heck, I've read most, if not all, of these only during the night!)

Fat - OGATSU Kazuo
( It's certainly the creepy type of fatness )

Grave Robber - Hoiyaie Ha
(the art was nicely drawn and it looked really ghastly.)

Look Me in the Eyes When You Talk - IWAAKI Hitoshi
( The big eyes spread sure gave me a surprise! Interesting oneshot! )

The Collection - KAGO Shintaro
( It was really morbid. What a freaky girl. Disturbing mature stuff though, so, warning! )

Interesting oneshots that are really good (but I just think they could've been better). Nevertheless, I still liked them~

Die - YUKI Kaori
( Narcisstic dudes are creepy. I liked this! )

Falling - ITOU Junji
( It was interesting but I wish there had been an explanation on the strange phenomenon. I liked the little romance in this~ )

Kaine - YUKI Kaori
( It had identical twin boys, but no fanservice for me. Twists were nice, but some felt forced for the sake of having a twist and to do some mindf*cking )

Other nice horror oneshots to read~

Alice in Underground - MIHARA Mitsukazu
(it was only dark to the parts with the rabbit for me.)

Angel's Share - TAKAHASHI Tsutomu, OOHINATA Gou
(it's okay. only the end made it interesting.)

(I had twins but he was a bad twin so waaah)

Curse of Yamamura Sadako (Side Story) - OCHAZUKE Nori
( I wouldn't have understood much of what happened if I didn't read the article about Sadako )

Hidari Te - CLAMP
(Tried to be scary, but for me it lacked explanation. The kid is just so freaked out especially when it really happened then that's it)

Kyuuketsuki to Boku - MIHARA Mitsukazu
( It's okay. Gotta love vampires~ )

Little Sweet Delusion - Hasegawa Shunsuke
(the art is very very very pretty. I like the art very much.)

Psycho Knocker - YUKI Kaori
( I like Isaiah, but the oneshot overall is so-so )

Rome Rome - Hamaoka Kenji
( First time I encountered a manga with zombies as an ordinary thing. Haha! The milk advertisement amused me~ )

Semi-Eternal Happy End - MACHIDA Shiyuu
( It was a very unique and interesting story~ Interesting dark tale of an ugly girl that became pretty because of something evil. It has sexual stuff though, warnign! )

Sabrina - TSUTOMU Nihei
( It was interesting but I still don't get much of what happened. The girl's pretty though . . . and the mysterious dude intrigues me )

The Black Cat - ITOU Yukari
( Drunk people . . . they cause so many chaos to themselves and people around them. Story's okay. Poor wifey. There's mature stuff though, so, warning! )

The End in Common Ruin - MIHARA Mitsukazu
( I wish they were twin boys instead . . . )

The Monkeys Foot - OSAKA Mieko
( Title reminded me of an arc from Bakemonogatari. It was okay . . . Bakemonogatari's just hell better )

Under Execution, Under Jailbreak Story 1 - ARAKI Hirohiko
( I dunno what the hell just happened with this, but that's one weirdly horrifying prison cell )

Vampire Fantasy - HANAMURA Rie
( Okay . . . sort of a so-so vampire story wiht a little Snow White twist. There's some nude, so, watch out! )

When the Bell Rings - Shinohara Chie
( It's actually nice and romantic~ I guess I've just read too many stories with revenge that I got kinda sick of them. But this one's not really bad. )

White Rain - ABE Yoshitoshi
(the art on the colored parts were so awesome but the actual b&w pages were meh. Story's pretty interesting though)

Yubikiri Hime - YUMEKA Sumomo
(it was pretty nice. morbid lolis ftw. haha)

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