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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra - Story Overview

Oh crap this was too delayed . . .

Anyway, this entry will contain synopses of the first six novels (they are the ones that will most likely be covered by the anime) and they will be helpful in giving you an idea of what to expect from this series.

But before I go there, I would like to present this:

They're my personal favorites from the set~
Those are background/setting images from the anime's official's site's gallery. Not all are actually that fantastic in their bigger sizes, but most of them look beautiful enough.

Anyway, on-topic: the anime isn't following the novel's order (it appears that the anime has been making the storytelling chronological, but with the parts that are way back just presented as flashbacks) and neither will it be able to animate everything in the novel (and that applies with other book adaptations) but, in my opinion, it's doing good so far. (And no, I haven't read the novel. I just know some novel events from the one who has).

There's a lot of tragedy and casualties in this series, but each novel/arc had been interesting in their own way. Let's look into each novel!

Volume 1 - Armed Librarian and the Bomb in Love

Theme: A Love Story Through Time

Main: Colio, Shiron
Supporting: Hamyuts, Cigal
Plot Support: Lascol

"I am not human; therefore, I don't deserve to be loved.", says Colio.
The Shindeki Church sends brainwashed humans with bombs implanted inside their bodies to kill Hamyuts Mesetta, the leader of the Armed Librarians. Colio is one of these beings, and in his mind his purpose is just to fulfill his mission. However, when he comes across with a book of a lady who died few hundred years ago, he slowly begins to change. What is his relationship with this lady? Will Colio be able to fulfill his mission?

Volume 2 - Armed Librarian and the Fool of Lightning

Theme: Finding Happiness.

Main: Noloty, Zatou/Enrique
Support: Hamyuts, Mattalast, Mince, Ganbalzel
Plot Support: Luimon, Relia

A masked man who calls himself "Monster" attacked the Bantorra Library and then escaped. A few days earlier, Luimon's book was stolen. Armed Librarian trainee Noloty was assigned to investigate this case. Suddenly, Hamyuts showed up in front of Noloty and told her to watch over a man which colourless hair. His name is Zatou. He claimed that he is the "Monster". Is he really that "Monster"? Why did Hamyuts want Noloty to watch over him?

Volume 3 - Armed Librarian and the Labyrinth of Ants

Theme: Mother and Strength

Main: Mokkania, Hamyuts, Vinkenny
Support: Ireia, Fake Renace

Having the power that matches the strongest Armed Librarian - Hamyuts, Mokkania lives alone in the labyrinth beneath the Bantorra Library. One day, the hand of Shindeki Church reaches him and he rebels the Armed Librarians. Why does he become in solitude? And why does he rebel?

Volume 4 - Armed Librarian and the Stone Dagger

Theme: Self-Acceptance and Respect

Main: Mirepoc, Almay
Support: Mattalast, Lascol
Plot chara: Pani

Lascol, the mysterious book merchant, is involved in the recent incident. Mirepoc wants to find out his secret. She takes a vacation to track down Lascol. While she is investiagting the truth, a Mock Man, Almay, also wants to find Lascol and kill him. Why does Almay want to kill him? What is the secret behind this mysterious book merchant?

Volume 5 - Armed Librarian and the Reminiscence of a Witch

Theme: Righteousness, Love and Care

Main: Volken, Olivia, Hamyuts
Support: Mattalast, Mirepoch, Paradise Keeper
Plot Support chara: Lascol

Volken claims that he will return the Bantorra Library to the "path of righteous" and leave the Library with a mysterious woman, Olivia. He searches for something necessary to take Hamyuts down and Olivia wants to find the thing which is precious for her. Hamyuts goes to hunt them in order to keep something in secret forever. What isVolken looking for? What is the thing which is precious to Olivia? And what is the secret Hamyuts wants to keep?

Volume 6 - Armed Librarian and Princess with Straw

Theme: Universal Love

Main: Noloty, Hamyuts, Enrique, Cachua
Support: Armed Librarians, Akido

Armed Librarian trainee Noloty is ready to be promoted. Hamyuts sends her to investigate a suspected case. A few days later, all the countries in the whole world declare war on Bantorra Library. The Armed Librarians have no choice but defend themselves. However, they are adsurdly outnumbered and they don't know what has happened. What has happened to Noloty? What has happened to the whole world? And how can they survive this desperate situation?

~ Plot Support Characters are those that didn't have much appearance but had an important role in the plot
~ Character descriptions/guide/whatever will come next time. That one's more difficult to compile
~ Big thanks to kemal_1915 for this! WORSHIP/THANK/LOVE KEMAL NOW!!!!


kokumi009 said...

WOW. thanks for posting the covers! i would love to see most of these plots animated. They are all so interesting and i'm very curious in Volken's involvement with Olivia Litlet. XD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ kokumi009
You're welcome and same here xD

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this post! It's really interesting...I was just wondering where you can actually read the novels.

The covers are just awesome by the way!

-Sushi Monster

Sapphire Pyro said...

THE VOLUME COVERS DISAPPEARED O_O . . . stupid picstation =_=

@ Sushi Monster
You're welcome~ If you mean reading the novels online, unfortunately I don't know ;_;

Anonymous said...

and it was very underrated and unpopular just because it wasn't the typical mainstream anime T_T BANTORRA BANZAI

Marcus said...

Where can I get english versions of the original novel's?

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