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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 44

Whoa! This was up really really early! I actually already saw this this morning but . . . I was busy with other things, ehehe~ Well, I'm happy that this was up early because I don't know if I'll have time for this tomorrow. And another reason is also because this is the first moment in the anime between my beloved North American twins~ Squeeee~


Episode started with Vash (Switzerland) teaching Liech (my shortcut for Liechtenstein) on self-defense and also about wild animals. She looked so fragile that I'm happy that Vash didn't want to leave her weak and defenseless. He protects her, but he'd still want her to be okay in case he won't be around. Daaaaw~ Sibling love~

However, his drawings are just too cute that it's distracting~ Haha! Liech, you're not alone! She even wanted his drawings . . . and of course he'll spoil her. Ohohohoho~
I find it amusing that in his drawings, his example of a stranger is Roderich (Austria). Oh Vash, you hate that guy that much? . . .Nah, you're just tsundere to him. Ohohoho~

The episode ended with poor Liech in the rain with nothing to eat. Her country's suffering from depression and this is of course a flashback because she still has her long hair in this time (she is sooooooo pretty). This was the Vash + Liech moment I've been waiting for but it was saved for a later episode. Darn . . .

How do people become friends? They get to know each other . . and it's the same with countries!

This portion shows Alfred's weird cakes . . . so weird that they can't be edible . . . but they look exotic and fancy enough to be worth taking a picture of. I understand Kiku's (Japan) feelings . . . I saw such cakes . . . and I couldn't eat such either . . . but it was fun to look at them~
I wonder what they really taste . . . . if they indeed taste as weird as they look . . . . shows that Alfred is the same with Arthur (England), but it's with baking instead of cooking. Haha!

I consider Veneziano and Romano as twins because they look so identical . . .but Romano's actually 2 years ago. But this time, it's the real twins in Hetalia! They are hell more identical than the Italian brothers . . . but great opposites in personality! Hahaha!

Poor dear Matthew (Canada). . . .being bullied because of being mistaken as his brother. I find it weird that they still don't recognize that he's Matthew after they easily made him have bumps on his head . . . I don't remember seeing Alfred with bumps on his head . . . except for the time when he slipped because of a banana peel I think. Haha!
Back to Matthew, does he really look angry with that face? Hahaha! And that tone of his voice . .. it's soooooooooooooooooo soft. You can never think of him as being angry with that volume. Haha.

Anyway, Matthew has the guts to complain even with his gentleness. His dear brother is busy at the moment that he can't hear Matthew very well.
Afred . . . black sleeveless shirt . . . *drools* . . . .wear that or something like that often please~

Back to the scene, as Alfred says that he thinks Matthew needs something from him, he just had to point that chainsaw at him. Hahahahha!!!! What sane person would not to think of you having killing intentions for doing that, Alfred! hahahaha!

You even had to make that evil look! Bwahahhahaha! Alfred may be afraid of ghosts, but I don't think he minds horror that involves torture. Thus, we have movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. (I forgot which part I've seen, but I remember being scared when I watched it!)
Poor Matthew . . . your brother is such an expert in giving you a heart attack . . .hahaha!

Matthew changed topic and greeted Alfred like reminding him that they're brothers and are in good terms. Haha! But Alfred says that he just can't hear what Matthew was saying (Matthew's voice is very very very soft after all). Oh Alfred, you might not do it intentionally, but you activate the chainsaw everytime Matthew speaks up! Hahahaha!!! You evil brother, you~

I know I've said this for so many times already but . . .really . . .POOR MATTHEW!!!! *hugs*
But I can't hate Alfred because he's just a natural jerk. LOLz~


Yay Vash!

Liechtenstein's sooooooooo cute~

Oh Kiku~

Alfred oh you look so much like....

MATTHEW!!!! So freakin' identical that I no longer need to imagine Alfred doing expressions he never does because of Matthew's existence. Hehehehehe

Hmmm . . . most likely there'll be the Switzerland + Liechtenstein moment in the next episode . . . but I wonder what else. Oh please more of the Matthew series~


Anonymous said...

YESS! They're using the Alfred Chainsaw strip!!!!! I'm so excited to see this. Favoorrriiitteee strip<333333

DayDreamer95 said...

I meant to say this a looong time ago, but my computer froze and I gave up, BUT if it is here then , like nevermind XD.


This is re-enforced(or however you spell it) by Lietchenstein, wandering around in THE MOST AMAZING POOR CITY EVAAA. The buildings, so depressing, and yet, so pretty, they needs to do more rain scenes, srsly.

Again in the Mount Fuji episode, the mountain was so BLUE (fav color, especially sky blue♥) and you could really tell they were high up~ The ArthurxKiku episode was the same with theirs. Also, when Germany went to visit Italy, amazing buildings that looked oh so Italian. OH, AND when Italy was walking through his house, and almost all moments where food is shown: THE FOOD IS AWESOME!!!! >:D I'm happy that just because thier people are uber cute and have uber cute shiny spots, that they didn't go and slack on the buildings, surroundings, and food.♥ I want the movie to be Hidekaz's awesome artwork of the characters as well, it's just soo good.

More randomnes:
1. Liechtenstein was so pretty, I agree. And I never read the strip about cute things, so it was a new experience for me.

2. I swear, their eyes are different colors...

3. ALFRED HAS MUSCLES!!!!! KNEW IT!!!!! WHY IS THAT CHAINSAW SOOO LARGE!! XD I had ALWAYS wanted to see that face in action, all scary and what-not. Scary movies are scary. Me no like scary.

3.5. Canada claimed that America walks around with a big stick and that he has to pay for it, so now all I think about is America running around with a chainsaw scaring people. lol

4. America was all: "Why the hell are you taking a picture of a cake?", in the CUTEST voice eva. Some of them are worthy of being captured on film tho. Also, in some stores those cakes are NOT edible, are HARD, and taste like FLAVORING!!!! In others, the icing is thinner and melts in your mouth, and the shapes on them are delicious. I tend not to eat the shapes,'s usually all sugar... and at home we use home-made frosting. Also, tiny cupcakes with one-inch-thick-frosting = NO. My mom is a true American, and loves those to death, not so much.

5. Oh, and I did see that picture of Alfred posing as Arthur, but I can only accuratley remember the silly things he was wearing xD. But, I never thought of Alfred with messy hair, so I do understand what you meant by them looking alike now.

Sorry if there are mistakes, I just had so much to say.~♥

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I love those TWINS! *melts* They are just so cute together! Matty is so shy and quiet and Alfred is al loud and obnoxious! XD I LOVE the chainsaw. Really, that was the best moment in Hetalia so far for me. XD (I probably whould pointed it at them too- But I'm an American and can be kinda jerky sometimes XD) Alfred please, please, PLEASE wear that more often. (Maybe around Arthur as well) XD

'Carrying around a big stick'. I got what Canada meant by this, but I think he coulda worded it better XD

And yes, those cakes ARE werird. They taste like iceing. You can't even taste the cake- it's just ICEING. Blarg- I hate the stuff, but the normal cakes are fine with me XD People ask what it tastes like. The colors have different sugar content, so that cake probably tasted blue. And maby a bit green. (Only way I can describe it XD)

Ah I love the twins~ Great job! Can't wait for the next episode!


astrasage said...

I can bet the problem with America & cakes is that he puts too much of his "The Bigger and Flashier, The Better" philosophy in his gastronomy without thinking on the quality...

But speaking of cakes, LIECHTENSTEIN IS PURE SUGAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Matthew kun, still super damn cute i see, MORE LOVE FOR MATTHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww, I love me some big brother Switzerland and adorable Liechtenstein interaction! And the preview for the future episode looked epic. Don't worry, Liechtenstein! Vash will save you!!!
Also, OMG I LOVE THESE TWINS SO MUCH. Why so cute, Canadaaaa~? And I'm sooo happy they animated the chainsaw strip! It totally made my day! The scary look on America's face is priceless. Oh god, I love Alfred so so so much. <333 Thanks for this!
P.S.- Can someone please elaborate on the "big stick" that Canada says America carries around? I feel like I should know, but I can't think of what it could be...

Anonymous said...

Every time I see America's cakes/sweets I want to vomit. D: I could never eat something that looked like that. No wonder Kiku takes pictures of them.

Anonymous said...

I think the "big stick" in question refers to Alfred's attitude and not an actual stick. That would make more sense.

DayDreamer95 said...

@ Anon with stick question.
Yaah, it's about America's "Rush into action for liberty, not really caring about the consequences" attitude :3 Which is why we wuv him~♥
@ shelby
it is sad that I can understand what you meant by that cake frosting comment. They DO have different .... tastes..xD

*More random*
I wouldn't really mind the torture, it's really just the SUDDEN MOVEMENTS that get me. ehee~

Aaand the picture glancing with KikuxAmerica was too cute.

Hope you had a nice daay~ :)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ DayDreamer95
I like how Hetalia shows how beautiful the surroundings really are. It alo presents well the sad sides, but not as drastic as the real thing to lessen the depression aura (like with Liechtenstein's situation)

Who had different eyes?

Of course Alfred has muscles~ Actually, many of them do~ (Bishies in hetalia are not only goodlooking, but muscular! This is no stupid shoujo series wherein bishies are too slender or skinny! xD)

I am so amused with the idea of America walking around carrying a chainsaw xD

About the cakes, haha! They must be for decoration or photoshoot purposes only xD

Arthur's Alfred's mother country, they HAD to look alike in some way even if he doesn't have the eyebrows. It's hard to notice but it's definitely there xD

Haha, don't worry about mistakes. I love your thoughts =3

@ Shelby
I'm a sucker for twins. I hope they animate more strips with the two~
I hope Alfred will be in that get-up more often. So sexy~
Cakes that are only full of icing? I love sweets but too much icing can be . . . uuuggghh x_x

@ astrasage
That's possible! Haha!
And yes, Liech is pure sugar xD

@ neko_otaku09
I second that!!!

@ Anonymous 2
There are many interpretations about the "big stick", but I'm not sure which is the right one ^^; I think it was literal though . . . it's funnier that way . .. haha!

Quintence said...

Carrying around a big stick...Did that remind anyone else of Theodore Roosevelt?

Chanler said...

Alfred and Matthew=LOVE!
They're so cute! And I really feel bad for Matthew, but we all know he has just as many fangirls as Alfred XD
And I laughed so hard at the chainsaw scene. Matthew is just so sweet ^o^

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