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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blue Literature - In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom (Episode 5 to 6) Preview

"No Longer Human" had been a very nice arc. I'm glad that subs are being released consistently now. Looks like it's getting more love; I'm happy. I can finally blog the series as planned: by arc.
But that doesn't stop me from making previews. It won't be fair if only the first arc gets one. Hehe~

Now for the sneak peek of Ango Sakaguchi's "In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom" (Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita)

( UPDATED: With Sixth Episode Plot )

(novel screencaps by Wabisabi)

There is't much information of this novel around aside from the fact that it has a 1975 film adaptation by Shinoda Masahiro. Fortunately, Wabisabi made a brief description:

In the story, it is said that those who pass under cherry trees would hear uncanny voices and succumb to madness. Even austere monks passing under the cherry trees would throw off their hats in a state of dementia and mysteriously disappear in the midst of the showering petals…
A customer review at Amazon made an interesting description of it as well:

"In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom," by Ango Sakaguchi, is extremely violent and gory, yet funny in a weird way; it's about a mountain bandit who claims a new wife as booty.


The first episode will be aired on November 7 at around 25:40 early in the morning! It will only be in two episodes so await its conclusion on the following Saturday~

Original Character Design: Tite Kubo
Director: Tetsuro Araki
Script: Ken Iizuka
Character Design: Kunio Katsuki


Of course, I don't recognize any of them. The wild boar reminds me of Disney;s The Lion King's Pumba though . . . it's just the mean version. Haha.


All cherry, upset people. Travelers hit, caught a wild boar, many wives and live賑Shiku. Life was such a self-proclaimed "friendly bandits" Traditional round. His potent than anyone had some reason to fear But the cherry. One day he came across the line of travel, and steal his money. He was attracted to young women, they round off the traditional young person. Until it got to her, Akiko was raised capital Wagamama life. Segama Obutsu is me and suddenly confused Traditional round. "It's all my mountain of mountains" and Ian Iskandar and we've wanted to say and no interest. Moreover, apology and拾E the sunshine out and say what I lost in the valley. Arrived home, wife greet our traditional circle. "That's behind the front," Akiko suddenly raised her voice, keep the innocent. "If you want your wife and kill their wives" and. Without a sword and slowly raise the traditional round. As an advocate涼Shi気Akiko. In the euphoria and enthusiasm, is intuitive Traditional round. This is the same as that under the cherry blossoms in full bloom in the woods. Traditional round is -惑U.

Moved to Tokyo in six months. Traditional慣Renakatta round is still living. I do not know 』to『 fears that the force can only be met even if one is not.
And also, Akiko was also bored. One day, the head of Akiko gives the person who killed for fun, she started playing with it. Among them, people off the traditional nightly round, Akiko is going to be a daily routine is to play in his neck. Repeated futile slaughter.
Traditional round I think. The sky is falling. This is to stop repeating what you kill a woman? But I'm dying to kill the woman. I think that's what!
Traditional round in the darkness of囚Wareru perplexed. The end, is determined Traditional round. Back to the mountains, and. Traditional round to have a strong recommendation. Akiko is also to resist, knowing the commitment and hard, and choose to go with him. As when one first, two piggy back ride back to the mountains. The greeted them was that cherry trees in full bloom.
Therefore, the traditional round suddenly makes a lot of petals fell from? I think. And he noticed. To be a demon woman.


The preview screenshotss don't seem as spooky as the descriptions/reviews imply, but the story seems interesting. It appears to be mysterious, scary, and weird at the same time. I like that combination~

~ Vague translations thanks to Google
~ Amazon Review
~ Iwa ni Hana


deadharbor said...

Looks like a different style to No Longer Human(aka no bishie character). Some of the character designs are pretty cute though. I'm looking forward more to Kokoro but it's nice that I've not read this one before so I could just watch the story unfold.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ deadharbor
There has been like a shift in styles! haha! I like the variation of styles in this series. It would be cool if it remains to be creepy + awesome despite the style changes.
Hopefully, Kokoro is as good as No Longer Human. I'm not yet done with the novel, but so far so good~

danka said...

shocking totally, cute pretty animation but so cruel!!!!

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