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Monday, November 23, 2009

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Chapters 3 to 6

I really find it difficult to blog a weekly series . . . besides, scanlations are being consistent on this so like with the first season, I'll be doing this by batch. I'll only be reading this for every 6 chapters (because there are six letters in the words "bloody" and "monday", hehe.) during Mondays (of course! Hehe.) But since I'm a spoiler freak, I'll definitely be taking a peek at the new raws of one of my top favorite manga. Hehe.


He is as goodlooking as ever~
And of course Fujimaru can't ever hide secrets from him. He's bound to found out no matter what. The power of instincts, I love this dude~
It's so amusing that he's usually the one who puts Fujimaru into toruble in a comical way~ Haha!
And oh of course it's Otoya who understands Fujimaru's feelings very well. They even have their secret language when they were kids and had been very useful in . . . saving the world! Amazing children . . . my best friends duo~


So all this drama of Fujimaru in a trauma was just an act/disguise/whatever. I don't get why he doesn't want Aoi to know, but I'm happy that he has actually levelled up! I can't imagine this series go on without his hacking skills. Oh the authors and these plot twists . . .


Another surprise is that Takagi was actually just pretending to be a bad guy. So he was a spy of that terrorist group . . . so that's why they were acquintances.
But Takagi had become a little obvious when it's finally revealed to the readers that he's still a good guy. And I have a feeling that the boss knows . . . he just lets Takagi be.


Oh this terrorist group and their code names . . .I love it~
I wonder what that little bottle with Snow White exactly is . . . .I think Arthur is more interested in that than with Snow White . . .who is obviously madly in love with him. One-sided love? Poor girl~
So hhhmm . . . there's Russia terrorism involvement again . . . .and there's demonic power . . condename IVAN . . .. I will not believe that the mangakas of Bloody Monday don't know Hetalia! Hahahhahaha!


So this new dude that I have thought as someone would replace J as Fujimaru's rival is called Peter Pan. So, he's more of a rival compare to J because he can compete with Fujimaru in hacking.
But damn, I just don't like him.
He looks similar to Giovanni from DOGS because of the get-up but . . .. at least Giovanni's amusingly freaky . . . but this dude is annoyingly freaky. I don't know why.
Or maybe I just miss J . . .
But I find it cool that when you see the protagonists having a better edge, the next chapter will reveal to you that the antagonists are actually the ones with more advantage. Oh I love the twists in this series . . . keeps on surprising me~

[ LOL ]

Oh this part is just so cute~

But most importantly . . . Gimme J Gimme J Gimme J~
I did not have enough brotherly love from the previous season . . . the brothers are only fond of Fujimaru, not with each other. Aaaaaahhh!!!
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