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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Manga Discoveries: Countrouble, Tomorrows, Sable Prince, and March Story

I have this addiction of checking out new manga even though my reading list is already damn long. I also check out raws, even if my japanese is mediocre. Sometimes a gem can already be spotted even if you didn't understand a thing =P

Hopefully my manga hunting will help you in picking new manga to read =D So here goes:

by NAO Akinari

What made me check out this manga is because its mangaka is the artist of Psycho Busters, one of my favorite shounen series~
To my disappointment, even if I read it without understanding much, I don't think I'll enjoy this series as much as PB. But I'll still check it out when scanlations are out.
What turns me down so much are the ecchi . . . and there's even loli ecchi. It seems that this series is like the usual typical loser leading guy who has a huge crush on a hott chick. What's a little different with this series is that there's a witch loli hanging out with him. This loli isn't only tsundere, but can be moe or any other type of animanga archetype/stereotype depending on how she feels like acting.
Ah well . . . hopefully this really isn't as . . . displeasing/uninteresting as I think it is.


by DEGUCHI Masato
Anan and Minmi lived in a laboratory as small children, where scientists experimented on them and gave them special powers. One day, the professor helped them escape, out of guilt from what he had done to them. The two of them continue to hide ten years later, certain that if their powers are exposed they will be captured and returned to that hell.
Chapters/Volumes Read: 1 Chapter
This got my attention but I didn't like the art much. The coloring's pretty good, but the anatomy's just so weird. Perhaps it's jsut the mangaka's style?
Ah well . . . I don't care about ugly art if the story is good . . . Tomorrows is one of such!
This had been somewhat like Psycho Busters, wherein children with special powers are being imprisoned in some place but they managed to escape. As much as I love Psycho Busters, I've gotta admit, Tomorrows is hell better, because it doesn't have (or at least doesn't have most of it) of the annoyingly stupid cliches and perverted fanservice. Its story is more serious, but still manages to add some fun comedy~ It can be really sweet and touching too (I have my family love, acquintance love, friendship love, and please tell me that was romantic love!). Oh man, I already ship the main pairing. Anan x Minmi please~
Overall, this had been cool and interesting! Darn cliffhanger on the last chapter. I wanna know how they'll escape from that (well, they should! Being captured that early won't make a story at all . . . unless the mangaka thinks of something). Oh I'm very hooked to this~
Verdict: Highly Recommended if you want an interesting shounen series with characters with supowerpowers . . . . that they don't want to have.


by NESUMI Chisato
The prince, His Majesty Viloftira, begins a journey, seeking the sword which will allow him to succeed the current king. The one who will accompany the Prince on his dangerous journey through this fairy tale land is Pierre, his new and unfortunate attendant.
Sable Prince is a travel fantasy story, intertwined with the relationship between a (lazy) tyrannical prince and his new mysterious attendant.

Chapters/Volumes Read: 2 Chapters
You think fantasy manga with princes will not catch my attention? Haha! The art looked pretty and I'm very fond of stories with princes so I didn't have second thoughts in checking out this manga~
From the premise, I anticipated the prince to be some lazy and arrogant individual. Well, in a way I had been right, but he (and his family actually) actually have a dark and mysterious secret. And I find that interesting~
His subordinate/attendant is someone that a lot of readers will symphatize with because . . . the prince gives him so much trouble. Haha!
I find this fun and interesting but for some reason I wasn't that impressed. I don't think it's with the story (it had interesting twists after all), . . . perhaps on how the events were executed? Oh I don't know . . . but it's still enjoyable. Looking forward to read more~
Verdict: Recommended to those who want a fun fantasy adventure with some dark twists.


by KIM Hyang-Min and YANG Kyung-Il
“Things that should not be touched by humans somehow find their way into this world. That’s why you should never, ever touch anything that is foreign.”
Follow the adventures of March, a Syste Behard, who hunts ils– evil creatures that lurk in fascinating objects...

Chapters/Volumes Read: 3 Chapters
This is pretty episodic wherein in each chapter the main character hunts for ils and he will always be successful. But if each of those episodic stories had been good, I don't mind. And each had been good and interesting indeed, in their own way. The endings had been bittersweet, yet the overall story had been beautiful. I like how it explores the negative emotions of humans and also how weak or strong humans can be (more on the weak part). It has a horror theme . . . though it didn't scare me at all . . . but the art on the spooky parts had been really really beautiful!
I also like it for being fun! They're not exactly hilarious enough to make your stomach hurt, but they can make people giggle. As I've said, it's fun~ I especially like Rodin and March. I still get confused on whether march is a boy or a girl though (reminds me of Bara no Maria).
Verdict: Highly Recommended especially to those who like dark/horror-themed stories that are fun and interesting.


Yukihito said...

Yay, I'm glad you're enjoying Sable Prince~

March Story is awesome! It's kind of a spoiler about whether March is a boy or girl though. I read to the end of the volume, I wish/hope there would be some more of it, because it didn't seem like the end.

Yukihito said...

I just saw you read chapter 3, so you probably know already. Sorry XD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Yukihito
Sable Prince is love~ Thanks for the releases~

Ah, I think March's gender had been obvious in the third chapter (which is female), but she's still referred as a guy by a comrade. That got me confused again . . . and I'm having theories that since March isn't technically human, he/she can switch genders or is a hybrid or something x_x

Maybe I should spoil myself with the later chapters of the first volume. Hehe~

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