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Thursday, November 26, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 15

Almost not able to post this tonight. Thank you b1px for being awesome xD

This chapter drove me insane . . . for making me think too much . . . and also because of that scene that made me cry . . . and those that made me delighted. Haha!


Kiliko welcomes Belca as if Belca just came from a normal journey. Belca doesn't trust Kiliko one bit and demanded to see Orcelito immediately. Before he knew it, Orcelito shows up infornt of him.
Strangely, even Orcelito is behaving normally, as if nothing dangerous happened from the time they got separated. This made Belca rushly conclude that Kiliko had indeed done something to Orcelito, so he was in rage. The commotion ended with Belca losing consciousness all of a sudden.
While Belca was asleep, Orhaldi tells Kiliko that it must've been drugs for the treatment of his wounds from last time. When Kiliko leaves, it appears that Belca and Orhaldi were just pretending. I honestly didn't fully get this part . . .
Meanwhile, Eco wakes up and hears about the dances to be performed during the ceremony. He had become so excited but quickly become depressed when he was told that they weren't allowed to watch~
Back in the castle, Orcelito visits Belca through climbing out of the window like last time. The brothers had a little talk, and Orcelito had been creying out of relief when he had confirmed that he is the real Belca. Belca thinks that Orcelito hasn't changed at all. He later asks Orcelito about what happened, but Orcelito apologizes that he couldn't tell.
Afterwards, Orcelito reports to Kiliko that he has confirmed that Belca's really Belca. Kiliko's relieved that he didn't need to to look for a double for Belca.
The chapter ends with Kiliko asking for Orcelito's allegiance, but the prince affirms him that they are accomplices.


This chapter is so . . . mind boggling. I am confused on what Orcelito's state really is.
From previous events, it looked more like Orcelito was being so attached to Kiliko and is acting like a puppet.
But it's actually the other way around.
It's Kiliko who is like kissing his shoes. Kiliko is the one who's under his finger . . . .and the one he steps on.
It's no longer probable that he's drugged to become a puppet. Orcelito's not being controlled.
There's the possibility of him being an impostor though . . . .who had all of Orcelito's memories and traits instilled on him in some way. Maybe he's possessed or something? Haha!
But what's most likely, in my opinion, is that Orcelito has a double personality since the very beginning.
He may already be working with Kiliko before Hector died, and was just pretending to be new with everything when he and Belca found out about the truth. The "nice Orcelito" may all be just an act.
However, Kiliko has mentioned something about Orcelito being able to live with his siblings happily. And Orcelito didn't show negative reactions to that idea (he didn't show any positive ones either though). If ever Kiliko wasn't being sarcastic, then perhaps Orcelito genuinely does care about his siblings, and his other side isn't 100% evil.
But, if that had been the case, then he should have sent a rescue party for Belca (Belca became a wanted man instead of a victim to be rescued) ad had not been that cruel to Musca. He didn't do those, however.
Frighteningly, Orcelito had mentioned that he and Kiliko had some obsession. Whatever exactly it is isn't clear, but it's definitely not something good . . .. so not good to the point that he's hiding secrets even from his siblings.
This is making me so convinced that Orcelito may be one of the top bad guys in this series . . . but the author has been putting so many mysteries and twists (not to mention damn cliffhangers!), it's hard to tell for sure . . .


Funny that it was Belca's plan to check if Orcelito's really Orcelito, but the other party was the one successful in accomplishing that.
Orcelito had actually thought of what to check while Belca . . . sorry dear, you don't seem to have the power of instinct . . .
If my speculation is true that Orcelito's been pretending from the beginning, then Belca isn't really capable of determining who Orcelito really is anymore.


More on Orcelito and Belca's encounter, I find it amusing that almost the same thing happened when Orcelito climbed out of the window. Belca had the same WTF expression, Orcelito fell the same way, Orcelito also landed on belca whose face is on the ground (LOLz), and Belca did the usual violent complain~
That scene was back in chapter 2 so . . . whoa . . . so they only get to meet again after more than 10 chapters?!


I don't care if Orcelito's just pretending on this part. A brothers hug will always make me go DAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW~
But hhhmmm . . . . I've been thinking . . . .
When Hector died, it was obvious that Belca was affected. Musca couldn't accept it either.
But . . . what was Orcelito's reaction?
He says that Hector only died out fo sickness and it was unfortunate.
No intense emotions unlike with Musca or Belca. We can't use the excuse "he doesn't remember anything" because it appears that he does after telling Belca that he can't tell what happened when they got separated. It means that he knows!!!
So this is making me think that Orcelito has something to do with Hector's death. I don't like it but . . . I see that possibility.
No wonder Hector hangs out more with Belca. Oh come on, do I need to be biased to see that Belca is obviously Hector's favorite sibling? Haha!

Speaking of Hector . . .



I'm a huge Hector fan. I do not need to explain more.


I hate that scene . . . .*floods the city with tears*

Okayz *sniff* I'll calm down now because there's actually something in this chapter that makes me jolly:

[ OTP ]

  • From what I remember, in this chapter was the first time Bleca called Orhaldi with a name. He calls Orhaldi Linna so . . . form now on I'll call him Linna.
  • It almost got me worried that Linna was saying something that make it seem that him and Dietrich are working together. But I shouldn't worry anymore, his loyalty's obvious.
  • He worries about him and Belca being separate and lose contact.

Oh joy~


Andanta said...

Where do you get your raws? This chapter looks really cool but I haven't been able to find the raws I want anywhere!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Andanta
Ah, a friend shares me the raws but . . . I'm not allowed to redistribute ^^; Sorry.

bakasaru88 said...

i really liked hector too!! then he died in the 2nd chap =.=# and just when linna was growing on me.. HE DIED.. arghsss

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ bakasaru88
There has been no confirmation of Linna dying. In fact.... should I spoil ya? Haha xD

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