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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 45

Wow~ Hetalia episodes have been out earlier since the previous episode. Of course, I'm not complaining~

Unlike what I had expected, there aren't any extra segments on this episode. The whole five minutes is focused on Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I love all Hetalia characters so . . . I'm not complaining either. Hehe~ It's the animated version of my favorite Vash (Switzerland) + Liech (my shortcut for Liechtenstein) moment after all~

Liech had a dream of the past, and it's how she met her brother. Her country's suffering, and she appears to be hungry and homeless.

Then someone finds her:

It's Vash looking cute as ever.

He asks if she's alright, but she doesn't need to respond for him to know what the answer is.

She wanted to live longer as a country, and she was given a chance. Her savior came~

He gave her his food. He's actually having food shortage problems himself but he still fed her with whatever he had.

Once recovered, she started helping out on his chores. Ever since then, they had been together.

Back to present time:

Liech goes to her dear brother and told him that she had a dream of the past.

If they were poor in that flashback, I think it's safe to assume that they're rich now!

Just look at that garden and that big house and there were spacious rooms!

Anyway, Liech asked about what happened during that time:

Liech: Why did you save me that day?
Vash: What a question to ask so early in the morning!
Liech: Because, at that time, Onii-sama was in trouble too, right?

Vash: Well, that is... as a human being, helping you was a given. As a country, it was my duty!! That's why...uh... I just answered my own send of justice...
Hmmm . . . that makes Hetalia nation characters as both human and country, I guess.

Vash: No, that day when I saw you, I just couldn't leave you there... and I'm glad you're doing well... I think.
Liech: Ah... Nii-sama~
Oh Vash, the truth was much easier, right? Ohohohohohohoho~

Liech: I'm happy.
Vash: I see.
I'm gonna die from sibling fluffiness overload from this episode . . .

Cute Vash scenes:

Cute Liech scenes:


Anonymous said...

.... Boring.

Any episode revolving around Leichtenstein is boring.

What a waste of an episode.

Anonymous said...


I kinda agree... I want to get back on the main plotline.... Nothing against you- I really love your reviews. I just rather don't like Leichtenstein... I like Switzerland... but really... I rather just don't like her for some reason. Oh well, can't wait for the next one! And thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

do u have a link ? for that episode?

rexiaxiv said...

I adore Leichtenstein and Vash, but I don't like the more serious episodes... *kept trying to skip the America's cleaning episode*

I don't know, I havent' watched it yet, but I think that it looks a bit serious. xD;

I really miss having whole episodes with mostly the axis powers or the main story. :c I hope the next episode goes back to the axis powers and the hilariousness that surronds them...

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with rexiaxiv,

I also miss having whole episodes with mostly the axis powers, or main story in them with the occasional hilarious moment from the allied powers in. I don't think I've laughed at anything for a while, all the funny stuff, for me seems to revolve around characters like America, Britain, France, N.Italy and Germany, those characters always make me smile in one way or another. Whilst I enjoy hearing about the other characters and their backgrounds and so on, it's nice to pop back to main events in-between time.

Anonymous said...

@ second Anon (Since I'm the first Anon :'D)

Yeah, I like Switzerland too, but Leichtenstein... Really? Why waste a whole episode on her bland character when we could have someone HUMOROUS.

I think Poland and Prussia need more screen time. Esecially Poland. Because I'm kinda biased. But hey. Just about every strip he was in WAS FUNNY.

I agree with rexiaxiv too. The serious episodes aren't really any fun. :\

Sapphire Pyro said...

I wasn't kidding when I said I love all Hetalia characters. Liechtenstein's definitely no exception. I don't find her boring, but I don't mind if some people do. It's just a difference in opinion ;D

@ Shelby
Thank you! You're welcome! And haha, of course I won't be offended if you're just saying what you think ;D

@ rexiaxiv
It was more of a heartwarming episode . . . America's Storage Cleaning was drama xD
I like it when Hetalia goes ridiculous or serious. I'm the type who likes good genre mix xD Hehe.
Oh I miss the hilariousness with the main characters too! I think we'll definitely see more of that (they're the main characters after all =P)

@ Second to the Last Anonymous
I think all hetalia characters are capable of cracking up jokes xD But I guess those that you've mentioned are among the top most hilarious characters xD Haha!

@ Last Anonymous
Poland should show up already . . . and I'll never get enough of Prussia xD *one of my top faves*

Cafekko said...

It's cute ^ ^ But Liecthenstein is a pretty dull character... And her voice is annoying too :S

rexiaxiv said...

Oh, I just watched the episode. e.e; *was waiting for it to get subbed, but forgot...*

@Sapphire You're right, it wasn't dramatic, it was so sweet. ;3; Ajhajksdfhsdf *squeals then melts* <3

*gives Leict a big hug* Why do you have to be so sweet and bloody adorable? But then again, that makes her the cutest sister for Vash cause it gets him to soften up every now and then~
(Hell, I just love seeing Vash getting all flustered. *smirks* Hee, so cute~)

Random, but I think they did a lovely job on drawing the rain setting and the beautiful background when Vash and Leict talk. <3333

Anonymous said...

Swiss: ....Don't talk about my sister like that.

Anonymous said...

I love this episode!!! It's so sweet!!!! *has a squee attack* And these guys are probably my favorite characters (and OTP).

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