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Monday, November 16, 2009

Manga Discoveries: Dark Waters, Let's Lagoon, Ibitsu, and Defense Devil

I have this addiction of checking out new manga even though my reading list is already damn long.
Hopefully my manga hunting will help you in picking new manga to read =D So here goes:

by Koji Suzuki & MEIMU

Many good things are linked with water, but not here. From the murder of a small child whose body was never found, to the creatures that lurk in the depths. All the tales are linked to water, and each conclude with a shocking end.

[ Dark Water ]
mother and daughter are living on an apartment where . . . the daughter of the previous inhabitants have died
[ Island Cruise ]
main characters are stranded in the middle of the sea . . . and there's something down there
[ Adrift ]
friends found a mysterious bottle while they're on a sea trip . . . then when night came, one by one they kill themselves
[ Forest Beneath the Waves ]
a father couldn't get out of a cave but manages to deliver a message to his son . . . his son grows up and checks out what his father was talking about

The first three are the real scary ones, but the last one's pretty interesting. Adrift felt so short . . Island Cruise felt a little rushed . . . but I find them all very nice. Dark Water is the one I appreciated the most I guess.


by OKAZAKI Takeshi
Yamada is a castaway on an island without any ships passing by and he is unable to recall why he is there. After finding his sports bag, he assumes he was on a school trip. With only 7 days worth of food, he eventually decides to make a boat to leave the island. He thought he was alone on the island until finding a girl named Imaise Chika eating his food. They then decide to continue carving the boat together. Since the boat only has room for one, Yamada decides to set off for help, but returns upon noticing that not only has Imaise put her share of rations in his bag, they are mostly untouched as well. After returning, he notices she made the oar out of a fishing lance and he decides they can live on the island longer.
Chapters/Volumes Read: 5 Chapters
This has been interesting and would've been really good if only the irresponsible adult didn't show up . . . it's emphasizing the "kids are more mature while adults are being childish thing." Is it that difficult for shounen to make adults act as such? He may have that kind of responsibility, but he's still a teacher! The hell . . .
But this has been an enjoyable read . . . even with that little ecchi. It's a very cute love story as well. It's so hard to hate the leading guy~
Verdict: Recommended to those who want an interesting supernatural series with bishies and very very pretty art.


by RYOU Haruka
A boy went to take his trash out late one night, and found a strange, creepy, lolita woman sitting amongst the garbage bags. She asked if he had a little sister, and he answered her, hurrying afterwards back to his apartment. When he looked out the window, she was gone. Who is the strange woman, and why does she give him such a bad feeling?
Chapters/Volumes Read: 1 Chapter
I first saw this raw . . . and though I'm not fond of lolitas . . . I like lolitas in horror stories~ Lolitas are in horror themed outfits anyway, so they should be "freaky" instead of "cute". The lolita in this series is really really freaky~ She's so twisted; not to mention she also stinks literally. It's horrifying even on the sense of smell. Hehe~
Whether she's a ghost or a living person, there's really something wrong with her brain. With her actions it appears that her real brother or brother figure had been abusing her, but she had the delusion of seeing those actions as "love". She hasn't really done anything evil to the leading guy. I think the cliffhanger will have a different outcome compre to what it implies.
At first I find it odd why the leading guy didn't think of just throwing the trash in the morning to not meet that weird lolita already. But later, it appears that the leading guy is wondering about that as well, so I'm speculating that it might not be a coincidence. There's something going on~
Lastly, to be honest, it didn't get me scared (pfft! this is the girl who laughs a clowns from horror movies), but it was really freaky and interesting~ I like it~ Horror stories with twisted individuals are often the good ones~
Verdict: Recommended to those who want to read a horror story with a REALLY freaky lolita.


by YOUN In-Wan and YANG Kyung-Il
Mephisto Bart Kucabara is a devil lawyer. In order to return to the demon world that he was exiled from he needs to collect enough Dark Matter. To do so he creates a plan to claim the Dark Matter from the souls of sinners sentenced to hell. Prove the soul's innocence and the Dark Matter becomes his.
But how can he gather enough Dark Matter when his kind personality causes him to continually use it up in order to defend the soul from the Shinigami that has come to take them to hell?

Chapters/Volumes Read: 28 Chapters
This is actually a typical shounen series wherein we have a stupid yet kindhearted leading guy who wants to help others no matter how weak he is but in the ends he's actually a freakin' strong character. And oh, he's also got this chibi psychic who is kinda tsundere to him. It makes you think that this might be a shoujo manga in disguise (Kobato's sort of like that with its sidekick, right?).
But you know, despite of its flaws because of the cliches and stereotypes it has been using . . . surprisingly, it gives some interesting twists and there are several wonderful elements here that are unlike your typical shounen manga. Not to mention it's so damn entertaining!!! Oh it's so damn hilarious~ Even the ecchi stuff is hilarious! Yeah, ecchi disgusts me, but if that's used for jokes and not solely for fanservice, I'm game! And who says only the girls get naked here? Bwahehehehe!
This is of course my kind of thing~ I love occult/supernatural stuff so demons are love~ . . . especially . . demon PRINCE! Squeeee! I loooooooove the main character! He's so adorable and hilarious AND OH GOD I FREAKIN' LOVE SAINTS AND ALSO THOSE WHO HAVE GREAT BROTHERLY LOVE!!!! (There was even a little best friend love . . .TOO little though =_=) He makes me teary. He's too nice . . . even after all those mean things done to him . . . so nice *sniff*
I ship him with the exorcist girl because . . . Demon x Exorcist is an interesting pairing~ I also like Bichula! Especially when he's in his true form!!! So hott~
Verdict: Highly Recommended to those who want a dark and entertaining shounen series with cool action and awesome art!

I love all but since I'm more of a supernatural freak, I have to say Defense Devil is my favorite in this batch~ But being a favorite doesn't mean it has the best story. I'm most impressed with Ibitsu from the batch. Dark Waters oneshots have been really interesting. Let's Lagoon has been really really nice too!
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