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Monday, November 9, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 42

I don't think I can do the usual picspam style today because I'm busy marathoning Liar Game but I think I still displayed . . . the important scenes, hehe.

Anyway, this is the first episode wherein an Allied Forces character sings the ending theme! The focus of the episode is on Russia introducing his sisters: Ukraine (older) and Belarus.

Russia: Hello! Russia here. Today, I'm going to introduce to you my older and younger sisters.

Russia: First, my older sister Ukraine, who's a great steady older sister. And then my younger sister Belarus, who's a total beauty. Both of them are kind of strange though. . . .Just . . . Just a little bit. . . . Maybe. . . .

England: What, Russia's depressed?! That's absolutely an omen!

Do you know why there aren't much female characters in Hetalia?
It's because the women in this series are just TOO AWESOME that too much of them will make Hetalia awesomeness over-overload.
It didn't make sense, I know.


Oh she looks like a female version of Russia. They both have a BIG build, but in different ways. Haha!
You think Hetalia only knows fanservice for females or to BL/yaoi lovers? Think again. This character is fanservice to ecchi fans . . .
The manga has mentioned about Ukraine's boobs being big . . . but the anime sure emphasized that WITH ALL THE BOUNCING AND EVEN THE SOUND OF THAT BOUNCING! There is even UNBUTTONING . . .
But at least these are realistic big boobs. Some female anime characters with gigantic boobs have their boobs reach below their waist . . . and that's seriously weird.

Anyway, it was mentioned that Ukraine was poor that she can't even pay the oil to Russia. Russia and Latvia had been knocking on her door for the payment, but her boss makes her silent. So even though she wants to talk to her Russia-chan . . . she can't.
On the second part, she wants to give goods to her Russia-chan but suddenly she remembered that her boss had prohibited her to do so. This makes her leave and cry. Russia and Latvia don't get what just happened.

This is my favorite part:

Russia poking Latvia . . . LOLz~ It's fun to poke cute people. Hehehehe~


It has been so emphasized on what a beauty Belarus is . . . AND SHE REALLY IS!
You think Russia's scary? Then meet Russia's match when it comes to being a creepy character. Though actually, he's no match at all. She's gazillion times freakier, and it scares the hell out of him. So someone that is being feared by a scary person is . . . absolutely terrifying!
Come to think of it, most horror movies use females when it comes to ghosts and the like. They are usually beautiful ones too . . . just a little messed up.

Belarus is an example of that. On the first part, she was trying to open the door (which Russia locked) and she kept on telling him to become one with her; while Russia hides and . . .trembles in fear~
She begs her brother to open the damn door, and while doing so, she was scratching it with her fingernails, making a screeching and painful sound. Russia yells at her to go home.
On the second part, she curses the door for daring to separate her from her Nii-san. She managed to open the doorknob, and as she had opened it, she keeps on telling her nii-san to get married already.

Belarus: Now then, brother. Let's talk about marriage. Let's get married. Let's get married. Let's get married. Let's get married. Let's get married. Let's get married. Let's get married.
I made the volume louder because it was spookier and funnier that way. Oh I love how her seiyuu voiced her. So freaky~

Russia: GO HOOOOME!!!!

Oh I love this episode~ Ukraine's so adorable~ Belarus is . . . oh she's freakishly awesome! Hahahaha!

~ Translations are based on scanlations; so credits on those goes to the respective translators. Some are slightly edited though based on what I understand of the anime changes.
~ I didn't use their human names this time . . . because Ukraine doesn't have one, from what I know. And they're only a few characters anyway.
~ I won't be able to post more screenshots than this for this episode because I'm really busy marathoning something. Ohohohho!


Anonymous said...

awesome episode!!
belarus is even freakier than i thought!!
and as always, i'm hugely glad you put the preview and the translation!! and i hugely thank you!!!! :D
(i never miss one, even if i don't comment ^^")
long live hetalia! \o

TheBoredOne10 said...

Haha, thanks for posting! Thank you for the translation, too!~ I sooo want to see this episode now... :)

Natalie said...

omg she must be scary if she makes russia CRY D: its ok russia-kun...

Huili said...

Belarus is awesome (Y) . Hope to see her more next time :D Should be funnier as the series goes .

Akemi-cchi said...

Lurker Aki is here to say that she absolutely loves all your preview and episode reviews, and she checks back frequently.~
Thank you so much for doing this!

Also, Ukraine doesn't have an official name, but the fanbase decided to call her Katyusha (or Katya for short). So that's pretty much what everyone calls her. o 3o

As for this episode... I don't know what to say, except that KATYA WAS SO PAINFULLY ADORABLE. And her voice! <3

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
Thank you and I'm glad you enjoy my posts~

@ TheBoredOne10
You're welcome~ I hope you're able to see it by now~

@ Natalie
Yes, she is that scary~ I find it so awesome that she's capable of making someone scary cry~

@ Huili
I'm happy that there'll be more of her on the next episode! *counts the hours before she could finally see it*

@ Akemi-cchi
I'm so happy to hear that and thank you!
Ah, I've known about Ukraine's human name that the fanbase has decided . . . but I want to avoid that because I might mistaken it for an official one in the future. The only fandom name (or nickname rather) that I can't help from not using is "Gilbo". Hehehehe~
And yes, she's so adorable~ I like her voice a lot~

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the female characters get some love.
And actually, there was some ecchi fanservice in the webcomic, too... a Hungary panty shot. Courtesy of France pulling up her dress.

Chanler said...


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