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Friday, November 6, 2009

Manga Discoveries: Esoragoto, God Eater, Mushibugyo, & Sugiru 17 no Haru

So many new manga out there . . . and I read so many new titles (to me) as well . . .

by Usi

I got attracted to this when I saw the nice art and the LEADING GUY!
Dark haired bishies with black and blue will always attract me~ It's also not that common for me to encounter a video cam loving guy in animanga.
Anyway, it seems to be about a guy who loves taking videos suddenly sees something not-of-this-world in what he's filming. And that something became a reality. Either what he saw through his cam came to his world or vice versa or the worlds combined. And what he saw was a pink haired chick that fights some monster. Adventure begins from then on.
Ah well, that's all I could tell from what I think from that scan and some description I asked from the uploader. She's awesome.
Anyway, I can't tell if the story's good since I don't understand it, but it seems really interesting. The art is really beautiful and it's lovely to see ALL those pages in color! Oh I'm very curious of this one~


AD2072, fearsome monsters, known as "Aragami" (Bewildered Gods), appeared on Earth and start preying on humans. Human population had decreased down to 1/100 in just a few years, and the world is about to come to an end. However, there's one group of people who battles with these fierce monsters, using the biological weapon, known as the "Jinki" (God Device). These people are called as "G.E." (God Eaters). This manga revolves around one of the God Eaters, Silva, and his conquest to bring back the hope of humanity...
Chapters/Volumes Read: 1 Chapter
I just saw it raw yesterday and the following day there are already translations out! Yay!
Too bad, there's no actual religious stuff. The bugs that the heroes are fighting against here just happened to be called as gods. And I think it's called God Eater because the weapons that are used to fight against such creatures EAT them.
Ah well, it turns out to be typical shounen. . . sort of . . . because of the heroes-being-so-awesome-especially-main-character-fighting-bad-stuff formula it's following. But the characters don't seem to be that typical, and the artwork's freakin' awesome. Ah well, it may be typical shounen, but the story seems interesting . . . especially the main character's background. Hopefully there's more to its story that just fighting these monsters.
Verdict: Recommended especially if you want an awesome action series with a promising story.


by FUKUDA Hiroshi
Tsukishima Jinbee is a warrior who aims to be best, under the belief that a weak warrior isn't a warrior at all. He was scouted out by a representative to join the Mushibugyo and told to go to Edo with the instructions that he'd knew what to do once he got there. Shortly after arriving at Edo, he hears a scream and goes to check it out... To find a giant spider-like creature devouring some citizens of Edo. Being a warrior, there's no way he could stand this...
Chapters/Volumes Read: 2 Chapters
It's typical samurai shounen but instead of fighting fellow samurai and the like, they fight giant bugs instead. There's also this absolutely uneccessary perverted fanservice. And no, you don't only see boobs or panty shots, but there's a nude scene as early as chapter 1. And when the hell will this type of shounen manga get tired of starting the series with an incredibly powerful/skillful leading guy rescue some pretty damsel-in-distress? The cliches make me puke . .
Nevertheless, it was pretty fun and no matter how stereotypical, I find the main character and the silver haired guy interesting. The story isn't that bad and despite those cliches it didn't give me serious headaches.
Verdict: Tolerable. It wasn't that great for me, but I recommend this to those who enjoy some nice samurai action with a little ecchi fanservice


by ONO Fuyumi and YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko
Takashi is haunted at night by visions of a woman begging for her child not to be taken away. He sometimes sees strange shadows outside his window, but tries his best to simply ignore them. As his seventeenth birthday approaches, the shadow becomes more and more clear, and the vision more vivid. Slowly, the once kind and caring Takashi becomes indifferent, and eventually cold and biting towards everyone around him. What does this sudden change in attitude have to do with his seventeenth birthday?
Chapters/Volumes Read: 9 Chapters
An interesting mystery series about a horrifying curse! Oh I still hate Naoki for not being helpful to his cousin when he needed him, but when he finally started to investigate things and stuff became clearer, things have become more exciting!
This isn't really comedy but I was very amused on the little comedy it had. I'm happy that Naoki's sister isn't jsut some brat, but a smart and observant girl. I wish she'll have some role. The main character was just DUH in the beginning but when he finally had sense, he's becoming likable. And oh Takashi~ And . . haha, I'm not a cat person but the kitty here in that chapter had been awesome. Hehe. I want a kitty bodyguard to drive away evil spirits . . . (reminds me of Nyanko-sensei of Natsume Yuujinchou)
Verdict: Recommended especially to those who want an interesting mystery/horror series.

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