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Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick Impressions: ft. 11 eyes

I checked out most of the shows from this season, most through spoilers though. But still, it's my way of giving them a chance. Anyway, since I've been doing so, why not post spoiler impressions about them? Hehe. I can only cover a maximum of 3 series however, so I won't be posting more of these shows after their debut in the "Quick Impressions" posts. Hopefully xtine06 or ninjovee could~

Anyway, whatever I will feature with a screencap would be the one I actually watched while with the others I didn't bother to watch anymore...

[ 11 Eyes - Episode 1 ]

I'll start with my complains. Firstly those damn stereotypes. We have a transfer student only interested in the main character, there's a perverted dude always being hit by some chick, and the main characters have friends that will just be there for comedic relief, blah blah blah. I'm fine that with the parts that the main characters suddenly have headaches and got stranded in another world. They don't have anything and I like it that they were naturally powerless and fearful of that event. What bothers me is that they didn't think of questioning what the helll just happened to them. Guh . . . biggest headaches for me are the uneccessary panties and bouncing boobs fanservice, and also the leading girl! She reminds me too much of CLANNAD's Nagisa. Oh just die.
However, I like her moments with the leading guy. Yeah, I shipe them. Too bad that they're not officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but they already act as such! The leading girl of course likes the leading guy; but as for the leading guy, he's obviously madly in love with her however he doesn't realize that his feelings could be romantic love. Oh this is going to drive me crazy! Haha!
Honestly, aside from the romance (more particularly on the leading guy), the only thing that I love a lot from this show is the music! It just rocks~ I especially like the OP! Really great~
Ah well, it's still pretty interesting. It has violence and I'm a supernatural freak so I'll keep watching~

Seen screencaps, skimmed summaries, and seen the OP and ED themes (if available)

= Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu; Sora no Otoshimono; The Sacred Blacksmith =

= Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu =
"Oh no no no"
The OP and ED songs are weird. They sound like they were recorded by just some kid at home. And it's the first time I hear a korean song for an anime ED.
Anyway, it's cute that it's a different type of magical anime but . . . . in animal costumes? Oh please . . .
The adult villains seem interesting though (they seem like villains to me). So it's the typical good kids vs evil adults again? With ocassional bad kids and unexpected allies?
Ah well, little girls may enjoy this. I can actually enjoy magical girl shows, but not this . . . kiddie. I want at least some insanity in it. (PPG FOREVER!!!)

= Sora no Otoshimono=
It was perverted fanservice indeed . . . and seeing it colored got me more disturbed on the fanservice stuff. The manga is already perverted but the anime seemed to have made it more perverted.
Ah, well, my impressions of it will be the same as the manga of course. It had potential, but it focused too much on the fanservice and the cliches. Annoyingly stereotypical main characters, it hurts my head so much.
I only liked two characters here, but they look much better in the manga. I'm so disappointed. I'm only reading more of the manga version of it because of those two. ONLY THOSE TWO!
I guess I shouldn't bother to watch the anime anymore, unless there'll be a filler with my OTP.

= The Sacred Blacksmith =
I knew I wouldn't be watching much of this series because I didn't last long on recent fantasy adventure anime (like Tears to Tiara, Tales of the Abyss, Druaga, etc.) but this one had the devil contract thing so I got interested.
However, seeing the perverted fanservice, the f*ckin' annoying loli, and the disturbing breastplate of the leading girl highly discouraged me to watch this show. Since I'm pretty sure I won't last long on this generic fantasy series, I don't think I should bother to watch it anymore.
The OP and ED themes weren't that great either. The song and the voice in the OP sounded annoying to the ears. And the chibis in the ED aren't cute, and I really really want to kill that loli.


Double H said...

11Eyes is fucking boring! The main lead`s perverted friend reminds me of Sunohara from Clannad and I guess you really hate the loli in Sacred Blacksmith haha

Sapphire Pyro said...

11eyes is indeed a pain but it got my bias activated . . . damnit.

The friend is like Sunohara in that sense, but I find Sunohara more likable (he's at least CUTE and wackier. Haha. And more than one person abuses him~)

I can't stand most lolis . . . and the one in the sacred blacksmith unfortunately is no exception T_T

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