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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quick Impressions: ft. Kimi ni Todoke

I checked out most of the shows from this season, most through spoilers though. But still, it's my way of giving them a chance. Anyway, since I've been doing so, why not post spoiler impressions about them? Hehe. I can only cover a maximum of 3 series however, so I won't be posting more of these shows after their debut in the "Quick Impressions" posts. Hopefully xtine06 or ninjovee could~

Anyway, whatever I will feature with a screencap would be the one I actually watched while with the others I didn't bother to watch anymore...

[ REACHING YOU - Episode 1 ]

KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAZEHAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*has been fangurling over Kazehaya everytime he showed up in this episode*
*ehem* I couldn't wait for the subs anymore. I'm so excited about this~ I have manga background anyway so I was able to understand what the heck was going on (It has been pretty much the same as the first chapter of the manga).
I like how the animation turned out (the characters look fine, but the backgrounds are the fantastic ones!). Though I liked the art on the animation, I'm not that please with how the scenes/events were presented. The manga had more impact on me; while in this one it just felt fast and sudden . . . I mean, I don't feel the transition and the emotion in the scenes didn't affect me much. Again, unlike the manga.
Okay, okay, I think the manga had done better but the anime didn't do bad either. It wasn't as good as I exptected, but still, it was good.
As for the music, I really liked the OP. I find the beat pretty catchy~ But the ED . . . is the type that gets me bored *sleepy*. Nothing to say about the background music. I didn't hear a track that caught my ear. Ehehehe. . .
Oh I am happy with this~ I wanna watch more~ I'm so tempted to blog it if ever xtine06 or ninjovee won't take it~ Hehe. I hope they will, because the parfaits I cover are already so many. Ehehehe . . .

Seen screencaps, skimmed summaries, and seen the OP and ED themes (if available)

= Kobato; Shugo Chara Party!; Yumeiro Patissiere =

= Kobato =
I know this is going to give me headaches but . . .well, I still took a peek.
It appears that the exam arc had been compressed to just one episode. Lucky anime watchers to only see that crappy arc in just one episode instead of seeing those stupid things in multiple chapters!!! Uuuuggghhh . . . IT WAS PAINFUL!!! SHE'S JUST TOO STUPID!!!!
And just confirmed the inconsistency I noticed on Kobato's clothes. She's supposedly poor, or at least doesn't have much stuff because everything is just in one luggage (and I don't think her luggage is magical) YET as you can see in the OP, SHE HAS SO MANY SETS OF CLOTHES!!!!!! With Sakura Kinomoto is udnerstandable, because she has a rich friend with costume fetish, but Kobato DOESN'T!!!! GUUUUUUUHHHH . . . that little thing bothers me . . .
Animation's done well though, as expected form Madhouse. However, I don't think this series deserves such quality production . . .EVER!!!!
It's even lucky enough to have good music! Ah, well, the OP is kinda generic . . . but the voice is wonderful. I like the illustration of the bottle in the ED, but I get bored in looking at that style, so I just listened to it while doing something else. Yeah, I find the ED song really wonderful~

= Shugo Chara Party! =
I thought of taking a peek at this, hoping a new season means some changes.
Unfortunately, there aren't. *sighs*
This series is a shame. That's all I have to say. I got tired of bashing this anime adaptation which just wastes episode to earn money from little girls who don't give a damn as long as they see something cute.
Anyway, I've heard that there's live-action in the OP and ED themes. I don't see that often, so I got curious. I don't honestly mind if the scenes are a mix of 2D and live-action, but if they're badly mixed, IT BOTHERS ME! The chibis were just floating on parts with a particular singer, then they just took some scene focusing on that particular chibi from some episode. Then we seem some stills of the non-chibi characters. The hell . . . and with the ED, it's not really bad. Pretty cool actually for a girly-girly show, but . . . it was more like a music video, not an ED theme. The heck . . . and with the songs, OP's too fluffy for me . . . but I like the ED song. Sounded cool, hehe.

= Yumeiro Patissiere =
The baking thing got me interested but after seeing that it's typical shoujo with a freakin' annoying leading girl and has bishies around here . . . . I couldn't stand those kinds of series anymore. I should save myself from this abomination.
Fine, maybe it's the type that is aimed for little girls. I haven't really been strict on its story because of that, but . . . geez, something different please.
What made me more convinced that it's a good thing for me to avoid this show is because of those chibis. Yes, they're cute, but them as little fairy assistants remind me so much of Shugo Chara . . . WHICH IS ABSOLUTE SHAME!!!! I think it's gonna follow that horrible show's footsteps. So no . . . . NO WAY!!!!!
Though I didn't bother to watch the episode anymore, I still checked out the OP and ED themes . . . and they were sugary cute . . . typical sugary cute. *yawns* The ED song was pretty okay . . . but that OP . . . damn . . . stop.

Important note:
Before I meet easily offended people, please do take note that my opinions are my opinions. I may bash the show or characters, but I don't hate the fans. People's tastes just differ, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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