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Thursday, October 1, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 12

How could a chapter with Mariebelle be not awesome? Hahahaha!
Anyway, in this chapter, "Musca-in-disguise" meets Mariebelle. I am still annoyed with Musca but . . . man, how amusing these siblings are~ Seems that I can't absolutely hate Musca because she has similar genes with the awesome brotherly trio. Haha!

At the beginning of the chapter, it was reported to Orcelito that Musca went missing. With Orcelito's attitude make-over, it's hard to tell whether his shocked expression means he's worried about her, or it's only because he'll find it troublesome if a royalty is out there.

We get shifted to how Musca is doing. She's been bossing Seamrog around, and has been complaining about a lot of things. And her attitude makes their little "pretend/disguise" a little difficult. Seamrog scolded her for it, but when a guard approached, she ran away claiming that he doesn't know the guy.
If that was Belca, he does that because he doesn't want Seamrog involved. But Musca's not Belca. She just did that out of tantrum. Hmph!

As with Belca and co., they found a place to stay. Eco chose an expensive one since they're pretending to be with a noble after all (with captain as the noble). Eco sure takes advantage of people . . . he chose an expensive inn since Dietrich is paying for it anyway. Haha!
For a prince, Belca wasn't choosy. He's fine as long as they have a place to stay.
Oh yeah, ISN'T BELCA SO PRETTY???????? Hehehehehhee~~~~
And when his other side is shown, he's naked. Reminds me of Soul Eater.

Though the captain is supposedly the boss in their act and Belca is supposed to be the one who's in the highest authority, Eco's the one doing the orders! Hahahahaha!
Eco ordered the captain to do some shopping . . . but Belca wants to do it himself. How cute for a prince wanting to do errands~ That's why it's fun to abuse him.

Outside, a soldier spotted him, AND LIKED HIM AS WELL!!! Bwahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!
However, unlike the captain, this one's a bastard. He takes advantage of his position. Bad guard! Bad! The only good thing about you is that YOU HAVE TASTE!!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

And of all people to come to Belca's rescue, it's his own sister. She managed to have them get away though, but when someone pointed out to the stupid guards that she may be the missing kid, they went after them.

It's Belca's turn to do the rescuing. A. Maid. Jumping.On.Rooftops.
Guard: What a woman...

Belca had already recognized Musca by voice, but he wasn't sure, so he calls her "Musca the 2nd" temporarily. But she had exposed herself later anyway.
Belca doing OTL . . . .wahahahhahaha!

The guards had been nearby . . .and they had Seamrog! Fortunately, Belca brought a weapon (the drugs from last time). They managed to get away together with Seamrog.

Seamrog recognized Belca at once. Though I find it strange that he's not surprised seeing Belca in such clothes. Maybe Belca had already crossdressed before~
It was revealed to Musca . . . and she was shocked. And she fainted. Useless, as expected.
They got cornered eventually. But....

Eco and Captain come to the rescue~ Since they had Dietrich's symbol, the soldiers believed him at once. Seamrog and Musca were brought along to the inn that Belca and co. are staying~

Great chapter as usual! And the best for me of course are the ENTERTAINING parts:

Belca, what's with that smile and sparkles and flowing hair??? BWAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Belca: They're making a fool out of me...It's just shopping! I could do that.... I did study about it after all...
I am so amused~ Wahahahhaha!

Captain: But, may I ask who this young lady is...(She looks cute wearing boys’ clothes―)
Belca: Ah, my younger sister.
Wahahahahaha!!!!!!!! What siblings!!!!!
The captains' reaction had been so hilarious~

And of course, the big revelation in this chapter:

We finally know the captain's name! It's Linna Dzintars Orhaldi.
Damn, that will take me a while to remember. Linna sounds like a girl's name to me though. But perhaps that's a guy's name in Europe? (some terms/names in this series had European basis)
And the reason why he hasn't been telling his name till now is because of the rule that he's not allowed to introduced himself infront of a royal family unless he's told to?
I agree with Belca . . . what kind of rule is that . . . it's such a pain. (it was such a pain to take so many chapters to know the name of the guy of my OTP. Hahahaha!)
LINNA x MARIEBELLE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!


Yushi Lin said...

I was just passing by and looking for some informations about +C.
I thougt that what you wrote is VERY interesting, so I was thinking...
Oh, if you think it makes you uncomfortable, you can refuse if you want to.

(I wish my grammer can be understood, cause ugh... It really isn't well. Hope you don't have trouble reading it>_<)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Yushi Lin
"I thougt that what you wrote is VERY interesting"
== Thank you very much xD

== O_O *shocked . . . flattered . . . blushes* I never thought anyone would be interested to translate the stuff that I type O_O;;; That was very lovely of you~
Oh, I'm alright with it! Translate any +C posts that I do as you please xD (which reminds me, I need to do the later chapters already . . . )
But is it okay to see your translations? I want to practice my Chinese. Hehe.

Yushi Lin said...

Oh my gosh, thank you>///<
Somehow I thought you won't see my comment cause you seem very busy...
I'll give you the URL when I finish translating the frist chapter you wrote.
But maybe you have to wait for a while... I'm a little busy translating +C's comic. XP

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Yushi Lin
I see all comments, I just don't get to reply at once, ehehe.

Yay! Looking forward to it xD

I'm done with chapter 13 now, and will post until friday if things go according to plan.

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