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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 12

Zen looking like a tamer version of Gilbo> oh so gorgeous, I'm so in love with the colored chapter cover~
And of course, the chapter itself had been amazing, like it's previous 11 chapters! Yay!

There was an issue being brought up with Zen.
Seeing this event makes me realize that arguments between lords and citizens are being judged by royalty (like with King Solomon in the Bible). Shoujo manga that have such rarely happen though. Most of the princes just spend time flirting with the leading ladies. Uuuggghhh . . . .
Anyway, it was about a lord of a land who wants to hunt and sell the rare birds in it; while the citizens want to protect them because they are so beautiful~ these animals had been very helpful to them in their daily lives. No matter how many walnuts they give to the lord (walnuts are expensive?), they're not enough for him. The residents still don't give up so the issue was brought to the palace. The one on top has the final say~
Zen had been fair to the two. Though Zen obviously wanted to side with the girl . . . the problem is that the enemy's a lord . . .which will be difficult to deal with.
In the meantime, Zen thought of thinking about it first and let the girl stay for the night (perhaps the lord's house is just nearby).
Speaking of the lord . . .though he's a bastard . . . just make him a little younger and smile in a non-evil way, he's actually good looking. Everyone in this series seems to be goodlooking. Haha!

We get to learn that the bird isn't just pretty, but the villagers could actually train them. With just the sound of the flute, the girl could control it on where it should go.
I forgot if her name was Kiharu or Kirahu . . . but anyway, she's really really PRETTY! Not to mention sexy~ I like her outfit~

She gets to meet Shirayuki and Obi. She doesn't trust nobles, including Zen. Even though Obi and Shirayuki had been correcting her, she still won't listen.
Can't blame her . . .the noble that she knows is a huge bastard. Hehe.
I like it how this part shows that common people tend to dislike those in power because they abuse it and they also discriminate. It honestly can still be applied in modern times. There's so much corruption in the government . . .you can't expect them to be fair. Righteous and kindhearted higher-ups like Zen (even Izana) are seriously rare, whether in the past or at present times.

Zen is trying to figure out a way on how to solve the issue . . . without having problems with the lord and helping the girl. Mitsuhide and Kiki see it as a problem as well.
The lord gave Zen a present aka bribe. Ah well, as if Zen will give in just for that (he's much richer with the lord anyway. I find it stupid to bribe a royalty with such material objects)

Fortunately, Shirayuki had thought of a way to help the girl. (Oh this girl is so smart~)
Obi passed that suggestion to Zen. But he was having second thoughts on whether to tell Zen that it was Shirayuki's idea or not.
If Zen knew, he doesn't need to think because she's his goddess. LOLz~ Anyway, since he doesn't, it shows that he does listen to everyone, not only to his absolute favorite~

The next day, Zen confirms to the girl if her bird could really fly at long distances. If it does, he's thinking of using it as the palace's means of communication.
However, there should be a test first. For the sake of proving that the bird could really do such a thing.

So the exam was to test if the bird could go to a destination that takes horses around 40 minutes of travel in just 25 minutes. Shirayuki was requested by Kiharu to be her receiver.
The lord didn't like the idea of course, but Zen had been good in convincing him to get along with the exam already. However, he wants to be included in the receiving party. He will obviously be a problem, but they want to keep it civilized until the exam is over.

So Shirayuki goes West with the bell. The bird should be able to hear it, and when the bird reaches her place, she should have it delivered back to the palace. (if I remember correctly)
Kiharu's still a little worried. But well, let's trust Shirayuki and her smile~ Zen just did~ Ohohoho!

When it was time, up goes the birdie~ Artwork's really nice when Kiharu's been commanding her pet~

Sadly, as expected, the lord had thought of having a deal with Shirayuki. He promises her support because she's being discriminated even though she's a friend of the prince Pfft! She doesn't need to worry since she'll be queen soon! Ohohohoho!
I like Shirayuki's reaction. Haha!
Of course she doesn't agree to it, just like any shoujo heroine should.

The damn bastard took the bell and threw it away unfortunately. He was obviously going to get in the way!!! Uggghhh!!!!
I hope the guard had done something. I know he's powerless against a lord but . . . come on . . . dn't just stand there!

It's easy for the lord to make the guard shut up, but with Shirayuki, he can't. But even if she does, Zen can't prioritize her over a lord because if he does, he'll be in trouble. And Shirayuki says that she wouldn't let that happen. Such a strong woman, I love her~
Other shoujo leading ladies would most likely cry or go emo or say "I know he'll believe me!" or other crap like that after hearing that from the lord. But well, Shirayuki's no pathetic leading lady~

What did she do? She jumped and ran after the bell!!! The tower's freakin' high! I love your guts, girl!!!

Unfortunately, we're left with a cliffhanger. Ah well, we know Shirayuki will make it. But still, damn cliffhanger!!!!

Alright, that's it with the actual story; now for my fanservice:


Lots of my beloved Zen in this chapter too:

Only here have I known, or at least remembered, that he has a surname! Zen Wistaria~

IT'S TRUFAX!!!!!!!!! Ohohohohohoho~

OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

THAT SMILE AGAIN!!!!! *melts*


I'm sorry Zen, I can't help it. Hahahahhaa!!!!!!!!!

Now for the fun parts:

Obi . . .SPARKLED. LOLz~
Zen saying Obi not using the hallways and stairs . . .while he himself does it often. Hahaha! You're both wild boys~ THAT'S WHY YOU GET ALONG!!!!

I wouldn't have notice that Obi's wearing a different attire until the characters have been mentioning it.
I find the part when Shirayuki saying that he would've seemed manly and stuff if only he didn't suddenly pop out from a tree. Haha!

I miss Ryuu. He's just so cute~



Zen and Obi had a drink . . . They ask if Shirayuki's okay . . . A certain guard can't choose between goddess Shirayuki and goddess Kiki . . . . and Mitsuhide was so rejected.

Read it at the Akagami no Shirayukihime LJ community~ Yes, it's locked to members. I oblige people to join. It lacks active members. Hehehe. And nope, I'm not the owner of the comm.