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Friday, September 4, 2009

Bakemonogatari - Episodes 6, 7, & 8 (Suruga Monkey arc)

Unlike with Shangri-la, I've been delaying this on purpose because . . . I've decided to cover this by arc.

Bakemonogatari introduces to us yet another chick in this arc. First we got a self-claimed tsundere, then a loli, then now a lesbian. Ah well, at least there's a variety of babes that aren't 100% stereotypical (My eyes will bleed if there'll be someone like a moe megane big boobed girl in the cast).
And finally, we get to see some gore . . . and what a mindf*ck and creative way of showing it. I love it~ Haha!


But since the main character of the arc is a sporty girl, I expected it to be . . .errr . . funkier or something. But it juse seemed too similar to Hitagi's OP theme. Well, even if it wasn't as cool as I expected it to be, the opening theme sure had a nice song. The scenes seem light but there's actually some twistedness in it, especially the ending! Haha! Hooray for Hitagi + gigantic scissor!!!


This arc introduces to us Suruga Kanbaru, an underclassman of the main couple, and an ace in the basketball team. We see her first as Koyomi's stalker. She is not good in pretending. She doesn't seem to be a bad person though, but her supernatural problem awakens her subconscious twisted desires.


This girl says she's a lesbian (she's also a lolicon, and into BL), and totally has a crush on Hitagi since junior high. It wasn't love at first sight, but after a few days of interacting with the used-to-be-nice Hitagi, she fell in love, and had an unrequited love. They used to be really close that people have started calling them "Valhalla" (BaruHara), a nickname Kanbaru made up herself. I find the nickname really awesome . . . it's Norse Mythology! Hell yeah!
When Hitagi changed, she had also found out about Hitagi's secret, but when threatened, she didn't do anything anymore even if she wants to, since she was thinking that she should just follow what Hitagi wants Koyomi had been different from her, for he didn't stop in trying to help Hitagi even when threatened.
So when she found out that Koyomi and Hitagi are going out . . . she was absolutely jealous. Not only was he able to be by Hitagi's side, but he was able to make her smile . . . .things that Kanbaru wants to do very badly.


The oddity on this victim looked like a monkey's paw. There's actually a story about it that it fulfills the owners wishes in a twisted way.
Kanbaru inherited some hand of a mummy from her mother. She first used it when she was in elementary, wishing to be faster than the others. Her wish got fulfilled, by the oddity using her body in beating up her classmates.
I honestly don't get what's with the raincoat thought. She still used it in present times.
She had also be tempted to use it at other times, and recently it was used once again in killing Koyomi. Luckily, our main character's immortal, so he's not dead. He was able to figure her out at once, but he still wanted to know her reason.
I actually find it weird that Kanbaru wasn't surprised of Koyomi being alive after the monstrous things she did . . . since she's actually semi-aware of what she did. I know this series is weird, but that's just a bit . . . . to unnatural . . . .


I like the twist about the supernatural phenomenon in this arc. It turns out that the oddity isn't exactly a Monkey's Paw, but actually a Rainy Devil. The victim got herself involved with the devil. If her three wishes are fulfilled, her soul will be taken. It follows the usual devil contracts thingy, but that's what having a deal with the devil is like~ Really . . .really dangerous~
And since it's a devil, it's not fulfilling Kanbaru's wishes in a twisted manner, but actually fulfilling the true evil wishes that she has in her subconscious mind. Not a surprise, for a human mind can be that evil.
Even though she had supernatural abilities, she still wouldn't have been able to help Hitagi because a wish of curing her is something good.


Haha! Even with the shoujo-ai/yuri fanservice that this arc had provided, Hitagi told Kanbaru straightforwardly that she doesn't like her in that degree. And even if she actually likes the girl (not in a romantic way), she would actually kill her if ever she kills Koyomi.


I really really love it that Koyomi x Hitagi isn't a mushy couple~ They're somewhat in a twisted relationship, because Hitagi is as mean and as brutal as ever! Haha! But surprisingly she says incredibly romantic things . . . . she even thought of living with him. Whoaaa~ Oh Koyomi's blushes were so cute~
Still, Hitagi's so brutal that it didn't seem to pain her seeing Koyomi almost dead. Maybe she's relaxed that she knows he's immortal . . . or she is angry enough at him to want to beat him to death. She did say that she wanted to be the one to kill him. What twisted love this girl has . . . haha!
I find it cute that Hanekawa is a Koyomi x Hitagi shipper. Hehe~ She says that Koyomi's interested in knowing about his lover's past, but she advises him not to dig in too deep. She had also noticed that Koyomi and Hitagi had similarities when it comes to social life. Ah well, it's not always true that only opposites attract. They had similarities somehow, and not all are obvious~
Anyway, though Koyomi is actually . . . a pervert . . . (fortunately not the extremely disgusting type like in many ecchi manga), he does love Hitagi and no one can replace her~ He has already caught the toughest character after all, haha!


I don't like martyr characters, at least most of them, because they seem like fakes or hypocrites. But I love SANTLY characters, and Koyomi's one of them. He helps even the one who had tried to kill him . . . and it's really a very little reason. He forgives too easily. Whoaaaa~
Oshino also says that he has been too kind and soft-hearted. He totally is! He's such a nice guy . . . that an evil babe like Hitagi had fallen for him. Even if she doesn't really agree to what he does, but since it's him, she thinks it can't be too bad.
He's also freakin' forgiving that no matter how many times you bully or torture him, he may become annoyed or pissed, but he won't ever hate you, nor will he ever back down if you'll need help.
I love characters like him~
And ah, he let himself get bitten by a vampire to power-up . . . he's not as strong as when he was a vampire even with that level-up . . . but still . . .I wish he had combat abilities. He was just beaten up like a loser against Kanbaru. Pathetic honestly . . . . but it was gore fanservice. Haha! I'm used to immortals being beaten up brutally and mercilessly thanks to Baccano, but Bakemonogatari sure had a colorful way to present it . . . and there's even the intestine swinging!! Whoaaaa . . .hahaha . .


Even if more girls had showed up, Hitagi is still my goddess in this series~ She is still the beautiful yet brutal goddess~ No staplers this time, but the classic weapon pen was held by her divine hand. Haha!


As for Oshino, Koyomi had a perfect description of him: "You...even compared to a devil, you're such a magnificent bastard."


There are hilarious stuff in this series of course~ The greatest entertainment for me will ALWAYS be the ahoge~ Hahahaha!!!! I keep on giggling everytime the camera focuses on it~
The fanservice was WTF though (seriously, Hitagi, a favor for him while dying in the train tracks, is showing him fanservice?! Weirdoes! Hahahaha!). Even Kanbaru was offering fanservice to him. Even Hachikuji had perverted thoughts. But unlike Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, this series isn't really harem. Thank goodness.

Anyway, it was a bloody awesome arc~ I look forward to the next one! Yay!


Elky said...

Am I really the only person who didn't really like Bakemonogatari and dropped it after the first arc...? xD;
The production values were great and all... very unique style but that style eventually began to get extremely old and all you ever saw was their eye, mouth whatever. And I really hate that self-proclaimed tsunderes. :< She is so annoying.

xD; Sorry about that rant and spamming this page but i really needed to get that out of my system.

TJ said...

Hitagi just has to be center of attention, even though this wasn't her story arc. Not that I mind though haha.

Fanservice? where is that screenie of Shinobu drinking blood from a half naked Araragi lol?

Immelman said...

Elky, I don't think you're the only one, but you should give a chance to the second arc. I think you will change your oppinion about Senjougahara. Plus, The second arc has a blowing plot twist. I like Bakemonogatari a lot, to the extent that it's my favourite summer anime, and one of my favourite anime of the year so far.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Elky
Nah, I don't think you're the only one. Some had been pleased with the first arc, some weren't. Well, an anime can't please everyone because of the difference of tastes.
Perhaps the style of this series just isn't your type. I actually like the different camera focuses. I find it really creative and I love series that don't do the usual~
And oh it's okay xD You're totally free to express your opinion~ Even if we disagree, I won't hate you for a stupid thing xD

@ TJ
Hitagi's so awesome that she still manages to be the spotlight even if she's not the heroine of the arc xD I love that girl~
Gaaaah!!! I forgot to take a screencap of it O_O My bad . . . damn, that scene was hott xD Haha!

@ Immelman
Same here~ Bakemonogatari is also my favorite from the summer 2009 anime~

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