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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catching Up: Shangri-La - Episode 17 to 22

I have decided to drop it from blogging (because I'm covering too much), but when I thought of catching up on the episodes I missed, I've realized that I couldn't shut up about this fantastic series~ Haha!

I missed six episodes . . . damnit. But now I've caught up. Some parts were "duh"; some were "lol"; some were "omfg"; some where "wtf"; some here "omgwow"; while some where "srsly?". Yeah, mixed emotions on the events so far. Some had impressed me, while some still didn't make any sense. I guess I have some sort of love-hate relationship with this series. Haha!

I'm gonna make this quick because . . . I have many more to catch-up. Ehehehe . . .

[ Shangri-La - Episode 17 ]

I can't stop laughing at Karin's "huh?" expression on the last part. Haha! Also those sunglasses of hers! Hahahha!
Anyway, Takehiko's suicide hadn't been as emotional as the Momoko separation; which doesn't make sense, even if Kuniko's closer to Momoko, death is still worse, so why not as dramatic?
Sion is indeed a masochist . . . and it totally makes sense now why he can tolerate a bitch like Ryouko. It's . . . creepy. Seriously. I'm disturbed but I don't hate the relationship. Perhaps I got used to sadist x masochist couple thanks to Baccano's Lad x Lua. Haha! Anyway, about Ryoko . . .damnit. What's with the hot and sexy outfits and poses? She's making me gay! Bwahahahahah!
My Kunihito has appeared in this episode, and he rescued Kuniko~ What a timing for him to show up.

[ Shangri-La - Episode 18 ]

So in this episode it was revealed that Karin and Kuniko are sisters. Well, they do look alike. Okay, thanks for the explanation for the earring . . . and then? Well, yeah, we now know that it belonged to their mother, but why the hell not further background about that woman? Or at least show the appearance! I don't know if they're just keeping her mysterious or just doesn't feel like mentioning about her until the end. If there's a plot twist that Ryoko is the mother, or is related to their mother . . . that's so . . . wtf.
And oh, Momoko and Miko met in this episode. It was sad on Miko's part . . . and it makes me sadder that Momoko doesn't acknowledge that it was really Miko. No heartwarming reunion *sobs*
Nagiko and Ryoko also met . . . I think it was said that Nagiko wanted to see Ryoko because she was being out of control . . . but Ryoko's been out of control since before episode 1! I don't see the point of Nagiko only thinking of meeting Ryoko just now. Uuuggghhh . . . .
Anyway, what I liked in this episode was that Kuniko was able to think of a way to make Ryoko cooperate. Nice. She may be simple minded but she does use her head well~
As for dear Kunihito, seeing the device that Kuniko stole made him remember the trouble he'd gone through because of it. Haha! He had also been cooperating with Kuniko on her plan~ His knowledge on Atlas had been helpful.

[ Shangri-La - Episode 19 ]

I know that this series is a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy but . . . I don't think it has blended well. I don't know why . . .
Oh, the part with Nagiko and the old dude (T-something . . .) playing chess bored me to death. And oh, the bombing had been successful in this episode. That part bored me too . . .
Karin is so into making money that she's been ignoring Medusa's warnings. Medusa's voice. Damn. Kakihara Tetsuya has this magic of making me SQUEE whenever I hear his voice *is shot* Back to medusa, it doesn't look like some pokemon anymore (it really looks similar to a pokemon that I can't recall the name. Dragon-something . . .) but now medusa has evolved to a frightening monster. It's like an evolved pokemon, or maybe a monster I saw from Yugi-Oh cards. Haha!
Also, I think Takehiko's alive. Explains the not-so-dramatical "death" of his. Oh this is lame . . .
As for my darling Kunihito, he was there beside Kuniko when she did the final bombing. He has sort of become her right hand man already. Hehehe.

[ Shangri-La - Episode 20 ]

Medusa . . .has become a problem. Akihabara was attacked by UN I think, but Miko protected Mikuni. That part was sad . . .
It looks like the red symbol shines when Kuniko and Kunihito are in physical contact and one of them's holding the sword. I cannot stop laughing when Kuniko thought that Kunihito's planning to do something to her. Haha! While she was the one who did the hugging and that made Kunihito blush~ It's OTP moment! OTP!!! Ohohohoho!
Kunihito's first kiss . . . . most epic LOLz in this series for me. Hahahahhaa!!!!

[ Shangri-La - Episode 21 ]

Even if Karin said that money = life to her, it's really more like money > life since she even needed to have someone, who's totally extra that happened to be one of her men to get her the hell out of there. Now she's broke, and in despair. What's with the idea of her acting like that jsut to be with her parents . . . . doesn't connect . . . doesn't.
I don't feel pity over Karin in this issue because it was all her fault. Being a kid's no excuse. But fortunately she hadn't been emo, or I might've hated her. Anyway, Kuniko made her snap out of it and do something about it. It had been hilarious on how Kuniko was able to convince the otaku dudes to cooperate. Haha! Yay for Ultra Shelter Z!
As for my precious Kunihito, from what I remember he was there when they went back to Akihabara with Kuniko and Momoko. . . had also been helping out the injured (same with Kunihito, I also don't get what's with the okama jewels. Haha!) . . . and at the end being told that he's also a Digma.
Oh, about the Digma revelation thing . . .. it just seemed so casual. . . .I don't know . . . it's like a BIG thing being said/presented in an ordinary way. It feels weird . . . or maybe it's just me.

[ Shangri-La - Episode 22 ]

I am happy that Mikuni's no martyr that will help others just because she's oh-so-nice. But I don't like her revenge reason either. I get it that she's angry at the UN for causing Miko's death, but shouldn't she be angrier at Ryoko, who turned Miko like that in the first place????!!! The hell . . .
About Ryoko . . .what?! Her = Zeus in a way? Interesting. And she's such an evil bitch . . . oh she makes a nice villain~
About Sayoko, I don't get why she doesn't want Kuniko to go to Mikuni, since Kuniko just wants Zeus to be ordered to stop medusa, not to become a successor. It felt like they made Sayoko do this so that we'll have a fight scene. I like fight scenes, but for that reason? I dunno . . . guuuhh . . .
Ah, it's now clear on why Sayoko is being so attached to Mikuni. The hug made me teary~
Whoa! One of Ryoko's men is Sayoko's sibling and the one who's been helping her?! But he also mentioned that he only knew recently . . . I'm still surprised on the extents that he could do to a sister he doesn't really know of. But whoa, when he took off his glasses, they really do look alike! Megane characters in anime sure are deceiving . . .
Lastly, biggest shock from my beloved from the end! Because even though he had been goody-goody since episode 1, he BETRAYED! Whoaaaaaa~ I like this twist~ Totally unexpected~
But I think he's still a good boy. He even thought of apologizing with that face. But hhhmmm . . . I'd really want to know his reasons why he's siding with Ryouko.

Damn it . . . next episode. . . . .

I want now!!! Kunihito, you dork! Explain yourself!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

Now before I end this entry . . . . some biased picture spam . . .Ohohohohoho:


They are next to each other so often . . . .

Momoko approves of you two!



I love it when he's being bullied and pissed and blushing~

My favorite is the lower right one~

I like the one in the lower left~

He's very handsome on the pic at the right~

[ Top Favorite ]

[ Kunihito scene that made me go "WTFISGOINGON?" ]


Hahahaa! I missed doing Kunihito picspam~

I'm also not giving up on my OTP~ Unless they turn out to be siblings . . . .that sucks.
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