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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 36

Sorry if this is too delayed. Damn flood. . . No more flood in my area but still . . . the things to fix/arrange/clean . . . guuuhh . . .
Now to Hetalia, my mistake on the preview entry. It's actually based on a different strip. Anyway, it still stars Alfred (America) and Kiku (Japan).

Kiku: No matter what clothes I choose to wear, I end up hiding them under a coat...
Alfred: What? That's fine, isn't it? You can tell what kind of clothes someone is wearing even if they have a coat, can't you?


How did Kiku's kitty get there? xD

His determined expressions are . . .so him.

I feel like this everyday . . . .I easily get cold, damnit.

I don't think I'll survive in a place with snow. . .

Alfred and Tony's expression, haha!

Alfred's a scaredy cat but I think he could tolerate horror movies with the lights on? Haha!

If he wants company, who did he first call? Who? WHO? DO WE NEED TO GUESS??? Ohohohoho!
Chibi Santa Arthur, YAY!

Unfortunately for Alfred, Arthur is busy (with his Santa act, the anime shows us. It was just his face from what I recall from the manga)

He is so bored . . .

And so cute when freaked out~

Haha, poor Alfred that Tony doesn't mind watching horror movies even in the darkness. Alfred freakin' out . . .cute~

Alfred walking outside . . .

I thought Alfred was rich . . . I expected his bed to be more . . .err . . grand.

Alfred waking up. . .

There was light!





But wait, aren't those summer outfits? Haha!

False Alarm, poor dear.



He sure has a lot in midn while walking . . .

Crowded place . . .

We love being nice to this nice fellow~

He's acting like an old man~

Cute. 'nuff said. Haha!

Will you believe that this is also the dude that weilds a samurai sword during the war . . . yet he's having a tough time carrying that?! Haha! (I think a sword is pretty heavy)


He's really cute . . .

in everything he does . . .

Haha! Seeing him with food reminded me of how he loves food so much. I've read a strip wherein he only got extremely angry only because of something related to food. Hehe.

Sleepy Kiku~

No wonder animals love him~

He's carrying kitty~

No longer snowing~

[ END ]

Kiku: If it's alright with you, would you like to come and see the sakura?
Alfred: Umm . .. is your place warm? If it is, I'll go!

This episode basically showed to us how Alfred and Kiku spent their days after Christmas. In a way it had shown us the differences between the Western and Eastern cultures. Interesting~
It's another one of those several episodes without extra parts and not separated into several episodes. I'm happy that Hetalia is making more episodes like these~ Not that I didn't miss the extras, but a whole episode dedicated to a certain set of strips is really nice.

Oh yeah, I didn't add the other dialogues anymore because . . .I got lazy. Ehehe. And the subs are already out anyway. Yay!


Namu-chan said...

Tony and Kiku's puppy Pochi made this episode :D

Anonymous said...

i always wondered how Kiku's kitty went to Alfred's place so suddenly

Anonymous said...

This episode had me fansqueeing over Alfred for hours after I watched it. <3

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