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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 23

After this . . . one more episode to go, and only the last one *sobs* will be left~

The final exam is facing one's darkness and fears. Of course the main characters will pass, and there had been angst and stuff; but how things happened had been pretty interesting~


It was really really quick. But it shows that he loves his brother that much and no negative emotion could stop him from doing what he has to do. It makes me sad that this character only showed up in the last few episodes . . . without even interacting with the main ones yet. He felt like an extra/filler in the series . . .


Ah, so his father disowned him . . . but nah, his dad still loves him because he's thinking of ways to make Hakuren have some political/military connections. I didn't like it that what mainly stopped Hakuren from wanting to murder his father was because of Teito's words. I just felt that he doesn't need outside influence to think of that. Anyway, the conclusion of his exam is expected. But I find it interesting that the masked guy is actually his young self. That moment of him giving advise to his young self had been really sweet~


Of course Teito passed. Even if it was the last minute. Though I complain that he was almost falling/drowning when suddenly the hole disappeared (like nothing had happened) when he finally had a resolve.
Anyway, in Teito's part, he sees his worst enemy. Of course he still had the killing intent, and of course he fails. Hehe. Even fake Aya-tan is powerful~ It took him a while to realize that that Aya-tan wasn't real, but I like it that when he had (he is so right for Aya-tan to never call Mikage as "pitiful"!!!! Yes, he's that evil~ Kyaaa~) , he had also seen that Aya-tan as his former self: the one who wants himself killed because he thinks it's all his fault and all his emo speech. Fortunately, he has remembered his resolve, and that saved him from failing the test.
After he passed, the real one showed up! He won't go away that easily~


Damn this episode for making me teary again!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhu . . . . seeing Mikage's suffering . . . WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
I'm happy that they had shown to us how Mikage was . . .tortured (Damn you Hyuuga for doing that but I still love you!) . . . .and also his family's reaction! I thought his sister was a saint like he is . . . but seems that she's not. Ah well, that's expected, since her beloved brother was killed because of some stranger. She can't help being mad at Teito. Mikage might've done the same if his sister had done the same thing anyway.
I wonder if it's the animation or the voice acting . . . . but I don't see Teito as emotional here as he had been in the manga. I don't feel it much. Instead of feeling his pain, I only got a little annoyed when he goes angst-for-Mikage mode. But when he does that in the manga, I exclaim "Oh you poor darling, baaaaw" instead. Hhhmmm . . . .or maybe it's just me.


- Even if it was a fake Aya-tan . . . he still looked so hott~
- I don't like it that Burupya was hiding at the sight of Aya-tan . . . . it's Mikage, right? It shouldn't go scaredy cat! I imagine it more to bite Teito's shirt to stop him from fighting Aya-tan because it totally knows how dangerous Aya-tan is!!! Guuuuhh . . . . but I still love Burupya. Hehe.
- Oh Frau so excited to congratulate Teito~ Ohohohoho~
- I like the sisters in this episode. They aren't afraid to speak their mind. They don't go scaredy cat and other annoying stereotypical girly traits.

The most important scene in this episode for me:

Fake!Aya-tan = Teito-being-too-angsty-about-Mikage, right? Then Mikhail = Teito-getting-over-it-and-do-things-more-meaningful
That's awesome.
Damn . . . it was too brief . . . but my beloved still showed up!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE LOOKS HOTT IN MILITARY UNIFORM + HAT!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!! YOU SEXY HEARTROB!!!!!!! *cuddles her favorite to death*

Alright, second to the last episode's next . . . . I still can't believe it's nearly ending though . . . .

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