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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catching Up: Kimi to Boku

I've been catching up on several manga before I try out new ones again:

Kimi to Boku (You and I) is a fun slice of life manga by HOTTA Kiichi about four friends who had known each other since kindergarten. Fans or at least have been humored with the likes of Ouran and Hetalia will very likely enjoy this manga~

I've read three chapters of it many many months ago . . . but I could no longer remember much of it so when I've decided to catch-up, I had to browse/review the chapters I've already read and continue the new ones. Now I've read upto the latest scanlations, which is until Volume 2. I've also seen several raws of later volumes. But oh boy I still hunger for more~

I don't know if this series is really episodic or if time moves at all, but it does switch in timelines (like switching from when the main characters are in high school to when they were in kindergarten. There's even a switch on main character focus because there's and even a switch on the main cast [ referring to the two friends . . . whose names I suddenly forgot ] and at times it combines both main casts. ) But well, even if it is episodic, it actually has story development . . . just not that obvious/explicit/sudden/whatever. The development in this series (both story and character) isn't seen in a chronological way, but more of seeing what they are right now before seeing what they were in the past. . . then that's the time you see their change. (wait, am I making sense . . . )

For me, the manga had been best on its humor and characters. I can't get tired of the jokes~ They have been really hilarious and the characters made the jokes even funnier~ Here's the main cast so far:

Character descriptions are obviously not the official ones. Haha! I don't like the girl though . . . but I don't hate her. I just wish there's a more awesome female in the cast. Also more than one. But at least this isn't reverse harem!!! I am very very relieved that it's not. I think I love this more than Ouran for that . . .

And of course, my favorite characters are obvious (YES, THE TWINS! THEY'RE FREAKIN EVIL AND ADORABLE!!! DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!). I love it best when they're bullying someone . . . .reminds me of how the Hitachiin twins of Ouran bully Tamaki. Haha! They're not as . . . .errr . . . close physically like the Hitachiins though, but there had been times when they do that, like when Yuuki just held on to Yuuta and Yuuta just drags him as they walk. And when they were kids, I can't ever forget about the part when the duo don't feel comfortable on being separated when sleeping. Daaaaaaawww~ That was sooooo sweet~ Oh I'm such a sucker for identical twin bonds~

Oh I can't wait to read more of this~ Ouran is still one of my top favorites but . . . for me, Kimi to Boku had been better~